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What's up with r9k liking TRASH
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Holy fuck this is cringey
I'm convinced r9k will like any anorexic girl if she's midly qt
Why is infinite jest considered trash?
she's really bad at doing makeup but she could be pretty idk

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>shat myself in class today
>so emberassed teacher had to call mom to pick me up
>smear shit all over seat when she picks me up
>smells like shit the entire ride home
>she doesn't say a word
>i'm 20

What should I do?
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is this for real

pics please
Why didn't you just use the facilities when the urge came? Or do you have some weird bowel condition from sticking things up your pooper?
how obese are you, anon?

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Any robots wanna snapchat?

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Choose one
I know it's a normie app but there's some fun to be had here and you're missing out
I did this once and the guy was really fucking weird. you can be weird but don't be like really fucking weird

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when does females hit the wall?
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30-40 years old, it depends, if they're fat with bad genes they hit early
40-50 usually if they're an east asian. 30-40 usually if they're any other race
it all starts going downhill at 28

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>it's another "anon says he'll stop smoking but buys another cig pack the next morning" episode
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>tfw work two or three days per week
>tfw smoke regularly at work

>tfw have absolutely no cravings whenever I'm home by myself or at the gym or literally anywhere besides work
yep thats me bro

i wanna die so badly but just fall over dead but im afraid to risk shooting myself

they say smoking can give heart attacks so that sounds okay

quitting addictive stuff is pretty hard, yeah


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hello there im looking for discords to join
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No ranks/roles. No real rules. Just people talking
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get in here brobots
comfy discord with no-bully robros
and lots of things to talk about

give me permission to chat wtf

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Why don't you have a trap bf yet?
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because i became my own trap bf
>Why don't you have a trap bf yet?
I want to BE the trap bf

having one would be ok too though. I could live vicariously through him
It's a simple answer. I'm not gay or delusional

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What should I do if anime girls have made me unattracted to real girls?
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keep going
eventually you will like neither anime girls nor real girls
then you are free
Get a vr-headset (phone or pc), a Fleshlight and you're good to go. There are plenty VR anime sex videos and games on both pc and phones. Good luck, have fun!
Accept fate and actually do the commit

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This guy Jordan Belfort, who is the person who is played by Leonardo DI Caprio, is back at it again. He teaches guys his skill and how he makes sales and how to close more phone calls.

I basically want to know from you guys; have you ever used it? If so, is it effective at all? The movie was kinda good, and since no one has come out to call it fake or anything, which is something I'm sure would happen if it were, then I should just give the guy the benefit of the doubt and believe him.

So if you guys have tried his stuff, does it work?

Also, here are some of his videos:
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kek, just looked at his Wikipedia page. He's Jewish.
If it was once it's not anymore
Why don't you think his sales tactics work anymore? Btw I'm not talking about his scamming. I know that only worked at a certain time, and things have kinda changed since then, but I'm talking about his sales skill and getting people to do what he wants.

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can any anon come to riverdale, in the bronx, new york city, new york, and fucking shoot me in the face?
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depends, are you white? I'd love to put a bullet through the keyboard warriors here who think it's funny to call me a nigger
You live in the Bronx, just go outside and some spic or nigger will do it.
yeah I am white

fucking have to do the captcha again because I was muted epic

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Drew a picture of my dog, do you guys think I have any talent?
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yeah you have potential
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this is the pic I based it on
it's alright
keep at it

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>have never seen a vagina
>never seen a pair of tits other than my mother's
>have never intimately touched a woman
>swear off 3D a few months ago
>feel incredibly uncomfortable when someone touches me
>unconsciously lean away if someone gets within a foot of me
>freeze up if someone touches me
>feel very anxious if someone stays near me for longer than a few seconds
>feel uncomfortable hugging my own family members

I used to be normal a year ago. These past 12 months have seen more change than my past 18 years
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Don't worry budsby. I never enjoy fuckers touching me or standing too close either and I've been fucking a 8 for the past 4 years. You'll be fine.
Go to the beach during summer and you'll fix your lack of eye virginity. Families let their children run around naked, male or female.Women past the age of 40 likes to go around without a bra. Even some mid twenty ones.
the human mind is very adaptable
just give yourself a year in society and you'll be a normie again

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>tfw I exchanged a few direct messages with pic related on twitter.

D-did I finally make it? Did I l-lose my v-virginity?

She's really sweet, by the way. Somehow it makes it feel a bit personal and makes fapping to her porn actually different. I mean, holy shit. I interacted with a woman who's my 10/10, and for a very brief moment, her attention was focused on me. Made my fucking day.

Have you ever talked to a porn star, /r9k/?
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No one else perving on twitter? :(
Who is this? Samantha Saint?
I've left vms and emailed Bailey Jay's podcast a couple of times, that's it

>ywn live in a dystopian mega metropolis and do cool cyberpunk shit
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but you can anon!
Move to JAPAN!
How are we not already doing exactly that?
Wake up and smell the shit-roses, anon.
It looks cool, but life would probably be way worse as a robot.
Having a cool red motorcycle and beating up clowns would be sick but only for the energetic teenager inside me.

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why do Asian girls from Asia like me,
but Americanized Asian girls and just American girls hate me ?
How do American people get the way they are especially the women, they are all mean and shitty people. is it some kind of brainwashed or chemicals in the food ?
is it because they are all in some kind of trance and not really aware or self aware of much ?
that's why you all call them normies and they hate all of us that are not normal. but why is it like this. how did they get this way.
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they like your foreign BWC. gather your money up and go over to satisfy your burning yellow fever, weeb
It depends where you are in America. Different states have different cultures and people.

If you are in New York or LA, everyone is an asshole. If you are in Tennessee or Ohio, people will be friendly as fuck.
Not here in Memphis, pal.

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