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>roommate steals my food and beer, then lies about it

i seriously would not care if she died in an accident tomorrow.
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Why are women such vapid cunts? No offense if you're a girl op.

But here's some advice, assert dominance. Grab her by the pussy.
Stop buying beer. Spend the money you save takiing her to see a movie once in a while.
>female roommate
you only have yourself to blame

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What's stopping you from pursuing girls?

How many of you have actually made a move on a girl, and risked rejection, your dignity, etc? Wanna talk about it?
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I'm ugly. I'm short. I'm not white. I've got health problems. I'm 35. Not worth it for the quality of gross chicks I could get.
Ugly, low self-esteem and worth.

Years of self-loathing make you undesirable, and rightly so.
The fact that I hate women and don't want anything to do with them.

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>Be me
>Finally grow the balls to ask a girl out
>rejects me by saying that she can't be seen with someone like me
>her friends would laugh at her forever if they find out she went out with me
>she says I'm an awesome guy but her friends would just ask her too many questions and/or even ask her what's wrong with her

The fuck she meant by that?
Why are young women like that?

So they would literally let the man who can make her the happiest woman in the world go just because of what her friends will think about her?

This girl is 26 years old, 1 year younger than me. I seriously lost my faith on females
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Women hate other women yet they also crave their approval/jealousy.
If she makes an excuse like that, she's either not interested or has something wrong with her.

If she really wanted to be with you, she wouldn't care what her friends thought.

She's a shallow bitch, anon, move on.
women are narcissistic. they operate on status and only want to be associated with high status people.

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Why not just become a femanon if you want sex so bad?
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Damn, that doesn't look even the slightest bit convincing.

That's why OP, if I could pass I would, but I can't, not for atleast a decade.
that's not a vagina, that's a wound.
Are all trannies this fucked in the head?

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my breakfast.jpg
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Hey, robots. It's my birthday today and I'm gonna spend it alone with anime and vidya and Vodka.

Why are you still sad when you could be DRUNK right now? No excuse, m80s.
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Happy Birthday!

Sounds comfy.

I'll finish my Jack in your honor.
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Thanks, mate. It's appreciated.
hangovers are a bitch

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>tfw 25 but feel like 15 mentally
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same. no matter how old the people i feel the youngest. play online games
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>tfw 22 but feel 42 mentally

it could be much worse anon
I felt like this up until I got a job that forced me to deal with adult problems on a daily basis

Does anyone else go through the facebook profiles of people from high school? Especially those people in the same graduating class. Earlier today I did, and realized that I (28, single, bartender) am not really behind any of them. Most of them are all still living in the same hometown (I moved to a better location) and working in the service industry or a job that pays comparably. Those that aren't single have 1 or 2 kids and seem to be aging twice as fast. Some are single parents, some seem to be happily married, etc.

I give myself a lot of shit for not finishing college and working in a restaurant and not being married with kids and etc etc, but really it seems like I'm in a better position to at least seem like I'm doing better than they are. I'm healthy, not addicted to anything, and I can do whatever I want and whenever I want without fear of screwing over a spouse or children. It's actually a pretty good feeling to recognize my own independence.

Anyone else feel like they're falling behind? Are you really though? NEETs should not answer, we all know where you guys stand.
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80% of the normies who went to college did so doing meme degrees or ended up working shit jobs anyway. Their entire normies lives are financed. Most the NEETs I know are either still NEETs, work minimum wage and live with their parents and might do so while also being addicted to drugs.

What about your position in life?
Pretty common thing to do. I look at a lot of the people I went to school with wondering if I'd feel inadequate. I joined military because I didn't have the grades for college. Finished up then tried college like your pic related. I felt so fucking out of place with all those kids at 24. Dropped out because I was still like I was in high school and just didn't put any effort in on top of feeling out of place.

Look through a few people I went to high school with. One looked really promising. Construction engineer. Making lots of money. Then he gets arrested for CP. Kek. Somehow still kept his wife. One joined the Navy after dropping out of college. Knocked up some Nip in Okinawa. Married her and divorced a year later. The rest haven't really achieved much other than a lawyer who's doing well.

I think I'm actually doing ok now. Got a comfy night night shift IT job at a mid sized hospital. Don't make a lot of money but cost of living is low here. I have my own apartment and a dog who admires me. What else does anyone need?

