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Is it possible to find fulfilment in life without relying on other people? I've been thinking that everything I've been doing has been in the goal of "acceptance" - of being accepted by other people, of being valued by other people, because I thought that if I was socially accepted, and felt like I wasn't apart from the group, I would stop feeling empty. Recent experiences have made me question this, and question my own resolve to try and become a normie. Is it possible to pursue my goals if I don't believe I'm ever going to feel accepted among other people? In other words, is it possible to be an involuntary outcast and still be happy and committed?
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I'm trying to do the same thing. Hopefully other anons will give out advice on how to do this successfully
humans are social creatures by nature. of course you won't be able to find fulfillment unless you're a sociopath.
That's what r9k and the Internet in general are for

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You guys are so detached from reality, it's not funny anymore. All of you really, really need to get out into the world and see what it's really like, instead of getting your opinions from people that have zero experience.
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Reality is how you perceive it faggot

not really, reality is a mix of all of our perceptions
read hume

>he thinks hes a robot
>he uses macos or windows

you know only normies use macos and/or windows, right?
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Wow so special snowflake

Much unique

Very computer
>he doesnt use his own OS

lol at you normalfaggot
>he doesn't use templeos

lol at you atheist nigger

>work overtime today, extremely tired when I start my four mile walk to the bus station
>About two miles in, I hit a wall and can hardly keep my eyes open. I'm literally drifting in and out of consciousness while walking.
>Trip while walking across street, scrape knee on trolley rail and come to my senses momentarily
>During one of my lapses in consciousness, a fart is let loose and it feels wet
>I grasp at straws, trying to convince myself it's just sweat
>Stop at gas station, buy monster so I can use their bathroom
>Pull down pants, preparing for the worst
>My first wipe is extremely wet, and a light brown. A mixture of sweat and shit
>Takes about fifteen minutes to clean myself up, cashier knocks on bathroom door to ask if I'm okay
>Miraculously, none of the feces leaked into my underwear. Though I still smell bad
>I still have to ride the bus home, sit in close proximity to others
>This is the first time I've shit myself in years, I feel horrible physically and mentally

I want off this ride. I try to fend for myself by being a wage slave, and end up feeling childish after I routinely fuck up at work, or in this case, shit my pants. It's like I'm just a little boy, fuck
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Where do you work? Maybe you should take it easy and see a doctor.
McDonalds, I'm taking tomorrow off. This is too much. Why can't I just be a NEET.
When your shit is liquid, there's nothing you can do man. I shit myself like that a few years ago.

>tfw you made it over the wall
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What the fuck is this fucking bullshit
What are you even fucking doing with your stupid little pointless life. I thought this board was the worst of the worst. The saddest of the saddest. But I see not, I see people like you still exist, and people like you still try to linger and withhold some attention on this fucking website. Well guess what. Kill yourself you fucking homo. Go choke on a bag of dildos you useless sack of meat that doesn't deserve the title of 'human'. Fuck you, you should hate yourself. I hope you outlive all of your relatives
You know you have to go back, correct?
i saw the earlier MC thread but i was at work. what's the IP? I need a new r9k server

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You will never have sex with Lauren in the missionary position with a condom on.

How does this make you feel?
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I smelled an odd familiar scent when I read this post and looked at the picture.
It reminded me of adolescence and the awkwardness that went with it.
That's okay. Being a cuck is a natural instinct for subhumans like me. I'm only 5'10'', with a 7x5 inch dick.
It's human nature to not want weak manlets like me breed. All humans are supposed to have an innate desire for humanity to evolve.
This is why deep down all inferior men are aroused and derive pleasure from the sight of a stronger man taking their wife

Imagine having a wife and walking home to her fucking a tall muscular guy with a huge cock, he tells you to get the fuck out and leave them alone, and you have no choice because you dont stand a chance against him. this excites us weaker men that aren't at least 8 inches hung and 6 feet tall and physically strong
Oh god stop please...

I hate being called a cuck and I claim to hate cuckhold porn. But I'm not gonna lie...something about me having a girlfriend and having her cheat on me with a stronger, bigger man excites me as well and gets my dick so hard.

Fuck I hate my life

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Hey, /r9k/.

What did they mean by this?
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>What did they mean by this?

That Merica will do anything, ANYTHING, for money.
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What's the matter, OP, didn't farm enough (you)'s for /r/4chan last time?

Are you mad about it? There's a lot of Japanese porn with black guys and Asian women.

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Welp, somedays ago I posted here about my Hamster being near his death

Well it just happened... Goodbye pal

At least I found a way to bury him
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RIP hamsterbro
Rip in peace hamster
>At least I found a way to bury him
In your ass?

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How do you guys do it?

I'm only 20, I've been dealing with this emptiness for a year, and I already think about suicide on a daily basis. I've seen people here that are 30, 40+. How do you go on day to day? I don't know if I'll last until the the end of this year.
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gotta have a good meal
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st rodge.jpg
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You just do it; just be, and keep being.

That's it. I've wanted to off myself since I was younger than her and here I am at 33, still a virgin faggot who wont kill himself cuz his mommy would be sad.

Get some vices or hobbies, fuck, I don't know, kid.
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My hobby is self-improvement over a long period of time.

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How do I learn to not be lazy?

I don't think I've ever given 100% effort on something in my entire life. I don't actually know what my 100% is.
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I belive you can get anything done if you act like your life depends on it. But realisticly just have passion in what you do and you should do well
My parents parented me into not being lazy. I'm not your dad (I wish I was) so idk how to help you
Find something you enjoy and stop being depressed. Just those minuscule discrepancies and you're golden

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What do you wear every day?
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This template will allow you to show me what you wear every day.
Cool guy zone keep out
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Sin título.png
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The "I haven't gone outside in months" combo

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What do you think your final thoughts would be mid-air right after you jump? What would be going through your mind as you plummet to your end?
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I just wanted to be happy
>Did I forget to DBAN?
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>"I'm going to close my eyes since they say you pass out before you hit the ground anyw-"

Anyone else want to be a Swede?
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orig orig
This doesn't make any sense... How is selling one thing legal but buying isn't? How does one exist without the other?
it means they don't want to punish prostitutes, just the customers and pimps

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>3 AM
>dad is sleeping
>fap with headphones on cause why not
>get a text
>its from dad
>"keep it down, some of us have work in the morning"

was i really that loud?
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How would we know. We weren't there dumbo
Trust me, he was loud enough
Did you moan or what?

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>Just about about to ask cute trap for contact info
>Thread bites the dust

Please see this
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Bumper pls ;w;

Wait, is that a woman? I'm confused.

What I DO know is that hair is great. What do you tell your barber to get that kind of hair? Somebody help
Trap from a hormone thread that was deleted and I were talking.

I got luck with this, and I now show them this picture and say "do this"

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