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State? Inbredfag here, fuck Tasmania is cold.

why is party posting so comfy?

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I'm tired of all the mysogyny on this board. Why are men such scum bags? I know they're not all like the typical r9ker but seeing so many people advocating rape and murder of women just because they can't get a gf really upsets me.
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Are you implying women shouldn't be raped and murdered, regardless of how many wives you own?
Muh soggy knee on my r9k?!?!
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Nice copypasta, may I save it?

>Quiet, easygoing person who minds his own business
>Normies all end up hating me because I'm so quiet
>Have never gotten anywhere with women
>All I ever did was be myself and the world hated me for it

"Stop being bitter bro, just improve yourself"

Why the fuck should I?
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Being yourself, doesn't mean being quiet. How could you possibly express yourself if you never talk?
>Why the fuck should I?
The part where the world hates you? Do you expect the entire fucking world to change?
>Quiet, easygoing person who minds his own business
You come across as someone who thinks he's too good to talk to others.

>He is arrogant. Like all people with timid personalities, his arrogance is unlimited. Anybody who speaks quietly and shrivels up in company is unbelievably arrogant. He acts shy, but he's not. He's scared. He hates himself, and he loves himself, a very tense situation.

Just watched gay porn for the first time and enjoyed it. I'm 18 and thought I was straight. Is it gay to jack off to gay porn?
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It's less gay than jacking it to traps but yeah you're a homofag anon.
I fap to gay porn sometimes but for me it's more of a power dynamic thing since I'm a huge sub, I'm mostly straight with bicuriosity
Also 18 tbw, lol
That traps are gay

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How do I become a vapid person? I'm sick and tired of overthinking each and every situation/fact/action... i just want to go out and enjoy the moment for a difference, even if that means being a mindless idiot. But how?
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You don't have to lack intelligence in order to not overthink everything: that's the product of an excess of anxiety, not an excess of intellect. Or maybe just a shortage of courage to overcome your hesitance, accept responsibility for your choices, and act.
Drink copious amounts of alcohol and get your brain nice and pickled like a normalfag's.
>Drink copious amounts of alcohol and get your brain nice and pickled like a normalfag's.
Doesn't work, don't do it.

Can we have a /reddit/ general, of some screencaps of stories that make you rage or justice boner or whatever, preferrably involving some roastie displaying a complete lack of self-awareness?
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wtf how is that not otrignadalelfaksdfas

>Can we have a /reddit/ general

Every days a reddit general if you FUCK OFF BACK THERE.
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mugi reddit..jpg
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copy pasted because I hate looking at the format.
taken from hapas
In case anyone feels it necessary for me to state allow me to preface this. Father is Japanese city boy with a lust to be white washed, wears a cowboy hat and is very very very beta, I paid a British man to cuss him out for being a chink at the bus stop and other nonsensical things. He kept apologizing and bowing his head. He was honored to have been in the presence of a true Englishman.
White mother is Canadian, She's a country girl. She had a red neck type up bringing in Rural Canada (strangely similar to what you think the South Eastern US is) She listens to country music and rather dislikes asian men, asian people and culture. Her parents were racist and part of her motivation for marrying my dad was because they wanted her to marry this white guy. She did this as part of a rebellion. She has two modes "Always making jokes" or sheer anxiety attacks" A teacher told me that sushi and bacon don't mix and that I should be put in foster care to be vegan and raised by native americans because I could pass for one. I threw my milk carton at her and she slapped me upside the head and told me I'm retarded. I was only 5 years old you fucking BITCH!!!!
Parents are married until this day but, they get into fights over music and have cultural differences. My dad is watches Japanese news while my mom wants to listen to Conway Twitty and George Jones. One time my dad tried to cook western white people noodles and it didn't come out very good and my mom got enraged and told him never to cook chinky spaghetti again and ordered a pizza. Dad got enraged because it didn't have any raw fish on it. Or anchovies or no Chilli oil on it. Strangely their fights always blow over.
I hate being half asian, Hawaiians have mistreated me among other asians and whites and people of all colors. I've been experiencing mental and emotional problems from being half asian all my worthless life. I'm so fucking ugly.

