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premature deindustrialization
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Add low wages to the massive college debts and quickly disappearing jobs

We are all born in just the right time to witness societal collapse.
I make more than my parents but I was lucky.
Millenials are shit scared of taking risks or pursuing new thinga. This leads to less entrepreneurs and less people becoming successful.

Fucking idiots. Enjoy the wageslavery. That's safe (here's a secret: it's not)

*lights cigarette*

*takes a long drag and exhales*

What's the point of it all, anons?

*stubs out cigarette*
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The other day I was smoking some cigarettes for the first time and it hurt my lungs. I was basically taking as big of a drag as possible. Finished the two cigarettes in like 3 minutes. Are you supposed to inhale only a little bit?
I've never smoked in my life but sometimes in my dreams I smoke cigarettes.
What did my brain mean by this?
Checked. And obviously inhaling more is going to be more harmful. Too little and you don't feel anything though so just take medium tokes

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>talking to a qt black girl at work
>want to date her but she's a single mom and don't want to be a cuck
>however, if I did date her I'd be cucking the entire black race

What do you think, /r9k/? Should I go for it?
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>being the beta provider for some nigress
>somehow cucking the entire black race
This is how delusional cucks get lads.
You cuck your own race when you even speak to niggers. Go ahead though date her, your wasted genes you fucking race traitor


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>tfw 5'7"
How does it feel not to be a manlet?
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>6ft 4
>stick out everywhere i go because I'm so tall
>total introvert
>just wanna blend in

I honestly wish I was a fucking manlet.
Just move to the Netherlands and boom, you're average
I remember in high school when we had volleyball tournament and every team was composed of five girls and one guy and all the girls begged me to come and play because I was 6ft 3 and had a 40 inch vertical and they praised me despite being a total autish and it was the most female attention I ever got in my life, pretty good in general I have to say

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4chan house.jpg
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who remembers?

Sniff sniff
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i member. i wish i had appreciated 4chan more before the reddit invasion

4chan was innocent
I admit I'm a newfag ('08), now what the fuck is /5/?

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>tfw getting heart pains
not even fat
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>tfw had chestpains since puberty
>doctors said it was normal growing pain
>became manlet
>still get chestpains on occasion
>be fat
I feel it in my hearth though
how do you know it's your heart and not chest muscles or whatever?

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>havent brushed my teeth in 2 weeks
>can no longer fathom the stench of my breath
>gums start bleeding as soon as i try and scrub the gunk off my teeth
>scrape them off instead
>take a sniff at my finger

my god this is the worst thing i have ever smelled. anyone else do this?
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>brush twice a day, rinse twice a day, and floss once a day
>only thing that i do consistently in my life
>teeth still yellow
What the fuck? I take really good care of my teeth. I mean, I haven't been to the dentist in a while (because my hairline is receding and I have to take my hat off in the chair, and i don't want them to see it) but I do everything else perfectly
teeth yellow naturally over time, you will never make them white just with a toothbrush
>(because my hairline is receding and I have to take my hat off in the chair, and i don't want them to see it)

kek what?

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>tfw gf isn't into /gfd/ OR facesitting

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It's ok anon,just ease her into taking the more domniate role in the relationship. Everything takes time and patience. Rome wasn't built in a day, remember this.
Off yourself, normalfag, get off this board etc.
>Tfw no gee eff

No gf :(((

Realistically how likely is it a random white American has committed some form of incest at least once? White people, especially southerners seem to be super casual with incest.
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give me one reason that incest is wrong besides "ewwww it's gross" or "muh birth defects"
>White people, especially southerners seem to be super casual with incest.
[citation needed]
"Muh feels" doesn't count as a source.
I never expected to find an ifunny watermark here. Please just show yourself out alright. I'm too depressed to do it now. Thanks op. Hope your proud of yourself. GET THE FUCK OUT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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>Marital status: lonely
>sex: didint have
>job: son
>interests: e-sport

post best
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>Marital status: never
>sex: never
>job: hate myself
>interests: binge eating and then becoming disgusted with myself

That's like calling Monopoly "paper sport"
>sex: yes please

How about this, robots:

Death is nothingness. You cease to exist and fade into the void. If you were particularly righteous or enlightened, marked by outward significance (i.e. your spiritual journey helped people), you get to enter a debug mode before you enter the void.

>You get to see what gazelle tastes like to a lion
>You get to see what fish tastes like to a shark
>You get to experience victory in war
>How it feels to be in love from either gender
>To be Einstein comprehending the theory of relativity
>Being a world class BJJ black belt
>WWII sniper
>Be a "fly on the wall" during moments of political significance

Then you get to go into some fringe files

>The experience of a galaxy's birth and death
>The asexual reproduction of Yersinia pestis (plague)
>The face of God
>An explanation of spirituality
>The life and death of a willow tree
>Significant experiences of aliens
>Aliens discovering Earth
>The fate of humanity
>An explanation of the univserse
>The fate of the universe
>Experience the universe in alternate dimensions (4-12th)
>Alternate timelines

Then you find out that your paracosm (imagination adventure) was coded into the universe


And you can choose to exit into the nothingness from which you sprung when you feel ready. What would you experience in a debug mode?
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>What would you experience
All of it.
Could you be more specific for the sake of a creative post on a Japanese Mango Taste Tester Seminar?
that pic is pretty cool op, do you got anything similar?

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>one shot at life
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>Falling for the "its biological" jew.

Wow, low tier bait
I literally have no attraction whatsoever to women, and I've tried. I'm masculine, embrace being a man, avoid gay "culture" as much as possible, but still just have a visceral attraction towards men.

Also I happen to be Jewish and don't appreciate the anti-semitic remarks, especially on holocaust remembrance day.
>one shot at life
>micro penis
Literally no reason for living, what a pointless existence.
i want out of this simulation

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>type a really long response
>"No one's gonna read it anyway"
>erase response that I spent 10 minutes on and close the reply box
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>type a really long response
>Thread Deleted or Pruned
>no one will read it
>on the other hand, there is no way anyone can trace it back to me
>might as well post it
This is one of the best thing about chans anon
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Oh man I absolutely love troubled birds... They're my soul engraved in paper and ink.

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So there's this kid at my school who only talks to me about the Columbine or something along the line of a school shooting. It's a girl, and we're not friends. The only thing she has ever talked to me about was her talking about shooting up the school or that she'd love to meet one of the columbine shooters. I laugh and joke about it with her as well, but something tells me that she's serious and that maybe she may shoot up the school. She's a girly girl but listens to Korn and Slipknot. Hopefully I'm on this girls side and shell give me a heads up is she does so.
>pic related, talking about fem so here's your tits
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You should probably post this on /b/ it would fit in better
Is pic related the girl, OP? She seems too old to go to middle school.

more info on this qt pls

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who the fuck would want your shitty cooking pot?
meth heads, they like anything shiny
File: 1476497980564.png (631KB, 681x681px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Obviously some asshole faggot chink. I live in a dorm and keep it in the shared kitchen. Was gonna go cook some boiled eggs and it was gone. I'll fucking cut whoever did this.

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