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Brain Tier thread!

Show me your best and funniest brain charts!
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that one is pretty good
Yeah, I like it too.

Wanna share yours too?

I swear to god these days if a meme isn't from /tv/ it always seems to be shit

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Do you carry a pocket knife?
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with hex's like that now i will
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nice digits and maybe
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I don't even know what to call that get

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so what is the best way to unironicly kill yourself ? btw i dont have acceess to firearms
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>trying to unironically kill yourself
kill yourself
charcoal burning https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charcoal-burning_suicide

also, unironically kill your self
i will end everything soon , this life aint worth living

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Have you ever been relentlessly teased by a pretty girl?
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smug loli.png
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Not to the extent of Takagi, I don't think my heart could take it.

However my current girlfriend loved to tease me a lot before we hooked up, albeit it in a more sexual way. She once asked me if I thought she should pose nude for a portrait she was having done and gave me examples of what those poses would be and she generally likes to say and do lewd, flirty things knowing that they make me flustered.
Theres this woman at work I think she's about 30. She's married.
Shes friendly to me but in a weird way.
I was working milk to the shelf and she comes over and put some frozen peas and corn on my deck saying I got you a present. I guess we are kind of friends I just don't do friendly gestures like that.
he doesn't know about the corn and peas.

>tfw you started a big tits thread yesterday in hopes that it would make you feel better from being sick but you fell asleep

I don't know how it went so I'd like to try it again. I'm still sick and feel shitty so let's talk about big tits.

Share any experiences from school, work, out in public or even from family. Pics would be great too.
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i have big boobs
Small ones are better because nipple piercings
How big we talking?

What's so special about nipple piercings? Does it do stuff for you? I mean I don't mind them but what do girls get them for?
I touched one (1) pair of tits in my life, it was something around 90D. Felt delicious desu, just burying my head into them and sleeping with this soft, so soft pillow made of skin against me.
But now they are gone and I am all alone again.
At least I can masturbate in peace now

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How do I become a fake Stacy or at least a Veronica? I'm a 4/10 overweight fembot with no social skills. I have been told I have a pretty but I'm fat on r9k and soc.
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lose some weight, fatass cunt
Why do you care what others think? Just do you and be the person you want to be. Fuck the Stacys and fuck the Veronicas.
Start by cutting your caloric intake by 40% and walk a mile a day

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>becoming more of a fag by the day

>started shoplifting girls clothes and now i cant even look at lingerie without wondering how it would look on me
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Shoplifting is wrong and you are a bad person
I wish I could accept the degeneracy like you
perky nipples

stop stealing

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I have been listening to a lot of trap music lately.

I don't do drugs though but these rappers in the songs describe certain drugs as making them feel like Rambo and shit.

What drugs are they talking about and do said drugs really make them feel like Rambo?

I hear them talk about "xannies", "addies" and lean.

Is drug use even that effective? What does /r9k/ think? I am more curious about the sensation these drugs can cause if you guys can describe. Thanks.
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Jesus man just do drugs already
Xanax is the ultimate robot drug. For anxious guys like being free from this anxiety is euphoric, don't believe normies that say xannies do nothing for them. It makes me feel normal and there's nothing more addicting than that. Don't fuck with benzos.
Adderal is just kind of amhetamine. It makes you focused and energetic and confident. That said it gives me anxiety a lot.
Lean is a type of hallucinogenic homemade drug cocktail. Never tried it.
Dont get into drugs, xannie is xanax, addies is adderal, and yeah drugs do make you feel overly confident and like you could get hit by a car and continue on without a second thought, heck a guy got in a car crush on ice, had both his legs cut off during, and he just jumped out and ran off on his stumps

anyone from russia here? I just started studying Russian at the start of the semester and I'd like some friends to talk to about it. Bonus if you're a femanon for obvious reasons.
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I've been to russia with on a school trip and I remember seeing that statue, it was pretty fucking epic. Not relevant as i'm not from russia though sorry anon
Don't study Russian it's a fucking hell. I think even Chinese would be easier.
Why does Russia have a pirates of the caribbean statue?

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Why don't you ask your mom to be your practice gf?

This is your last option to learn how to date girls.
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Can I not ask yours?
No, she is already dating me.
I'd love to desu

I feel like if she actually would let me fuck her I'd pussy out, though.

I'm 100% confident I would let her jerk me off and maybe blow me, though. And I'd be willing to return the favor.

I'd give my left nut to fuck around with my mommy, honestly.

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>25 years old
>literally look 16

when does it get better bros
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Is that not a good thing?
At least you're not Andy miloakis who is 40 but looks like a 14 yo boy
>be 18
>constantly accused of being 12 years old

good to know when im 25 i'll look 16...

Name my band u cheeky cunts
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I fucking hate brits
What in gods name is the second from the left holding?
I'm british and I don't consider 99% of us as humans.

Modern brits are literally subhuman nigger tier scum

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My brother stopped talking to me.

I am now officially completely alone.

WTF did I do to deserve this?
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idk, what did you do?
if nothing, fuck him.

He failed his entrance exams and now he's too embarrassed to talk to me about possible remedies. He wants to NEET for the rest of his life, apparently. He's more of a robot than me.

I wonder if he's here.
tfw no neet brother to speak and play vidya with

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>parent's cousins unexpectedly came over
>I am stuck in my room
>Parents will probably want me to greet them

Oh fuck oh fuck. I just cant handle this shit. what should I do? Pretend to sleep ?? I dont want to face the awkwardness
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Do something drastic like go naked and throw shit at them.

It will be hard to do, but it will guarantee that you don't have to parade yourself in front of anyone visiting your parents anymore.

my autism is not yet at that level. thanks for your advice anyways.
Stay in the toilet or take a long shower

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What does /r9k/ think of Arab girls? Are they patrician taste?
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Ugly. Honestly probably amongst the ugliest ethnicities.
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Only is they have thick, juicy titties

I find them hot af desu.

Maybe because am slav and must remove kebab so like a forbidden fruit kinda deal

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