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Should I list my race on applications, robots?
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>Should I list my race on applications, robots?
Why the literal fuck would you do that
yes don't forget to mention your autism
because they ask for it, but it's optional to give them an answer.

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Does anyone else here really fucking hate living in the United States of rape and slavery?

>fluoride in water
>shitty cold weather almost everywhere but California and Florida
>gmos out the ass
>the government is literally trying to kill us
>horrible unbalanced "capatilism"
>we elect presidents based on how much money they have
>highest rates of violence
>college is expensive and pretty much forced and you're tricked into it at an early age
>cops literally pulling over and harassing everyone never know when they're going to rip you out of your car or home and beat you and force you into a cage
>herbal medicine is completely illegal and restricted like our country is ran by nazis
>criminals get away while cops beat and harass pot smokers
>cities are overpriced garbage while the rural areas are literally completely fucking useless
>all politicians are corrupt and shit
>all the people are crazy ass holes
>every chick is a slut and has been raped
>everyone's fat
>the food is poisonous
>high rates of mental illness and suicide
>all the girls are pretty much porn stars by the time they're 13
>rednecks...god the fucking rednecks
>the race mixing obviously doesn't fucking work

Jesus Christ. How is this even a country? This is just hell come to life.
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And how is the rest of the world? I'm not saying USA can't be better, though it's still a better place to be born in than most others

-t. anon from a relatively poor country
That's not just america mate.

There are horrible things all across the world.

This is everywhere.

What can we do to take the world back?
Well compare our crime rates and rates of violence to other countries and also the fact that the USA is the only country that puts fluoride in water, uses toxic gmos, and puts poison and food coloring and shit in the food.

>be poor
>think money will make me happy
>study hard
>get great job
>finally have money no more minimum wage
>still not satisfied

what is this curse
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The curse of no puss
i know this feel. i'm in the top 3% income earners right now yet I feel like a husk.
This is the curse of relying on material wealth for happiness. It will never cut it.

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>be senior
>still riding the bus because I haven't gotten a license
>one day this really cute petite girl sits behind me and starts talking to me
>try to ignore her but she keeps bugging me
>turns out she's a sophomore, thinks I'm really attractive, is open about it
>always asking me stuff like why I don't have a girlfriend and if I want one
>gets really close to my face one day
>her cheek touches my cheek
>I decide fuck it so I turn and kiss her
>wake up
>there never was a qt sophomore on my bus
>I'm not even in high school anymore
>I graduated 3 years ago
>feel crippling depression because she felt so real, dream was so vivid
>maybe she really did become my girlfriend, in a parallel universe
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woah. those are brutal. why is life so shit. why are our own brains against us?
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I hate this too. Once in a while I dream that I fall in love with a girl and she loves me back and I feel complete joy, and then I wake up and the feeling still lingers around while I realize it was all fake
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i had 2 of those tonight

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I bet r9k is so dumb they couldn't even draw a rhombus without having to look it up.
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how about this bad boy?
I never noticed that she's holding a fork until now.
a rhombus is a shitty square

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What should I do if I'm too insecure to form my own opinions?
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>What should I do if I'm too insecure to form my own opinions?
Form secure opinions, Anon. :)

And pillage those who disagree.
what things do you want opinions on

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Am I originally a robot?
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You look fat and from the UK
I'm 240 pounds and I am close to the UK.
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Do i look like a stereotypical robot?

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autism fortress.png
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This is my fort. Say something nice about it.
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This is the ideaI make body. You may not Iike it, but this is what peak performance looks like
I don't have enough autism to enjoy dwarf fortress
yeah, it takes a specific type of autism but its pretty cool if you have that brand of autism

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I have to walk to work in 15 minutes.
It's raining.
Fuck my life.
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Poooor baby :((( do you want mommy to rub your belly to make you feel better? :( aw I hope you make it, lil guy! Rain is very tough!! :(
I don't know why I bother still talking to people.
It's baffling to me that you are so self absorbed you thought it'd be a good idea to make a thread about this.

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Am i too ugly for a gf? I have never had a girl attracted to me.
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It's okay bro, just be yourself
I tried that for 26 years and it didn't work out
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>open image
>see his hairline
every time

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So how is that youtube channel coming along?
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Why would I have a youtube channel, that seems like an awful lot of work.
My second most-viewed video is a clip of tapeworms in dog poop, so if that's any indication...

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Does anyone else here hate children? They're stupid, rude, selfish, unorganized, and the list goes on. I was forced to be around them a lot when I was a child, and I was fucking miserable. I don't just dislike them, I feel a genuine hatred for children. Anyone else feel the same? Also, how did crying evolve?
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Hating children isn't natural for an adult. They're children, they don't know any better. Grow up.
Nah, I'm with OP. They're annoying as fuck
a child never did anything for me except use my resources up and then try to take my job
should be a law against birth

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>tfw after getting a gf and meeting her friends I'm slowly realizing that women are literally children
How do I stop the female blackpill? I want to go back
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Welcome to the world of prostitution.
I used to work with all women, it's not just virgins memeing here it's all true /pol/ is always right
There is no going back youve just stumbled across a universal truth

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tfw your "best friend" murders all your other friends and rapes your gf
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Did this actually happen or is this just a meme?
guts did nothing right
More like the BLACKED swordsman, amirite?

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We were just playing around and she threw shit at my face and so I blurted out the N word. She grew quiet after that and left class without hugging me or anything

What can I expect later? Is there a way to salvage this
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Man, who gives a shit about your personal problems? I don't, nor does anyone else here. Go away.
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Come again, dear friend?
Why are you mentally ill fags such angry pricks?

Do you ever consider this the reason why you have no friends or girlfriend? Of course you don't.

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