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We all live together in the same House Now
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Dibs on the basement.
please fucking do your dishes you absolute pricks

we have a fucking dishwasher you just need to put shit in there and turn it on what's so fucking hard
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joan of arc.jpg
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Joan of Arc was a CUTE.
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>tfw into short haired women
>tfw not into that short
>tfw her hair still is pretty cute
Why can't I have a Joan of Arc eye candy friend
>the no medieval wanabee swordsman short hair opponent to rape after winning the batlle
looks like crispy

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Can someone explain to me why every time the subject of discussion on this board is around an interracial couple /pol/ starts sperging out and spouting meme phrases like:

>enjoy your disgusting deformed half breed babies
>your kids will have shit tier genetics
>m-muh white race being a minority

How does this have any impact on interracial couples? What if the couple never planned to have a kid from the start.
Would /pol/'s reasoning for hating race-mixing completely collapse at that fact?
Why is /pol/'s logic so flawed?
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Not /pol/ but I don't care about interracial relationships as long as they don't reproduce as you've said.

I can definitely see why people avoid coal burners though.

>What if the couple never planned to have a kid from the start.

W-Well...that's still bad because...uh...

>Would /pol/'s reasoning for hating race-mixing completely collapse at that fact?

N-No! Racemixing is bad! It's bad because...um...we must secure the existence of...uh...o-our people and...and...

>Why is /pol/'s logic so flawed?

S-Shutup!!! Fuck you nigger!!! STOP STEALING MY WOMEN!!!

I dunno man, why is there a problem with them having kids, from what ive seen 9/10 mixed kids, mostly blasians and white/blacks looked amazing

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Obviously this is for male robits, since fembots are a ((meme)). Me: I cook all my food from scratch, no frozen tendies. I used to be a fatfuck. Best way to stay notfat and I don't mind cooking.
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I take showers everyday, brush my teeth and floss everyday, and keep my room clean.
I sing in the car

>tfw you can see the people ahead of you staring at you in their rear-view mirror but you don't give a fuck and keep on a singin'
aint no one gonna believe that...

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When did /r9k/ get their driver's license? I've been 19 for a few months now and still haven't gotten around to getting it. Obviously it's making my parents a bit mad but I have nowhere to go desu.

Anyone else ever dealt with this?
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I got it at 19 and 5 months sooo like a few months ago lol

It's embarrassing to not have it. I don't make fun of ppl who don't
I started learning to drive when I was 18. I'm 26 now and still haven't gotten around to actually getting it.
Yeah the few people who have made fun of me are annoying, plus I don't have really any grounds to criticize people on. I just feel like I would kill people if I drove

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What were the 80's like? Were they as good as people said? also stories of cool shit you saw or done in the 80s
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I imagine it was a lot like how Hot Tub Time Machine portrayed it

Like now except no internet
Or cell phones

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music thread
post what you're listening to

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I just discovered this and it's comfy.

anyone know some good dark psytrance?

>tfw your oneitis gets a bf even after all you've done together

how the fuck do i deal with this feel?
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Lots of ways
originaaallll suicide is the only option
You stop trying to avoid hurting people

>you have hundreds of thousands of words perfectly memorized that you can instantly recall at a moments notice
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>tfw instantly recalled the words 'nice trips'
>you share a communication system with millions of people
>can convey thoughts and emotions through mouth noises in an infinite number of ways
>every person who shares the system will understand you

Language is fucking wierd
>hundreds of thousands of words perfectly memorized
>hundreds of thousands

ha ha no
try thousands

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I thought this shit was a fucking meme
People think nobody notice their feet in pictures?
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What? Are they on their tip toes?
The best thing to do as a manlet is to have a "holy shit look how tall this person is!" attitude whenever someone takes a picture of you with someone taller than you, or to just not acknowledge it at all and accept you're shorter than them. Dunno why people care so much. There's worse things than being a manlet, like being Indian or Jewish.
Bitch on the right is the worst offender

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Anybody ever hire a prostitute for her services?

I wanna try it but don't know where to begin.
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I hired a prosti-tot
Yes. Don't do it. It isn't safe these days now that the backpage is gone. That place was a whore goldmine.

>tfw you'll never stick it to a Latina again who is just trying to feed her kids a couple times a week in her own house while you visit like you're a "work friend"
start for the pussy my friend hahahajhahjas
or get a tranny

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hey r9k. Im falling behind in life and considering suicide. I just wanna know the pros/cons of offing yourself before i actually go through with it.

>inb4 pussy faggit that is just leeching attention
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>not more worries and stressful situations
>you can't enjoy the little things that had keep you alive till this year

(sorry, bad english but good mexican :))
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fuck you, i give my advice and you just ignore me, even a fucking suicidal friendless robot ingores me
i'm leaving, i hope you don't die and get very injured you stupid faggot
(english bad mexican good blah blah blah)
Well let's look at death. You don't know what happens when you die. You could cease to exist. You could reincarnate with no recollection of past memories. You lose all the time you spent on the earth making it worthless. You leave behind family. The scariest thing about suicide is that you dont know what happens next. The scariest thing for me is the possibility that I will never exist again

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How can we as a people finally defeat racism?
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Kill all non-whites. Then there's no racism to worry about, since there's only one race left.
that'll never happen, most people are too stupid and uninformed.
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This is literally the only solution that doesn't end with the extinction of mankind

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>wake up
>yelled at by parents
>go to community college
>go home
>get yelled at by parents for being a slacker
>i suggest i move out then my mom cries and tells me to stop threatening her
>go to bed
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>wake up
>go to work
>run my business
>go home
>wake up
>sit at my computer and do whatever
i cant really complain. i just wish there was more of a purpose.
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>wake up
>go to school
>stare at stacy and dart my eyes away when she looks in my direction
>go to next classes and get bullied
>weightlift because /fit/
>go home
>do homework and go to my room before my dad gets home
>cry in shower while dad drinks a 40oz
>go to sleep

Probably gonna join the marines after high school and die in some backwards shithole
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>wake up at 7am
>voices in head make fun of me for not waking up earlier and every other thing in life
>go to school
>do fuck all
>almost have another break from reality
>go home to parents
>get yelled at for doing fuck all when I have "such a high iq/potential"
>shitpost on 4chan
>contemplate suicide until 4am
>go to sleep
>wake up at least 3 times in the middle of the night because chronic nightmares

such is life with mental illness, at least I'll never have to get a job and the government will give me free monies

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>It's a gas station captcha
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>type out a post
>don't want to solve the shitcha because it pisses me off
say fuck it, ex out and lurk more
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>it's a vehicles captcha
File: 1484076712459.jpg (81KB, 524x513px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>It's a street sign captcha

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