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i mean it is an open crack right? shouldnt it dry up and be calloused?
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It constantly secretes moisture.

Or so I hear.
Why dosent your mouth dry up?
hmm, then is it always smelly down there ?
cuz i have lips and i keep them closed most of the time.

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>tfw piss baby autists are leaving this board

>tfw /r9k/ is starting to resemble its old self again

>soon it wont be taboo to talk about "normie" things anymore

we /normie/ now. get comfy. discuss /normie/ feels

>tfw a chinese international student could be coming to your city in the summer

>tfw america and china has no child support treaty so i could send her back to china pregnant and not have to worry about it

>tfw your hot milf manager at work flirts with you and has pet names for you

>tfw get catcalled by women when walking on the sidewalk

>tfw havent had casual sex in a week

also post normie music

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You make me fucking sick, normie piece of shit
low effort ironic shit posting is worst than regular shit posting
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good. your hate feeds me and encourages me

isnt she pretty? she's a virgin too

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Girls are attracted to confidence/competence. What is something you can do or talk about confidently and knowledgably that might impress a qt?
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i can probably talk about sea shanties for a while
cars and bowling, things almost no girls care about
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I can ramble about old, largely forgotten rock/country/blues/R&B.

Where do I find a girl who will be interested in this?

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It's that time again. Femanons, how many beta orbiters do you have? Why?
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>how many beta orbiters do you have
1. not attractive enough, probably
2. incapable of pretending to like people when I am actively repulsed by them
Serious question... I've been using 4chan since /b/ had an 11M GET. I used to browse /r9k/ back in the day when it was first created before /soc/ came into existence. I just recently started coming here again.

Are you guys fucking trolling or are there really ACTUALLY women that visit /r9k/? Apart from this stupid Eliza oneitis bullshit, there are SERIOUSLY actually women here that lurk?
Even if they say yes, you won't believe them. You're really just asking for a timestamped picture of their tits or something. Fuck off.

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If you are depressed because you lack anything in the top 3 levels, you are an ungrateful pussy whining over first world problems.
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Add sex to the bottom level where it belongs, faggot
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>what is being clinically depressed

Depression is not having the sadz.
Not depressed, just not content with life either.

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of them have already had a black cock in their mouths

you dont see these massive amateur compliations of any other race but white.





white girls are the biggest whores on this planet/ there's no such thing as an "innocent" whitegirl
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Whatchy'a doin' rabbi?
im white u ass clown
dg dgf gf hgf gf fgg

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i can hardly even bring it to jerk my stupid dick to pass time anymore. i dont want to look at old pictures of her either. we've gone our seperate ways, but it still hurts. it was a mutual agreement to never interact with each other again, i don't hate her. but i at least wish i could enjoy the things i did in the time i was with her.

everything feels tainted, down the the smallest things we enjoyed together. i don't know how to own the things i once enjoyed again. it's really driving me crazy because i cant disassociate these bad feelings from even the most basic of things
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Why don't you just start taking estrogen and become her? That way you won't have to worry about your stupid dick anymore either. It's a double win.
see, i'd usually get hard because im that pathetic, but i'm just too brought down by the inability to enjoy anything at all anymore. i just lay here doing literally nothing for the most part. i dont want to be that way but there are no paths to take
picture sauce?

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Has anyone voluntarily checked themselves into a psych ward? did they let you leave when you wanted to? How did you feel when you got out?
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No, I was involuntarily committed. They immediately placed me on a 1 year state hold, before I talked to any of the doctors whatsoever.

They kept me there for two months before they sent me to the State Hospital. TBT the State Hospital was funner than the psych ward.

You honestly meet some cool people at psych wards and it's so chill, you just sleep, eat dank food, talk to interesting people, and pop zyprexa and sleep all day, watch TV.

The only thing that made my stay unbearable was the state ordered commitment and not knowing when I would be released. That part made it worse than jail desu.

In most cases if one voluntarily checks themselves in they are allowed to check themselves out unless they are perceived to be extremely suicidal.
i always go in on suicide. you cant leave until you take your medicine. no insurance you get to leave in 3 days. been 7 times
Been involuntarily as a teen a couple times. Its pretty comfy and I was well rested when i came out. Although this was after being resusitated (once) or just cured of overdoses. So i suppose it was higher stakes. Do you feel like you need a place to be for a couple days?

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