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Do normie women find this attractive?

What about fembots?
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It's a pretty nice butt desu... if he was wearing leggings or a speedo I'd definitely be checking it out. But it really depends on how the upper half of his body (and face) looks

Even if he has a nice face and upper body what would you even do with a guy's butt?

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Big Mac. The most loved sandwich on 4chan.
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Grand mac's better
Both are shit.
I'd never had one in my entire life until two weeks ago. The sauce was decent but the burger itself was fucking foul.
McChicken is way better than this huge cheesy abomination.

What do /r9k/? Just matched with this snowflake on Tinder.
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Send her a message asking if her kid is a mudshark.

Ask her if aliens are the father

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Time for a comfy thread lads?


discord gg/wtm4BuW
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I am currently hanging out in comfy Ivarstead.
I don't have pictures from Skyrim but I found some comfy background ambiance sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9XRRCPn5XM
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Comfy threads are why I come here.

[that's originale-o]

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summarize a few of your political views in short, concise statements

>"i support equality socially but not economically"

>"the state isnt here to be your babysitter"

>"abortions are fine if my taxes dont pay for them"

>"the only thing oppressing minorities is the welfare system"

>"most women get paid less because most women have shitty careers"

>"you can only punch nazis if they have the ovens already preheated"
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>Race is real and has real effects
>Humans are inherently ethnic nepotists, trying to be universalist only hurts your own group
>Same applies to violence - you must always be ready for it unless you want your tendies to be taken away
>There is no one size fits all solution for economics
>Space colonization is humanity's only true long term survival strategy
Forgot to add,
>civilization is a very big and complicated thing - it is held together by things that might not be immediately obvious, like the mating strategies of individuals in large numbers
>>"the state isnt here to be your babysitter"
Well, if the state isn't there to take care of its citizens, what's the point of it? Why would I want to pay taxes and limit my freedom if I get nothing in return and would be much better off selling my soul to an actual corporation?

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femanon here

>tfw when beta orbiter has turned into a scary stalker

robots will never understand this feel. it's scary.
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Suppose it's what you get for trying to get the attention of creepy no life dudes
>Dude is beta, wants girl
>Girl not attracted to beta behavior
>Dude starts pursuing her aggressively
>Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't
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I wonder what the grills I orbit think of me...

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Brown hair and brown eyes are the best combination by the way
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isnt this person a tranny?
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i wish textless posts were allowed, but i can probably think of something to say
i don't think so, i think she is an attractive female

Sunday Bloody Sunday (really sums up the frustration of a sunday) Edition
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how's the edge?


check my music out ladz

> You wake up in the morning, you've got to read all the Sunday papers, the kids are running round, you've got to mow the lawn, wash the car, and you think "Sunday, bloody Sunday!

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So why exactly ARE you a virgin still?

The one thing I don't understand, is why you guys actually completely give up or just resign yourselves to your current predicament.
If you so desperately crave companionship, why not fight for it with every fibre of your being? Improve, become better... fight!

Why give up?
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Too much effort, too little reward - and even that is only a probability, not a guarantee.
Just to be clear - a relationship with someone you love and loves you in return, or even just sex, is too little a reward?
I think the main issue is that I'm not desperate enough.

I've tried to get a GF 2 times in my life, one time at age 15 or so, and I gave up instantly and retreated to other things in life for the next 10+ years when she didn't like me. I tried one more 2 years ago at age 28, she didn't respond, so I just gave up again. Yeah I've only tried twice, but that's about as much effort as I was willing to put into it. Now I found MGTOW and it all makes sense to me.

I think I might have the old "warlord" tier sexuality. I don't actually give a shit about women and don't want anything to do with them, but I'd fuck them and impregnate them if I had a powerful warlord tier status, and didn't have to raise the children.

I'm 30 now, still a KV. I probably just grew up in the wrong time, I don't relate to anyone.

