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Let's talk about weed, anons. What are your thoughts and experiences with it? I started smoking at 15, but for years it gave me severe anxiety attacks. I still smoked, but only out of peer pressure really, I was a stoner, but my deepest secret was that I actually hated weed and preferred to almost never smoke. Lately I've discovered the anxiety has gone away. I can smoke weed and it just makes me feel incredibly content and happy. It's made me feel much less lonely and more optimistic, it's made me a better person I think.
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>used to love it when I was around 17-18
>would get high almost daily with my best friends at the time
>dad caught me getting high onve and beat the living shit out of me
>every high that followed was an intense panic attack
>tfw dad ruined weed for me

I guess it was for the best
Its a fun past time. I only smoke when im with my friends and weve never had a negative experience. What i like the most about it is how good the music sounds. If i listen to a really good song i start tearing up or just feeling something i cannot describe, but the feeling is so intense i sometimes have to stop the song because i cannot keep going. This does happen when im sober too but on weed its just more intense.
I am pretty high right now. It has always been the most effective anti-depressant and social lubricant.

Why do fags think twinks and femboys should be bottoms?
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I think they should be gassed.
I think virgins should be gassed
>Why do fags think twinks and femboys should be bottoms?
I don't want them to be bottoms, they choose to be
If some twinky fagboy wanted to fuck my ass I think it would be very exciting

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Has anyone seen that bitch nigga Rasheed around anywhere?
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Nah senpai. Not lately, he's been acting real different since he got his art degree.
Rasheed needs to grow the fuck up. I'm tired of this nigga's games. Just put the fucking condom on. It's not hard, nigga.
Go be white somewhere else

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>47 threads hidden

what's even the fucking point

this site has gotten so fucking bad
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I don't bother hiding threads but I sometimes wonder why I bother still lurking or posting. I think boards are either stuck in a rut or creative, funny, but on average filled with idiots.
Wait..there are hidden threads
? Do I have to believe in them for them to be there
>he doesn't know about the hidden threads
Holy shit anon, how do you stand this board? The marine biology threads and hand puppet generals are the only reason I even come here anymore.

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W-Will the Indian guy at the corner store be impressed if I show him my conversational Hindi, or wil he just get offended? He knows me and my family already
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I don't get out much anons I need advice.
Ask him if he speaks Hindi. If he asks why you're asking, say that you know the language.

He probably won't be offended. Most of the time if someone is learning our language, we're flattered.
You can speak hindi ? Are you a pooaboo?

Any Jewish niggas on r9k tonight?
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Just dial nigga I'll put you in the fuckin ground
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Jewish niggas ain't niggas
Buncha whitey betas
I'm a mystery nigga, what up you trying to talk some shit?

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Why haven't you cut meat out of your diet yet?
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because I'm not a faggot

oriagnal comentos
I cut a lot of meat out of my diet. I don't see the point in going vegan since I feed meat to my dog.
Only for fags, I'm not a faggot.

I can't even handle this anymore my social anxiety is peaking so bad I can't even
>be me
>shy boy from class asks me out
>hes cute so i say yes
>we go watch guardians of the galaxy at the movies (my idea)
>movie finishes
>he says "did you like it? i thought it was pretty ok for a marvel movie"
>sperg out about how dc is garbage and how marvel is better
>he looks confused and i realized im autistic
>few minutes go by and we're sitting outside and he leans in for a kiss
>realize I havnt brushed my teeth in a week"
>lean back and say ew what the fuck is wrong with you
>call him a disgusting loser and that noone would ever want to kiss him
>can see him start tearing up and he says "ok"

im going to die a virgin there is nothing worse than being born a fembot
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as a fembot, i agree and i also think emotions are an interesting thing to talk about
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Why do incel here like LARPing as fembots so much? saged
>tfw no autistic tsundere gf

DC movies suck, but you surely don't hate all DC, correct? DC cartoons are way better than Marvel ones.

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I used to be one of those wannabe chads who came to /r9k/ and posted "advice" for robots.

Then I saw The Dam Keeper.

It's a cartoon about a little pig who is bullied by all the other animals. Every night, this little pig operates a dam that keeps the town safe from flooding. The other animals still shit on him, but the Pig chooses to sustain their life.

