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I'm still in Saigon.
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You probably just saw this movie and wanted to make a thread about it, fuck you
found a VC

sup charlie
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dog flashback.jpg
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The worst part is misogynists telling me that there is no such thing as a fembot, when I've struggled far more than them. I haven't been in a relationship in two years and I haven't had sex in four months. I hate being an ugly girl.
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Just a genuinely awful bait. Rethink your life.
Syop using misandrist vocabulary
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kill yourself stupid whore

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Have you ever had sex, r9k?
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>Have you ever had sex, r9k?
t. 24 khv

Thinking about saving up money to go visit a prostitute this summer but I'm worried about getting busted.
Great thread by the way.
Yeah but not for 10 years

It was always awkward though. Never felt comfortable, never found my groove. Missionary always made my arms tremble and doggy (standing) felt too cold on my legs and balls.

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>need to do stuff
>also horny
>if I cum I'll be too tired to do stuff
>if I don't cum I'll be too horny to do stuff
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smack a bitch now.png
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fucking weeb, i want you off my board
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cum all over the stuff
Wrong answers you normalfaggots.

Listen OP, you should cum inside your dick.

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How does /r9k/ feel about this pic?
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how the world should be
I feel like this was posted yesterday
2 idiots, one thought

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>do something and blame child
>scream at said child
>keep screaming as they cry

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Oh yeah. These pieces of shit.

Watched this earlier in the week
stop shilling this trailer trash with a suprisingly nice three story house

on that note how the fuck does white trash like that score such a kino set-up

all their kids have their own rooms with TVs and consoles, and they have a home gym
what the fuck kind of job does the father work?
>teach your kids some basic acting
>start making "prank" videos on jewtube
>get half a million views each video
>extra money with minimum effort with the added bonus of being famous

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How many people have you kissed?

I've kissed six girls and one tranny
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my short-lived "girlfriend" when I was 15

she tasted like strawberries oh my fucking god why aaa
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Remember that you don't belong
Fuck. I have no idea. Too many to remember or count.
Guys, girls, etc. Drunk. Sober. As a joke. For a game. Too many reasons.

I feel like such a whore now. I'm a guy.

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Saturday Ballbusting thread. Come talk with a couple who have been Ballbusting since we were in middle school. Have done a wide variety of things to my balls and yes they work just fine. Come in here and hang out, ask questions, vent etc
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What do your balls look like now? Curious if they look like shit or not
Have you ever pissed or came blood? Do you reel in pain when kicked there? Been letting my friend play with my balls and sometimes she gets rough and I feel it in my tummy. I kind of like it
Do you prefer to get bullied with feet or knees?

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what if neetbux paid for it??
what the fuck else am I supposed to buy? My computer didn't fill the void but it certainly brought the foundation up a notch
What if I own a Macbook Air, an Xbox One S, PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch?

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Who /turbo manlet/ here?

>tfw 5'5"

It sucks, senpai.
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>tfw 5'8
5'4" but my license says 5'3"
I don't mind it because I'm a trap, also dat lower center of gravity
5'6"-5'7" here, fucking kill me. I am only 2 away from being somewhat respectable.

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Just took a monster poo
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Dad here. I'm finally proud of you, son. You did it.
That's fucking weak, dude
>he doesn't poo in the gangee

fucking pig skins make me sick

Fuck u if ur afraid
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fuk u u bitchy fandangos fandingos
I'm not afraid of nothin
fuck (in no particular order) robots, stacies, chads, normies

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who here cursed with a bad computer?

>2013 made laptop
>fairly decent intel i5 cpu
>first generation IntelHD gpu
>was able to run some games at okay framerate when first bought
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>for some reason only 3.66GB RAM usable
>overheats like a motherfucker even after cleaning it out and applying new thermal paste
>randomly spazzes out and rejects the battery cable and hibernates on it's own
>motherfucker uses virtual memory if it runs out of ram which clogs up the disk usage and makes the entire shit freeze and lag
>continues doing that even if i disabled page file
>any game that used to run fairly decent on it now requires everything set to low and config file tweaking as well
>poor and cant afford a new one
>have tablet with 1 gig ram that I usually use
>ded screen laptop with 2 gig ram form 06/07
>phone that is anal found on ground with 3 gigs, but it's android OS takes up a gig just to turn on, pretty shabby for a 150 dollar device
>tablet 50 dollars btw
>keyboard 6 to go with it
>tfw poor
>would fix laptop but not worth time and money
>sometimes put lamp behind screen when need to use real computer for something (has XP though)
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>tfw poor


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One of these non-white girls wants to be with you, which do you choose?
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None of them
The indian girl had literally zero downsides and is the cutest
You fucked up making this op
why the fuck would you not pick the asian qt?

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cotton swab.jpg
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>put warning label to advise people to not use cotton swabs to clean the insides of ears
>people still keep doing it


You're just going to create micro-cuts in your ears and dry out the ear canal. Earwax is there to keep your insides lubricated and protect your ears from foreign objects from entering. You're going to damage your hearing by repeated use of cotton swabs in your ears.
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they'll become deaf and never interact with you
isn't that nice?
Really?! That's why they put the warning label?

Why not state that on the fucking box
But nobody will date me or befriend me if I have visible earwax.

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