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Reminder that you're not a robot if you were well off in high school. True robots dropped out or BARELY made it through.

So anon, did you drop out? Why?
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i did noot noot go
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i dropped out because education is a spook of the mind
Almost did. Almost got kicked out of my house for having such bad grades.
My parents wanted ivy league kids, but my brothers both fucked up. By the time they left , my parents stopped caring and were fine with my 2.0 average.

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I'm 28 years old. This puts me on the verge of "old man territory", especially since modern youth culture seems deliberately hostile to anyone who's white, male, and straight. In all my life I never felt like I belonged anywhere, especially in my own home. Moving to a big city didn't change that since I just run into newer types of people that I can't understand. I think back to my heroes, like R. Crumb and Frank Zappa, and I consider how they were able to take their hatred for their environment and turn it into something constructive. I'm an artist but I only want to draw fetish porn. I'm currently unemployed and I think my roommates resent me for that. I have money saved up to help pay rent and bills but I just draw in my room all day. Self hatred has been a constant throughout my life and when I try to express this my roommates make fun of me for it. They ask me why I'm so dumpy and negative and I tell them why and then they tell me to be more positive. This makes me feel alienated from them.

I don't want to work a shitty day job anymore. That's what I was doing. But I only have experience driving a forklift. I can't pass drug tests because weed so I'm fucked for most jobs now. I don't care to see the future and I contemplate suicide every day. Killing myself would fuck over my roommates because they do like me, for whatever reason, but at the same time I'm totally ready to give up. I've done nothing important with my life at all. I'm no virgin but I've never been in love. I'm not sure if I believe love is real. My parents have no idea what I'm going through. Dad was a jock and mom was a cheerleader. They were married at 21 and immediately started having kids. Dad has worked the same job his whole damn life and I was working for him at the family business before I decided to leave. I couldn't be a part of that cycle. Now I'm still miserable just in a new location. I want to die but somehow shame keeps me from pulling the trigger. But I'm so tired...
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u fucking americans with all your wants and needs fuckity fuck you ever just relax and spit at the ceiling?
We're conditioned to find purpose and fulfillment in our lives, yet our environment is designed to suppress all creativity and individuality. Why wouldn't anxiety be the default state for any self-aware person in such circumstances?
filthy fucking americans stealing all the trips but cant even post a readable image,
fuck off.

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>tfw 7x5

there is nothing worse than having a pencil dick
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>tfw my dick is just as long as the guy on the right but 2x thinner

The only reason women haven't given me shit yet is because I'm a nice guy. Or else every time I sent a dick pic in the past they would have laughed.
I'd rather that than my 4.7x4.6
try 8x5

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C'mon and sit down.
Have a drink or two, no politics, no extreme shitposting. Just have a seat and lets all talk about how things're going.
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Just a tonic water for me thanks. Well I just found out that my mom was just the same as the stays
Slept around went to college and "settled down" with my dad at age 30. Kinda makes me feel like a pice of shit Desu
Eh, nothing much. Just increasing my desire to kill myself everyday, with it exponentially increasing by 2. It is unfortunate however that no matter how many nooses I make, no matter how much bleach I drink, no matter how many samurai I hire, I just can't seem to die desu
I just wish girls would be nice, gentle and tender. I know male members of biker gangs and former convicts that are much kinder and empathetic that women. But I want a child and a family, so I still look for a kind girl.

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LITERALLY females can grow beards while yours is only patchy
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thats a neck beard
their (((doctors))) give them hormones and shit to grow good beards
meanwhile ive gotta increase my test with actual exercise n sheit
That is not female.

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I'm a alone girl like many of you please text me for some company 7862914518
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which personality disorder do you have
sent a txt :x

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>May all robots be happy
>May all robots be healthy
>May all robots be free from suffering

How goes your day, /r9k/? I bought some pies from the shop after not leaving my property for weeks. Tomorrow I have an x-ray appointment, which I'm a little nervous about, but hopefully it'll help solve my hurt foot.
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I'm anxious about my interview anon. Today I'm proud that I exerciced for 2 hours but I want to finally seriously start drawing tomorrow.
That's great news anon! It's always good to hear people taking care of themselves. Best of luck in your interview as well, just take a few deep breaths before going in and you'll do fine.
It's pretty shit right now. I have to give a presentation on a quarter long project and I'm trying to figure out how to hype up the details in the presentation so everyone in class doesn't realize I picked an easy project that only sounds appropriately difficult for the level of the class to get an easy A. I don't know how I'm going to pull it off, I only have 4 fucking slides and it's due tomorrow

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>there are people on /r9k/ RIGHT NOW that orbit women and have a oneitis

Orbiters are literally worst than roasties and normise combined and you should seriously kys if you orbit women
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>kys if you orbit women
don't you think that's a little bit excessive?

No. Orbiters enable roasties more than anything desu senpai
no. orbiters are the lowest form of life on the planet and the most repugnant

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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thank God :^) why didn't I c this day one..
white & based
Nice to see you still going. Keep it up.

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Marine cuck.jpg
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Why aren't you a socialist yet? We must seize the means of production, my robot comrades.
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Fuck you, both capitalists and ruskies(or just commie in general)
We already have seized the means of production--oh, you mean have government bureaucrats handle it!
They've been doing such an amazing job so far, so you have a point.
>same thing as commie
stop LARPing. the NSDAP was built on socialism.

Looks like he couldn't resist all those teenage fans. Now everybody hates him. Anyone else enjoy seeing normies ruin their lives?

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So what was the evidence?

To imagine that if someone plants CP on you, your life is ruined
Having only read that article, who knows, but I bet the girls were sending him stuff and their parents found out and called the cops.

The article said he was instructing the two fans to send him vids, so probably not something he can say he didn't do.
this is pretty funny because he looks like an all american normie faggot.

>have to interact with female co-worker
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Rule 1: Don't Overthink things while you talk.
> Dont overthink while you talk...

If you are smart this is literally impossible.
Smart people don't waste their energy on petty shit like talking to 6/10 co workers

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uni general boys, summer school edition

what classes you taken for summer? retaking or just getting them out of the way?
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Wagecucking for summer internship for 2 more months.

Exam results would be out this Thursday or Friday. Pretty sure I'd passed but didn't do well either.
I have an internship this summer because nepotism. There's a good chance that I get kicked out for 2 years after this term though; just waiting on my grades.
AStron, lir10 and art history online for ucsc

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R/incels had a Meetup. Not surprised it's mostly beta wite bois
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It clearly says it's from the r/cringeanarchy meetup. If you weren't so fucking lazy it would've taken a few seconds in MSpaint to doctor it.

>all those chads

Well... Never going ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever.... etc. to fucking idiot reddit again. Jesus. GOD

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Has anyone else noticed how conservative women tend to view other women with way more contempt? Sometimes my mom puts Rachel Maddow on because she knows I like her show and she wants me to come out of my room once in a while. She always comments how Rachel is such a bitch or whatever. I made a comment critical of Jeff Sessions on a YouTube video. All the male Trump supporters rushed to defend Sessions. All the female Trump supporters attacked Hillary and said she would have been worse. Like I got the sense from their comments that they felt like they were in a competition with Hillary, and they had to destroy her. Also my mom always virtue signals to young women about how her generation was so much better. Like we were at the doctor's office and she made some inane comment about how it's a shame young women need HPV vaccines since they're so slutty.
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Common human attribute of superiority, women and men share this.
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so your mom makes fun of you because you like Rachael?

shit taste desu.
Common attribute of insecurity you mean.

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