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I've got 10 xanaxs and some tequila. I should just black out and never wake up, right? Tell me it won't be painful. Please.

goodbye robots
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goodnight. it won't be painful. i'll see you in line.
Don't do it yo

ugh are you dead yet?

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Any INTJs on?
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this is an ISTP thread now
The school shooter

what you want? group suicide?

>tfw you're not much better then Chris Chan
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> doxed self multiple times
> collection of clown shirts
> catfished by trolls multiple times
> went tranny
> criminal records
> burned house down

Do you hold any of those records?
>non-passing 35yo obese autistic tranny with a criminal record who lives with his mom

Are you sure, bud?
Nah, Chris is much worse. You have to be extremely fucked up to be even close.

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Am i the biggest JUST on r9k?

>no friends
>closest thing to a best friend is my mom
>26 years old and virgin
>dropped out of high school freshman year and have been doing fuck all since as a NEET
>extremely brain damaged
>extremely insecure and beta
>close to a non existing personality and have inability to have conversations with people
because shit brain that just barely has the ability to communicate
>am very shy and nervous around girls
>truck load of mental problems
>suck ass or fail at vast majority of things i
try to do

I feel like I was only put on this earth to commit suicide, its the only thing in life that has been a very good fit for me and makes a lot of sense

I'm actually pretty good looking though and am built well but its just a huge waste of
a nice body/face because i can never do anything with it
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the sad part is your post barely scratches the surface of what's wrong with you doesn't it?
>dropped out freshman year
What was the problem?
Can you tell us more about what school was like for you?

Before people come into the thread talking about how easy high school is - realize that everyone's experience is different, and everyone's high school is different. I was a straight A student before transferring to a different high school senior year, where I almost failed out - luckily that last semester didn't greatly effect my college admissions.

Not forming a support group early in someone's time in high school or college can have major ramifications on their success in that institution, would you succeed in a place where you didn't want to go every day, where people didn't like you but only tolerated you?

Anyways OP... what are you doing with life now? Do you have your GED?
show us your face please anon, i'm curious now

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Guess the fooking movies
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Mary Poppins?
Just a guess


< I am Marry Poppins
Not marry Poppins

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When was the last time you cried? Why did you do it?
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I cried last night in the car with my friend, I was really high and a lot of emotions ejaculated out of my eyes for some reason.
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A couple of weeks ago. I got drunk and was grieving about my friend who died in a car accident months ago.
Today. It was for a really pathetic reason. I don't know how to get a gf and I don't have one.

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How would you like to be/have a house-husband?

>do most household work
>repair, maintain and improve the home
>firm but gentile childrearing
>dinner ready when the wife* is done with work
>sing your children to sleep in soft bass tones
>sleep easy knowing your work has made a positive difference in their lives

I know it sounds far-fetched, mostly for the following reasons

>women instinctively revile men who don't provide

How else can this go wrong? Am I a fool for wanting this lifestyle? Am I asking to get cucked?
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Women always want their men to be better than them in everything. It's their baser instinct in choosing a mate. That's why intelligent women, or rich career orientated women are never happy and die alone
dude, in the western world, each gender reviles the other if it can't provide
only self-bump
I KNOW I'm not alone you faggots

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This board seems like it needs a little pick me up tonight. YLYL? YLYL.
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I got a slight chuckle out of this not gonna lie.

toasties have no souls
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I'll share some of my screencap collection. Rarely get the chance to.
>really fucking dumb picture
>ifunny watermark

end your life swiftly

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Any anons molested when they were kids? I just shared this story in another thread. It's not as bad as some stories, but still fucked me up a great deal:

