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To become a pidgeon and fly away forever you must join this discord server [GCvB5]
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Also Eliza posts here fairly often [GCvB5]
>join discord
>End up hanging out with Eliza
What just happened?
was gunna join but read 2nd post

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>Car is broken
>Little food in house.
>Live in shitty countryside so no bus.
>2h walk to get to nearest shop.
>Parents are away for 3 days.
>"Just ask neighbours for a lift anon".
>I can't do it.
>I Stood 20 minutes infront of my door forcing me to go out and ask them.
>Then I stood 5 minutes infront of their door without having the strenght to knock.

I'm not going to starve if I don't eat for 3 days, am I?
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Don't worry folks my discord is a comfy place and you're welcome to spend the night [GCvB5]

Freedom and fear, Anon.
Take the 2h walk, you need to lose weight you fat neet fuck

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who /micropenis/ here?

you call yourself a robot with a normie cock just fuck you
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/micropenis/ are adorable.
That looks like a FtM that had one of the 2 kinds of bottom surgery.
Basically they take the ligaments that hold the clit in place so it dangles down like that. I Forgot the name but it's the opposite of the corndog variant.

I need to talk to my FtM buddy and ask again, he's fucking crazy.

Also are you sure you're not FtM or shitposting with a FtM pic?
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>Feminine voice
My life is a never ending torrent of shit, you don't know pain until a woman picks you up like a child.

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How's your Saturday morning? I'm going to try to best SMB3 for the first time today!
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I gave up. World 3 was hard...
I got kissed by a girl, wasn't expecting that desu
Pretty good! I'm enjoying some ZombieRP on Garry's Mod and I plan to start up Overwatch soon and play Comp!

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Show us your collection of dirty NEETdungeons and Hikikaves.
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my rooom
bottom left is amazing

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What is the best thing you can buy from Mc Donald's?
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A visit to their clean toilet.
Information to the nearest Wendy's.
Quarter pounder with cheese
>muted so you know it's real

does anyone want to talk
please, hows day
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My day's okay so far, I'm off today so just playing around. How are you, OP?
My day is well. What about yourself?
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i took a walk outside
heres picture

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>5.5 inches

i-i'm average so it's okay, right guys?
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Your picture says it all anon
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looks like it's time for you to become the gf
>average including dicklet betas= 5.5
>average of men that women actually want to fuck=7.5

Who else has really strong mommy issues here?

It's a bit embarassing to admit, but i'd kill for an older, taller, voluptous woman to coddle me while pushing my face into her breasts while calling me a good boy. It's really been on my mind recently.
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How old is your ideal mommy?
Older than me, which is 19.
>Who else has really strong mommy issues here?
You don't come here much, do you?

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ok, so let's fucking settle this, once and for all

does bathmate actually fucking work?

I've seen some very convincing pics, 1-2 years progressions, permanent results

does it work?
is it safe?
will it give me permanent size increase?
will it give me ED?

my dick is 5" x 4.5" and I'm really insecure about it
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>I've seen some very convincing pics
outside of the usual echochamber-forums, which profit off of referals?
if you did it regularily for a decade with jelqing and stretching you might get an inch I dunno.
do air pumps work just as well?

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pepe hmmmmmmm.png
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Who else caved in and bought a pass here?
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fuck off
I can post just fine
i dont see why youd need one
just one more shitty board to post on
Hahaha you fags wasted your money

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smug snug.png
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>normies take all these protein supplements,bullshit amino acid bottles,and preworkout memes in GNC bottles
>preworkout still can't compete with a black cup of joe
>amino acid supplements can't compete with flavorless gelatin,bone broth, and wheat grass juice
>Protein shakes can't compete with grass fed beef,eggs from the yard,and organic chickens i find from the dumpster at Trader joes
>"anon what supplements do you take?"
>"you're looking good"
I don't take memes
>chugging pounds of aspartame per month
>not eating organic chicken breasts
>not eating diatomaceous earth and milk thistle
>drinking out of plastic containers
>not drinking out of pure copper water containers
>not filling your glass containers wit spring water gushing from the earth near a glacier
>these normals nutritional knowledge only goes as far as the nutrition facts label
>the don't even know how to harness magnetism from the sun and earth
>they eat bread
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how long did it take you to write out all this shit
PSA: no one gives a shit
>He fell for the /fit/ meme

Good job wasting your money on "earth-friendly" snake oil.

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Let's make some Steam friends, shall we?

>Favourite game right now:
>Favourite game of all time:
>What you're looking for from a new Steam friend:
>What you aren't looking for in a new Steam friend:

Discord friends are welcome, too!
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I only play tf2.
You're the worst person to post in any of these threads.
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*chuckles* What a remarkable moment, NEET bros.

Looks like you wagies can't afford to shitpost anymore! What a shame you spent all of your money on Stacy and ridiculous materialistic needs to make you feel better about your pathetic life. Sad!

I tell ya wagie, it's a good feel to not only afford having a pass, but also being able to afford 200 of them for my fellow NEET bros. NEET life best life.

Oh, and wagie, don't forget, your free time is draining drastically! Less than 48 hours now before another day, another dollar! See you then, losers.
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It keeps telling me I forgot the captcha even though I did it.
I didn't buy a pass and I can still post
naw it works again

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Now that only passfags can post, only true robots remain.

All hail Hiro!
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On the contrary, most robots are too poor for it. It's normie and Chad hour now.

t. Chad
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ahahaha who's laughing now you stupid faggot who posts that blanket frog.

Hiro will make it permanent. He'll see the sales spike from those so desperate they need to post and that will be that. 4chan is saved and made better than ever.

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