Now, ignoring the bit at the end where the qt fox femanon comes in and save him (cuz that's fucking bullshit and doesn't happen), I think the non-robots of this board could learn a lot from seeing this short film.

Fembots: your orbiters are a privilege. They donate money to your paypal, they give you emotional attention, they are your shoulder to cry on when chad rejects you. Without them, you would be doomed.

Chads: the robots you bully and belittle cry themselves to sleep every night wishing they were you. They are the ones who identified you, and no matter how much they wish to destroy you, they cannot stop glorifying you. Without them, your social status would be nothing.

Robots: there is nothing wrong with you. You are not evil. You are not scum. You do not destroy. You create. You sustain lives. And nobody appreciates it. No matter how many faggots come into this thread and say "o-o-o-op's wrong, you are r-really useless", know that you are not. You are the unsung heroes of these peoples' lives. So laugh along, because in your heart, you know that they are truly the useless ones.
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REEEEEEE get out fuken normie
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internal noot.jpg
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>your purpose is maintaining the superiority of Chad and Stacies while still getting eternally shat upon
By all means you could stop if you want. You could stop replying to "fembots"; you could stop validating chads by being angry at them. My point is; they lose all their power the moment we as a whole decide we've had enough.

Are you ready to have had enough? Because I certainly am.

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>tfw scared to invest in cryptocurrencies

What should I do
I don't even know where to start, where should I learn about this kind of shit?
Help me smart Jewrobots
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Not even /biz/ but I do know that you buy them basically when they're at the lowest and sell them high since cryto currency shifts often

gl anon
But how reliable is it? It sounds too good and dumb to be true

That's the whole thing behind any investment, is the risks they come with. I don't really see crypto dying anytime soon. BTC at least. Dunno bout the others.

>tfw have lost all desire to fap
is this the beginning of the end?
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>m-maybe if I blame Jews, minoritis, feminists, and communists, women will finally start paying attention to me and I won't be a total fucking loser
I was the same for two weeks.
If you force it youll feel better
At least for me it did

We're not as shallow minded as you think fuck off
you're a lucky dude. embrace asceticism

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"Thanks for taking me to the lake, Anon! You're such a nice guy!"
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succle pp luv
I took my gf to the lake once. We ended up sunburnt and covered in mosquito bites. Was still pretty though. 4/10 date
Is that swan real or shooped?

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>oneitis has falling out with guy she's been talking to
>her and I start hanging out more, but she still keeps talking about him
>is finally about to give up on him, leaving her single and free to hang out more
>he texts her and they're gonna hang out tomorrow

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At least you tried with your oneitis

Mine bruised my very soul with the words "lets just be friends" and now she's marrying some swarthy foreigner
She didn't want to be friends, Anon.

A human being looked me in the eye and lied.
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pepe (248).png
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At least your oneitis told you "lets just be friends"

Mine just never turned up to our date.
It took me weeks to get confident enough to ask her out just for my confidence to be absolutely decimated in a day.
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I'm sorry that happened.

>financially set for life
>great body, great voice
>surrounded by people that view you as a God
>drowning in puss of countless girls, of every type and age
>He could literally point and choose any random girl in a crowd and she would be his
>hottest person in the music industry, on top of the world
>genuine talent, skill, and satisfaction of your own success
>only 23, still blessed with youth on top of everything else

How do you guys even keep going? I look at him such envy. No hate at all. Just admiration and pure raw jealousy. I look at myself, same age as him, body getting out of shape, no skills, kissless virgin.

Every girl I want he could easily have.
Where the fuck did it all go wrong? Ive made a terrible mistake in my life. I wish I realized early on the importance is chasing fame.

I should of became a singer. Im already getting older though and the fact the boat has pretty much already sailed is just depressing.

I want a restart on my life.
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By realizing that other people aren't somehow stealing my happiness. Happiness isn't finite. I don't have to be worried about someone being too happy and that somehow draining happiness from my life.

I don't want to come across as judging you OP. I'm aware that envy is hard to deal with and I sometimes have issues with it too.

But ultimately in life you have to accept that some people are just lucky. It's dumb, but that's how it is.
He's still going to get old and die, just like you, so you both got that in common.
We'll both die and have fucking nothing with no memory that i was a loser and he was a great success.

feels good.

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lol, why are you gay?
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Well, why are you a faggot?
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Willow is gay
stop spamming wuffy the wampire wayer

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