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>grew an inch higher
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Me too! 5'6!
but girls can use heels, so it isn't an issue
my oneechan said 5'8 was her ideal height in a guy before
she said my height was fine but i wanna be an inch higher for her and be as tall as childhood hero actor wewew

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>have benis
>say you're a girl
Explain to me the mental gymnastics
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>have vagina
>say you're a boy
I don't get it
Delusion. Normies already live in a totally delusional reality, so no harm in taking it to the next level
sex =/ =gender

only an amount of time before the benis comes off and the tits are bolted on. you or your dick can't tell the difference when you're fapping away in 'trap threads' anyway

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Would you work as a sissy secretary for 15k+ a month?

You would be given a female name, be refered to as her/she, and would be forced to dress provocatively and speak in a high pitched voice at all times. Your male bosses will be allowed to grope you and whisper sexy things into your ears, but you won't be forced to do any sexual acts. All of your co-workers (except for higher ups) will be girls, so most of your socializing will be done with them.

You won't get paid unless you work there full time for atleast two years (youll have to give your earnings back).

What's your choice?
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Take you faggotry to /lgbt/. Don't come back.
i'd do it but i'd really hope they'd do sexual stuff to me
fucking degenerate faggot please keep your faggotry to yourself

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What does /r9k/ think of Joy Division?
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I resent their status as a legendary band, but I think they wrote some good songs
Comfy lonely vibes
Great for walkinf at night or cloudy days
A good band, but never really one of my favorites. I think their circumstances have created a mythology that their music alone couldn't sustain.

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If I licked a girl feet while she was sleeping is that rape?
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No, it's sexual assault.

Will I go to jail? not original

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No really they don't.

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Thanks Rico, I guess?
I am become chef, destroyer of holes (starving stomachs) is the real quote
rico's got a nice property. i'm jelly

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>oneitis won't reply after I "anonymously" send her a little over a thousand dollars in jewelry and other girly stuff
>arrange it in thoughtful display inside a little treasure chest with a note
>"enjoy this treasure, thank you for being my treasure" is the main message
>poem included, im not going to write it here because it's too humiliating in hindsight
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I assume this is bait. You're not that beta are you OP. Please be larping.
dude, you are literally the guy from that buzzfeed video
pls tell me it's bait
How is showering a women with gifts beta? Spending your hard earned money you worked for on those you wish to capture is alpha, bros. it's literally proving that you think shes important

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You guys have helped me through a lot of bad periods, and I wanna give back.
>Dubs gets a steam key from my stockpile or their choice of a $1 humble bundle (specify)
>Trips gets boths
Include your email in your post so I know where to send it.
Lets begin <3
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Im not gonna roll on this but I just want to say I appreciate the generosity.
keep it up anon
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Feels good helping out someone
[email protected]
rolling for napoleonic wars dlc for m&b

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Go to 2ch.hk. (Russian chan site).

Bring something back.
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from their smartphone board? what do you think this is?
>trying to attract newfags
knittet capacitor thumbnail
File: 1200px-Resistor[1].jpg (109KB, 1200x798px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's a resistor in cloth form

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>play video games all day every day
>still suck at them

does not feel good
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does remote hurt tv pupper :((
not a dog, its a tv

does remote hurt tv :((

So suppose you are a 30 year old single guy living alone in a cold, far away place and you decide you want to adopt a child, since in your country single males can adopt without much trouble. These are your options:

>12 years old, plain little girl. Likes reading, sort of quiet, smart for her age. You kinda get along with her. However she suffers from athsma and the place you live in is cold and might be dangerous for her.

>15 years old, responsible-type. Obviously he has given up on being adopted, but seems like a sensible individual and would make a good son. Likes sports, which i do not,

>Rita And Albert
>Two kids, 4 and 6 years old. Siblings, and the laws dont permit for siblings to be separated during adoption so you have to take them both. However that means less chances of them getting bored in the place you live.

Which option would you choose?
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Mary. I'd love to live in a cold place, but I guess I'd move back to hot-as-fuck Texas.
option 3 seems the most sensible but its a tough call
Rita and Albert

I really want to raise a daughter and this way I get my wish since she's young. Raising a son all the while is a bonus.

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I really fucking hate pol where do I go to find one to beat one up I fucking hate this racism bullshit that has gone on in the past year I can't stand the stress and panic attacks it's causing me I can't take it anymore fuck pol
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haha. fill that cup up with your tears loser
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>online racism giving you panic attacks
Can somebody explain to me how this works?
Fuck off. Reported.

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gimme a list of good foods I can have with just an electric kettle, a microwave and water
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Canned vegetables. They may be processed but they are considerabley better than noodles like that. Shit will give you heart disease and once that shit settles in there is no way out.
You dumb faggot.

Buy a small electric grill that plugs into the wall, grill chicken breasts. Buy canned veggies, microwave veggies. Buy Uncle Ben's microwaveable rice, heat in microwave. Eat chicken breast, a veggie, and rice every day for an entire year. Drink nothing but water. Come back in a year and thank me faggot.
Oh yeah and stop eating ramen or cup noodles or any of that shit, yeah it's cheap but it will literally kill you before you're 40. Don't eat any bread, wheat is for faggots, it's pure garbage.

>cry/suicidal/depressed for 11 years about being a lonely virgin

>ask out first girl and she says YES wtf?
>ask her "since we're dating, does that mean we get to have sex?"
>she says yes
>fuck her

WTF? All I had to do was ask a girl?
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Grats you've ascended to normalfagdom Now GTFO THIS BOARD REEEEEE
unironically, yes. Originalig
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10 years of porn usage later I realized women desire sex as well.

It still creeps me out that women want sex with men. And I'm 21. Sex freaks me out. Masturbation is as far as I always went. I get really nervous when I think of sex between men and women




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Not so fast. They will keep coming back. All we can do is educate people on how to spot those shills and avoid the cancer. The battle might be won. But the war just has begone.
I know that brother. This is a great victory, a great day in the history our Robot9000. We must savour it but we must not left victory defeat us.

Yes we must educate other Men on the signs of degeneracy and corruption so rampant on this board.

Stand strong brothers, stand together and MAKE R9K GREAT AGAIN!

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