>be 16 years old
>moves 3 towns over
>still hang with buds in home town
>halfway home on public transportation
>decide to find an isolated area to smoke a j to make listening to my discman more enjoyable
>followed by some asian guy
>he asks me for directions as I light my j
>tells me he's from japan, which I thought was cool
>he asks if he can follow me back so he can be sure to get on the right train
>agreed, but need to finish my j first
>he starts complimenting my looks
>says I look big and strong
>he asks to feel my bicep
>agree because I'm stoned and shit
>he then feels me up from my chest to my abs
>reaffirms that I'm big and strong
>super creeped out at this point
>he says "now show me this" as he wips out his cock
>he says "you like trees? I have lots of trees"
>punch him in his nip face as hard as I can and run away

Haven't really told anyone about it. Hard to believe that was 12 years ago now.
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yeah i got molested by my neighbour. Wouldve been about 12 at the time. Was playing vidya (empire earth, sweet game). I felt something being rubbed on my back. I was too scared to turn around, so after it stopped about 30s later, I turned around to see him zipping his pants back up. I didnt really understand it at the time.

But now I do. I forgot, and then remembered the event about 4 years later and it has totally fucked up my life. I have severe body image/self esteem issues, I'm suicidal and am constantly depressed. I want to die.

If you know someone in my position give them a hug and help them through it
What the fuck am I looking at?
Asking for an original friend
Sorry to hear that pal. The other thread I was refrencing has a bunch of dicks calling me a pussy for recalling the experience.

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I'm not turned on by the idea of raping a women. But the idea of raping a trap gets me rock hard.
Am I prison gay?

Pic related : I would hold them down and pound that ass 'til the early morning
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what makes it gay is when you start getting attracted to a dude wearing womens clothing and wigs what makes you a faggot is when you start talking about fucking another man in the ass while they wear womens clothes and wigs.
Now what makes you a gay faggot is because you are OP.
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Fact: traps only exist to fill the demand created by lonely virgins who hang out on the internet all day and will never touch a real woman. Traps are the self-sacrificing members of the male gender who are satisfying that demand. You are fucking a man who dresses like a woman because he went so far down the rabbit hole you're just climbing into that he came right back up wearing panties and tucking his dick in. Yes it's prison gay. Yes it's pathetic. Yes it is the best you (and he) will ever get.
Maybe you should just stop thinking about homosexuality as a subculture and an identity like normies, and realize the things that turn you on sexually are not only dynamic and context-specific, but don't define who you are.

Like I am mainly attracted to women but if either one of the faeries in that webm had a penis and a Y chromosome it wouldn't matter, I'd make sweet sweet intimate love and nut deep.

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Why haven't you met your daily fap quota?
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Ok I'm straight, but... I'd fall for that
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Masturbation is a sinful practice and furthers you from the presence of God
Not my god

How do you deal with the limited amount of titcows in the world?
It's come to a point where I genuinely don't feel anything if the girl isn't a titcow. Seems every titcow has a lineup x10 when compared to a normal girl or god forbid a chestlet. Is it even possible to be a titcow while also being anything but a huge whore? I'm not even a purityfag but I generally don't get along with sexually liberated girls on much more than just "your pussy is loose as fuck". Lying to myself and settling for a chestlet feels wrong, though. Do pure titcows exist?
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I want one titcow gf, please.
one of my b(r)est friends is a titcow
we've casually fucked every now and then throughout the last 3 years while she was dating some other dude
Her new boyfriend looks like a bootleg copy of me lmao
Titcows are only good when they're 2D.

In real life it's all about that C cup.

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let's hear what you faggots sound like
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Someone please convince me to kill myself.
Excuse me but how old is the girl in that image?

>tfw not enough traps edition

Talk to and meet up with other robots!

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First for we're all gonna die alone
>gonna have to drive out of state tomorrow to get more liquor
Sunday liquor laws are fascist
I posted as female (male) although I'm just cis female I guess. I'm still alone in my country. I'm so fucking lonely. I wish any robot lived here so that I could have one real friend in my life. I want to die. I won't say which country because if you don't already live here it doesn't matter.

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pick and post others
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I love these threads but I don't have much to contribute
The emperor pls

Fuck it I'll roll


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