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Would you accept this girl to be your gf if you were given the option?
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But that's a man. Only retards want to make their forearms look bigger.
You'd hope so but I stole it from a /fit/ thread. OP had pics of her before and she was actually a qt. I don't think I would accept this gf
Nope. I'd rather be single.

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>there are people who actually apply to be a janitor
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on 4chan or in real life?

because being a janitor in real life is comfy as fuck
i presume on chan, irl janitoring is top tier comfy
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>I want to be a firefighter when I grow up
>I want to be a pilot
>I want to mop up other people's shit for the minimum legal wage
living the dream

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What is the minimum height at which one can hope to acquire a gf, assuming average looks?
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Muted since you're a fag.
I reckon 2'5
Dwarfs get laid too, you know
5'6 although my last bf was 5'4 and he was ugly

Why are math majors the cringiest?
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>tfw no cringy math major gf

short story time:
I knew this guy, he had a Masters in math, but also started BSc in CS. One day at uni he wants to show my something on his computer. He had all of the files from 5 years of studies in a single directory. No sbudirs. Assignments, presentations, book scans, source code, binaries, test sets, etc. Needless to say I nope'd out. There is a fine line between math and CompSci, and math majors better not cross it.
>literally have never met a math major
The closest I've seen is physics.
Are they a myth?
Screw you OP. Math majors are the only people I can make friends with.

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>170 pounds

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yeah you are

now quit eating so much and do a lot of cardio, you will lose 5 lbs in the first week
Pretty close. You're about 5 pounds away from being overweight on bmi scale.
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>tfw 5'2 and 145lbs
all muscle baby

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>women live on easy mode!
STFU women have it hard too.


>12. PMS
>11. The annoying discomfort caused by bras
>10. The intense pain of child birth
>9. Significantly lower salaries.
>8. Pressure to change our last name
>7. Period stains
>6. Having to wear makeup
>5. High heels that kill your feet
>4. Breasts and excercise
>3. No one cares about our sports
>2. Society's stereotypical expectations
>1. Time consuming hair removal routines
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I would just like to start off this thread with the word "fuck"
>have to sit down in public restrooms
you left out the worst part
the worst thing about being a woman is that men are all pathetic desperate losers

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how do i get over a schoolboyish inability to speak to qts?
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Is there a way?
just stop thinking about it
Make a fake Chad profile on some dating site and practice there.

Share your final exams experience
Studying for my finals in a chill pub listening muddy waters.
Bartender is bro tier and people are just brits looking for britting.
Who is cozzy studying?
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Is studying at the pub a real thing? I've heard one of my professor say he grades papers this way
Why would you study in a pub?
People who study in pubs and coffee shops are attentionwhores. The fact that you made this thread only adds more credibility to my claim.

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airing just over a year ago, robot radio is back and here to provide the community stories and /comfy/ music

those who miss old /r9k/ and hate the trap posting, gay porn posting and the like; robot radio is here to provide
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Can't believe it originally launched in July of 2016, feels like it was yesterday.
where is the music request fourm?

I just got a job offer after being head hunted by Norway's largest bank. I'll be joining their development team and earn ~29 bucks an hour, and I still have a year left of my bachelor.

If I can make it, so can you. See you on the other side, anon.
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I studied political science and live in the usa.

I'm doomed.
>29 bucks an hour
>"I made it bros"

that's pathetic anon
what can I do to be noticed by head hunters? all I can think of is getting a degree in something useful?

Just found out the secret to having sex with a virgin girl 4chan.
Was googling and found an old 4chan post and tried to do exactly what they did and it fucking worked. I started going to church, and befriending all the girls there. Apparently any actual christian male is too scared to ask girls out. So they say yes to the first guy who approaches them. I just lost my virginity yesterday, it only took me a month. Before that I was a 26 year old virgin.

I quoted things from the bible and re-interpreted to make it sound like it's okay for me to have sex with her, and how she won't be judged for it. All my depression is now gone so I'm leaving this board. All i wanted to let you all know is that if you pretend to be religious you can get virgin gf.
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The men at the singles ward (LDS) I go to watches the 'sisters' like a hawk. If you get in a relationship with the sisters and do immoral things they will get jealous and likely intervene.

It's just hard to be that douchebag that quotes all the scripture answering questions and all the females just gush because it sounds so 'sisters'

A heavily programmed Mormon girl would be too brainwashed for my tastes but maybe it's different at other churches
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Catholic Chan 2.jpg
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Don't lewd the religious girls.

I just want a religious waifu. ;_;
>too brainwashed

You have it all wrong anon.
If someone can brainwash them into such retarded beliefs.
Then another person can also brainwash them into something else.

Brainwashed girls are the best targets for manipulation

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mfw I get instaskipped by everyone included blackboxes on omegle.
what do
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Are you

>pic related


You're cute teehee
hi ethan
nice strawb


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Anime anger.jpg
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Reminder that anyone who is not a manlet is not a robot and should get the fuck off of /r9k/
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Wojak Here we Go.png
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I'm 6'4 but depressed spergy fat fuck.
can you please originally define manlet?

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>ask girl i met on tinder on date
>im anon
>hasnt repllied and its been 48 hours.
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Have you tried being yourself?

how can i be myself if she doesnt even respond
Women know within the first .225 seconds of seeing you whether or not you will be allowed to go balls deep my friend. You can't make a girl like you. Reroll.

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What's it like having a hot mom? Do sons feel attracted to their super attractive moms?
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I think my mom's pretty cute and I'd love to fuck her given the chance.

She's unintentionally lewd and still cuddles in bed with me even though I'm an adult.
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It was very frustrating and infuriating growing up because everybody, and I mean everybody with a penis wanted to fuck my mom and they would not even try to hide it.

My mom had me super young because rape so she's always been way younger than the other moms. My mom is a petite blond girl with pretty large tits and a very shapely body and butt. She is really fucking sexy but in that petite cute girl way. She's a stunning woman even today, she's held up well. She looks 19 even though she's 34. Every time she came to my school, all my friends would practically slobber over my mom and practically dry hump her leg so I HATED when she came to the school.

I got irrationally mad at my mom on more than one occasion, it wasn't even her fault so I regret it. It's not like my mom was a turbo slut and dressed like a prostitute, she's a very conservative woman and dresses as such. She was pretty much fully clothed but when you're that level of sexy, your body leaks through your clothing. You could tell what was going on under the hood through her clothes, her tits and ass were so prominent, she couldn't hide that shit. I remember we had a field trip to the beach one time and they needed parents to come escort us and help look after the kids and so my mom volunteered. All the boys were jerking their dicks that day including me. My mom didn't dress in a bikini or anything, she wore this classical one piece swimsuit and like a sweater over it but fucks sake she was so fucking sexy even in that. Even my teacher couldn't stop checking her out. If this was olden times, my mom would have gotten gang raped then and there.

I got mad at my mom a lot just for existing. My mom is actually really sweet and nice and just wanted to be a good mom. It was a very frustrating, especially high school. Everytime the other boys saw my mom they just talked about fucking her for WEEKS. Also yes, I very much want to fuck my mom.
>She's unintentionally lewd and still cuddles in bed with me even though I'm an adult.

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