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Applying at McDonald's right now. If I do not get a call a week from today then I will on hero on livestream.
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I'll take a twenty piece chicken McNuggets, large fries, and a large Root Beer.
Is this the Krusty krab? Oil have one krabby Patty please.
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feel the trump.png
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I'm sorry but w-we ran out of fries

What's for dinner robots 05/06
(Corn beef, corn beef hash, and beans and pork with rice)
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suicidal thoughts are for dinner
Starting from the left, hummus and pita, grilled chicken wrap, southern fried chicken wrap, fattoush salad, fries and a diet coke cuz i gotta be healthy of course.
My mom made curry

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How tall are you? And are you happy with it? I'll start:
Pretty happy honestly considering that both my parents are short as fuck. I'm 6 foot with shoes anyways so it's cool
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No. My day is ruined every time someone taller passes me by, which is all the time.
I feel okay until I'm next to a guy taller than me then I feel not okay
why are y'all so concerned about height? im 5'6" but its never bothered me, what am I missing being short?

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masturbate to porn more

hentai especially
what the fuck makes you think a robot would know the answer?
Massage the head of your cock for 20-30 mins daily

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Any of you robots got catcalled as a dude.
I was 14 or 15 and some two girls called me cute. I blushed the fuck up and started walking a bit quicker because i was afraid they would come and talk to me. That moment is the one i always look back to for self esteem. Although it was night and i was wearing a cap still makes me feel good.
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how the fuck did he take that picture? I don't care about your shitty thread but I'm really fucking intrigued in that
He is telekanigga for a reason.
My guess is someone but a timer on the phone hid from the shot and it took the photo of him.
wtf this isn't even screen cap worthy

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when did you realize this planet is hell?
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elementary school

I'm only around so my mom is happy
I don't know exactly when I started becoming depressed but everyday for the passed 5 years have been a living hell but I'm too much of a pussy to end it. I have befriended a nigger in the hopes that he kills me but all that has happened so far is him inviting me into his beautiful home and meeting his beautiful wife and kids. Now I just feel worse.
hell is better because there is no hope there

>he has autism shoes
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Fuck you, they're comfy

>Not dressing like you're about to hike.
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>tfw shes not wearing jordans
Why even live
>he lives in his own personal autism world
>autism inside and outside
>has an autism house
>autism window
>autism car
>and everything is autism for him

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0748 - 6ySkhUX.jpg
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>Did I get laid ?
A friend of mine and I went to strip club yesterday night.and got convinced by some prostitutes and had sex
for me it was very different, since I am like not inro real woman since I've been in front of a screen all of my life and very upset for giving my virginity to a fucking whore
So, we hired the prostitutes for 30min and in 30 min the bitch tried really hard to make me cum for like 30 min and I was rock hard all the time but, some reason I wasn't interested in fucking her so I wasn't having any pleasure with her while fucking.
In the and I couldn't cum and got out of the room. I was still rock hard
Am I still counted as a virgin now?
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Nope. Congratulations.q
Depends. Was there penetration
Yeah, but as I said even when I was in her, I was thinking about other stuff so I wasn't having any pleasure

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How many inches taller do you have to be than a girl to attract her?
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5 originally

You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was not original.
As long as a piece of string
Minus 6 inches.

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Is pokemon for kids? Are plush dolls for kids? I want to get a plush pokemon doll of one of my favorite pokemon from back when I was a kid, just because. But I can't tell if this is pathetic or not

Note I am in my early 20s
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Pokemon, Digimon, Power rangers,comic book stuff any shit like that is only there to sell toys and cards, every episode of the show is a 30 minute long commercial to sell their cheaply made Chinese products, kids get enamored with it because of the bright colors and cute characters and beg their parents to buy them stuff, this form of entertainment has no value whatsoever.

If you're an adult and you fall into this trap you should feel really fucking stupid and off yourself.
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Check out /vp/
It's full of people just like you
Go for it. I have Eevee, Pikachu and torchic plushies and am in my 20s. Who fucking cares what faggots like >>36826137 think.

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>get invited to a normie party
>decide to go
>for 3 hours its just me watching these guys rail cocaine and talk about working out
>they're only playing Twenty one Pilots and Starboy
>One kid starts screaming at everyone asking for our undivided attention
>starts telling a completely incoherent story
>he doesn't even finish the story and passes out up against the wall

Was this supposed to be fun?
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It probably could have been if you did coke
do some coke and drink its not hard to have fun at a party
I ended up just smoking weed with this kid and we made fun of everybody for a while. This was the height of my experience

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>6 foot, 158lbs
>just managed to do 3 push ups
>heart racing
>breathing has been heavy for 5 minutes
>feel like im about to die
>seriously considering calling ambulance
>if i die it was nice knowing all of you
>dont really know any of you but you know what i mean
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>>just managed to do 3 push ups
that's 3 more than i can manage
>>6 foot, 158lbs
That's a normal weight if only it were muscle.. I hope you'll be okay. If it was only 3 push-ups, you should be :3
Start off on your knees or pushing against a wall. I believe in youuuu!
i just looked up on youtube how to do a proper push up out of interest turns out i was doing it wrong i was wondering why it was easier than expected fuck my life

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Please I need help.
I can't take going to school anymore. Yeah this is stupid, it end within a month. I'm probably going to get summer lessons though btw. But my classmates scares the fuck out of me, just thinking about monday is frightening. I'm not bullied or anything, but when im with them, in class, I have to listen to the bullshit they say continuously. I really don't want to, but I'm starting thinking of them more as animals. Also, I have fucking aspergers, and the all the problems that come with it. Can't speak for shit, literally. If a classmate talks with me, no way I can respond with a full sentence. I just use like three words. I'm really scared, school makes me face all the things that autism makes me unable doing. I'm no good with words so it's hard to describe my mental state when I'm at school. But I can't take this last month mentally. Please really help. I don't care if I fail the year, I'm applying to another school next year, hopefully a better one. I will figure this out, it isn't a problem right now. At this moment I need to convice my parents. No way they letting me do this. But If I keep going, i die. Please someone give me advice on how to convice my parents, im really scared and i dont know what do. also this got incredibly long, sorry
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Why do you think this other school will be any better? Can you do online school?
No but it's only me and the teacher, so its easier. on somedays maybe another kid or two, but thats it
Why wouldn't your parents let you change schools or is it that they don't want you to stay home and fail this year?

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A girl just asked me to get drinks with her on tinder

Should I do it? I don't wanna sperg
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You'll regret it if you don't

If it goes badly who cares, you don't have to talk to her again.
Tinder really?
You'd give these roasties the time of day?
Tell her to drink something beginning with se
Seawater because you're a fucking merman.
>multiple matches
>gets asked out for drink

you must be lost

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Hey guys, how do you erase the data on a SSD, so that is becomes unrecoverable by standard forensic techniques.

I know how it works for normal HDD, but for SSDs it is different and i haven't found a lot of info on that shit.

The thing is i have a few high capacity ssds to sell, but they have had highly sensitive info on them and since there have been a few extreme cases of data recovery and identity theft in my country, i dont want to run any risks.

>Some guy actually jumed the fence on a local landfill, stole some defective HDDs from a container, disassembled them, took out the plates, inserted them into a new case and stole 5 mil from a company.

>They haven't found the fucker yet.
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Come on guys, help a robot out.
A hammer should do the trick. Could even finish off with a mortar and pestle.

I am talking about techniques, after which i can still sell it off.

For HDDs, simply filling the drive with 1s 6 times over does the trick, but i have no idea what i am supposed to do on a SSD.

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