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MBTI originally

16 personalities gives you your type based on the dichotomies E/I, N/S, T/F, J/P alone. It is somewhat skewed towards N and P.


Keys 2 cognition gives you the strength of your eight cognitive functions. It is especially useful in assessing whether you are a J or a P, since people with otherwise same letters and only the last letter being the difference have no functions in common. People with tertiary or inferior Fe are likely to get unused Fe as result, but somewhat used Fi.


A Big Five test may also help you. If you for example score below average in imagination or intellect you're a sensor even though 16 personalities would say that your are N.

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And OP is INTP-A 7w8 784
Your MBTI type won't stop you from being depressed.

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Friend of mine has become a full fledged normie and is no longer a virgin.
What the hell do i do?
Its only a matter of time he sees me as a loser and moves on...
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She is going to leave him because if she has the power to rub herself after then he didn't dick her well enough you will have your friend back soon anon
have sex with your friend
Such a short response OP. He's probably onto you already.

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Why didn't some girl always looked at you as this?
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looks like a vapid whore who deserves death anon
>Why didn't some girl always looked at you as this?
Because i'm ugly.
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Only once
She killed herself 12 years ago
I loved her so much, it hurts

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When did you realize that height was the only that mattered with money?
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When did you realize you're a flaming homosexual?
Can someone please re-arange the words in OP's sentence so it makes sense?
Idk man I know a kid who's 5'5 and I'm 6' and I think any girl would pick him over me

>make serious thread
0 replies
>Larper pretends his Internet boyfriend treated him badly
300 replies 100 images

Fuck this board
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Your first thread was probably really boring.
>make whiny thread
>get replies
I think my first thread here was actually pretty successful, yesterday I made a thread about eight chan and all the cp posted there, wondering why it still exists and there was 0 replies

When the beta uprising happens what will you be using anons? Thoughts and opinion on the classic Kalashnikov? How would one get one of these into a no gun zone since I do not want a bystander to be able to react to it before I kill myself
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Support artillery.
I like the way you think anon but realistically how would one acquire such a thing
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problem solved

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>Long, thoughtful text that focuses on actual real life problems
>No replies

>"I broke my nail!"
>Include the words "fembot", "boyfriend"
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>mfw /r9k/ is filled to the brim with fedora tippers
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It's a horrible feeling.
That and the gay/trap threads being attention getters.
I hate life so much.
In this day and age people have 10 second attention spans, especially on the internet it's impossible to have a rational discussion, because everyone wants "tl;dr" and is shallow as fuck.
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It's weird how the mods have sent roasties and attention seeking normalfags back to /soc/ but not trannies back to /lgbt/, what's different?

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>came inside a prostitute without a condom
>told her I'm an engineer because I know normies judge you for being neet
>I'm not a engineer
>she says she likes me and i got her ph number
>wants to meet me for coffee on the weekend
should I keep up the lie of being an engineer or will she accept me as a neet?
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>came inside a prostitute without a condom
>wants to meet me for coffee on the weekend

Like poetry. OP is a turbocharged beta.
She wants you to pay for the child you caused retard.
Time to ghost, OP.

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>tfw late bloomer
>tfw 1/4 Asian
>tfw look like a faggy 15 year old
I would have a gf right now if I were fully white, I look like a kid. A gay kid, with pouty lips and shit. How long will my baby cheeks stick around for? When does your face stop developing?
Sorry for the irrelevant pic, just got a new laptop so that's all I have along with a big bang minion for shitpostin.
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My brother is 3/4 white 1/4 flip and I am too but I look white. I still look very very young, still mistaken for a highschooler. Every year of hs I was mistaken at least once but usually multiple. I'm still going through puberty at 19. Cont.
My brother is darker, brown haired blue/green eyes. He's built better, more athletic, has had a gf before me. His grades aren't as good. He still has a baby face but has several girls numbers and texts often. I text a girl outside of work maybe once every few months. I'm more handsome than him, have pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes (no darker or lighter...just blue). I'm thin lipped and connected ear lobes whereas he has pouty lips and loose lobes. He's ISTJ, I'm INTJ. He's going to be taller than me and is already eye level at 16. I've got better cheek bones but I guess that doesn't matter for him.

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