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Feeling alone and/or empty inside? Drop an email and I'll send you letters at least twice a week on my cute world domination plans!

(Please read the first post before leaving email!)
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im gay i like butt dont email me
Butts and asdfasdf
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Alright, so I did make a thread like this yesterday, but it 404'd since I want able to check up on it due to being in a 3+ hour walk with a neighbor...

But anyway, first things first, if you cannot reply to at least ONE of the two weekly letters I send out, PLEASE do not leave an email! I need a response to know if you're reading or not!

It's probably more effort then most of you are used to but if you can't be bothered to comment, just don't do it.

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>Be a white Trump Supporter
>Have a wife and two kids
>Comes home from work
>Finds his wife in bed with a nigger

Holy shit. Never trust a roastie.
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Doesn't he look Mexican though ?
Fucking literal cucks trying to jump on/pol/'s bandwagon
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holy fucking shit

im cryign

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What would you do if you could turn invisible for a day?

Actually invisible, you know what I mean.
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Could I see myself? What form of invisibility would it be - would I absorb and re-emit light as a sort of screen, or would light be actually curved around me - making it impossible for me to see or interact with the outside world?
Get as much cash as I can get so I can be comfy as long as possible.
>would I absorb and re-emit light as a sort of screen, or would light be actually curved around me
No, you'd be entirely transparent. And no, you wouldn't be able to see yourself but you'd be able to feel everything with all senses intact.

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>You will never see this view
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Mostly because it's an impossibly wide angle for the human eye unless you're inhumanly tall
I am seeing it right now
What are you talking about faggot?
I'm lookin at it right now

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ITT: times where we almost died
I'll start:

>be me
>play vidya and watch animu all day
>after entire day of being curled up in my chair decide to go on a walk to stretch my muscles
>I love taking walks, not only is it the most relaxing part of my day but it's also healthy
>also the only physical activity I do
>after taking a stroll to the river I head back home
>like always I'm lost in my mind, thinking about gay shit like the meaning of live etc.
>suddenly I hear someone loudly whistle and shout something
>turn around to see a guy in a car pointing to my right
>just as I look to my right a train passes by
>I didn't even notice a fucking train track in front of me
>if I didn't hear the guy I would've 100% gotten hit by that train
>I think the train might've been honking, but my brain didn't register that shit
>I just awkwardly gave him a smile and a thumbs up
>after the train passes I just cross the rails while the rail ramp is still lowered

I felt kind of numb after the whole experience. Like I wasn't scared at all, just felt kind of empty.
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You realized life is shit, dying isn't that big of a deal
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>mum took off the hand brake on a hill/drivaeway when I was on front of the car and it rolled straight at me and destroyed the garage door
>jumped out of the way
>chasing a glove in the wind on a mountain and it flew off the mountain side and I nearly followed it
>tripped and thats what saved me from not running off a cliff
>stuck under my bed that had fallen apart. Was slowly being crushed to death
>dad saved me
>caught in a strong current at the beach
>saved by life guards
>suicide attempt Robin Williams style
>was drunk and got free

I wish I was less lucky. If I had died young I wouldn't fear death as much.
Pretty much every kevin turns into a chad desu
>going on a road trip with friends
>we chill out near this cliff that looks like its going to break any second
>dad calls me
>answer it while going to the place where i would jump off it
>my phone falls down the cliff
>he starts laughing his ass off
>the others come
>i explain the situation
>we get out of there while leaving kevin behind
>he comes screaming at us
>i give him the finger as we drive off
>realize his bag is in our car
>we start lmaoing like shit
>we stop the car
>stompt the everloving shit out of that bag
>set it on fire
>leave it there
And the rest went fine,also i still have those friends,
fuck you kevin

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What type of music are you listening fellow robots?
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Opened spotify and this was the last thing I'd listened to.

Looks like 2 hands fingering a anus, why you so gay m8?
>Doesn't realize he's the faggot

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