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"Champ, I know how hard it must've been for you to step out of your comfort zone and apply to all those jobs today, so I figure we head to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Here's $30, Champ. Get us two large Sweet Teas and Grilled Chicken Sandwiches. We'll skip the tendies, Champ, I read somewhere that fried food is bad for the heart. Oh, and while you're up there, you might as well make the most efficient use of your time and ask to speak with the manager. Stand up straight, look him in the eye, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you wanna work here. It's that simple, Champ."
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fuck off dad, i would rather sit at home and play video games all day!!
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"Raise the LCL compression density to the limit. We haven't the time to deal with the childish tantrums of a developmentally-delayed man."
but dad i have social anxiety!

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feel's threads with robot buddies
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I feel lost. Dont know how to explain it. I wish I knew all the right answers. I only have one life, one shot.
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i don't feel like myself anymore. i don't know how to fix this.
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I feel disillusioned with reality but I try to keep going. Sometimes I like to close my eyes and fantasize what life could be if certain events didn't happen the way they did. Right now, pathetically, I'm thinking about my ex. We split 3-4 years back, but I feel like no matter how much time has past I can't move on completely. I don't know, but I'll be okay.

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Is living in the South nice?
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I live in NYC and I visit the Carolinas for a motnh every year, the South is great. People are a lot more polite, the food is great, it's a nice breath of fresh air.
Yes. I was raised by my hillbilly father and marginally less mother.
It's been nice living in Houston. They imbued me with great values and I'm one of the few people in my office capable of home & Auto repair / maintenance.

> fuck

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Let this image sink in for a minute.
This just came from his snapchat
How do you feel after /eggman/ just proved all of you robots wrong
Eggy, the ultimate symbol of robotics is having the time of his life AFTER he leaves /r9k/
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He looks like a fat lesbian
wow that fuck really is stupid, how can he be so blinded? this girl looks more redflagish than the last one. anyways i wish him the best of luck nonetheless
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>Eggy, the ultimate symbol of robotics
Newfags should be hung.

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>mfw I see a cow out the window when my parents are driving me to the zoo for my birthday
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>all of my birthdays have been spent inside alone with maybe 3 people tops

that didn't work
but this might
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that did not work
but this might

unicode in name field btw

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Femanons, would you date blackops2cel?
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No, absolutely not. Just being completely honest here.
Depends on his personality and how many showers he has taken
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What's he waiting for?

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Why did modernism fail?
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because the desire for aesthetics always gives way to simple practicality

it's why future conceptual artists always present a world that is almost unattainable

governments rarely put high priority on aesthetics
>Why did modernism fail?

it hasn't. more modernist architecture is being designed and constructed every year
most people consider this style ugly and unappealing

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Weird thread
Be weird in hered
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I'm counting 3-5 layers of irony in this post.
How are you doing?
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I'm too tired for extra weird but you can have some of my leftover mundane weird.

I feel compelled to watch something while I'm eating, almost always something I've seen before (so I don't risk mishearing it or missing subs) and almost always Trek.
I've watched every single official episode of Trek out at least once so far, and many up to a couple dozen times.

>So Anon we heard you hate the gothic lolita lifestyle and culture, is this true?
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literally who, what, where and why?
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I like goth anything, but that's probably because I'm a manchild who never grew out of his teenage tastes.
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banana duck.jpg
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Not true, I'm pretty much apathetic about it. You do you!

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Why aren't you squatting?
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because I don't have a problem pooping so I want to be comfortable
because I weigh 380 lbs and it would be harder to get back up
It doesn't just help with pooping. Squatting actually leaves less of a cleanup.

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Why aren't robots open to the idea of loving a cute boy? Quit lying to yourself.
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They're just as bad as women, will hurt you for the same irrational heartless reasons as women, and take the same amount of effort as women.
Traps are effeminate men who act just as hitch as women but have the sex drives of men
So Traps are complete cunts and literally hop from dick to dick like pogo sticks
>Why aren't robots open to the idea of loving a cute boy? Quit lying to yourself.
we are though
you can't be a robot if you aren't at least slightly faggy

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>Anon, clean up the discharge from my boipussy!
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if you decided to fuck someone's ass without an enema first i'd say you deserve to clean up their shit.
I just give myself a dickhole enema afterwards
does that mean you pee in his ass/he pees in your ass or do you just pee to get the shit cork out.

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End of Summer Edition
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first for fuck off with the politics
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Two double dubs in a row confirms no politics, kev says no!
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Mayuri 23.jpg
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3rd for waifus and late night comfiness

Currently sorting through my 4chan folder and sorting and naming and everything. What are you doing at this late hour?

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>used coconut oil for fap tyme
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I did this a week ago
it's crazy how much it imrpoves my fap quality

and it makes my dick look super aesthetic also I wanted to fuck my own ass with it
does it burn your penis???
coconut oil makes my vag feel superhuman

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The Ciara community baffles me, I personally don't really see any appeal to her because i'm a gay faggot, but I understand why her orbiters have such a strong attachment.

I think it's fucking hilarious the antics she pulls though, I burst out laughing as well when I read "i wanna keep the Ciara economy going".

It's really like a soap opera seeing all these orbiters follow one girl and her antics with it. I kinda feel bad that from what i've read she's a junkie though, hopefully she cleans that up.
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you dont understand that on april 20, 2000, the lord god sent us an angel from heaven
She's just another idiot, who gives a shit.
>feel bad she's a junkie
We like messed up chicks on the r9k. Makes us feel a connection. And we're emotionally immature, so that's why we fawn over teens like her. And of course it's her specific look.

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