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This was kylie jenner from the kardashians back in 2009. She was 12 back then.
After seeing this pic, the lowest I would go is 12.
How about you guys, whats the lowest age you would go?
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She's cute but still wouldnt bang her. Lowest i'd go is 14 with certain family member...
Hot, would consider it
17 is the lowest I've gone and I can't see myself going lower than that. I'm 26 now and I'd feel like a pedo going after a 16 year old

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>What are you thinking about anon?

>Haha very funny. Now what are you REALLY thinking about?
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Why did she have to go so soon
why (OP) is a such a huge fucking faggot holy shit

Cuz she looks like she's about to die from trolling overdose

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Hmm, robots, what's your response to her?
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*thinking face emoji*
I'm gonna need "mush room" to fit her in
is it too much to ask you to put down the fork?

top banter lads

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landscape (2).jpg
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what are black holes? why do they happen?
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it's a bunch of mass crammed into a really small space because of gravity
Because you masturbate too damn much
To feast on my torment until it gets full and becomes a beautiful star

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I dare you to find a dryer penis on r9k
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nice file name you lying piece of shit. kys
Never said it was mine fuckface. You're such a loser faggot.
dry? it's healthier and cleaner, women love it.
and it still works as babybatter-dispenser, so there's LITERALLY no harm for women.

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would comcast do anything about me looking at furry porn because they already did it once and told my parents
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I need more details.

What country do you live in?
Why the fuck would comcast contact you about furries?
Why would they? Furry porn isn't illegal, although it should be.
state is florida
its just fuzzy humans

Seriously I find porn friggin hilarious
People say the dumbest shit while being fucked and also their facial expressions are a laugh riot.

I actually have ventured into stranger porn because it's funnier.
>Giantess bbws having tiny dudes in their laps and doming them
>Dps where the girls have orgasmic spasms
>fat girls in general having all their flab move while being fucked.
>girls fucking ts girls with fucking strapons, while wailing like the sissy half girls they are..

I cannot get enough of this shit dudes. It's funnier than majority of the sitcoms on tv DESU
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I do it too, robot, it's freaking hilarious. A video of "InnocentHigh" that I saw had the fakest sounds from the girl getting spanked, and it made me crack up.
Only then did I realize the coach spanking her actually looked like my gym coach, and I exited out.
efukt has this type of shit
look up "Tracey's first anal"

funny stuff

>Have a girlfriend for about 3 months now
>Used to have 4.5k in my account since i never went out, and only worked
>Now have 600$
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Working as intended.

Get hustled, b0i
As the old saying goes, you pay for sex one way or another. Up to you to decide whether you want money or pussy.
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>had 8k in my account
>get emotionally unstable girlfriend
>dedicate all my time and money into trying to make her happy and life better
>she cheats on me
>single for almost 5 years now
>still think about her

Never again. Women are only ther to suck the life out of you and once your dry they move on to the next victim. Just end me.

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Why aren't fembot and fag threads deleted? How can r9k improve? I'm fucking tired of the losers who talk about fembots and boipussi all day, every day.

I wish I could be a janitor because this is ridiculous.
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It's necessary. Without those the mozzballs take over and legit try to incite supreme uprisings.
>he actually thinks these threads will do anything
we should enact the /b/ "no sluts rule" sort of thing. there's literally no reason for females to point out they're female except for attention on sites like these except in rare occasions

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Does anyone else want to drink breast milk? I've been craving the taste of a womans milk for a long time
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The milk itself doesn't taste that good. The emotional aspect is the best part in my opinion.

It's more bonding in a relationship or sexual aspect to drink the milk of your partner

it tastes salty

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The National Anthem should be changed from this cuck shit celebrating a war where the Brits kicked our shit around until they got bored, to something more triumphant.

I've always been an advocate for the Battle Cry of Freedom as the National Anthem.

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Feel super sad so I've been drinking tonight. Can anyone tell me why women reject me constantly? Am I just not seen as a real guy? Every single tinder match I get unmatches me after I say hey even a girl from my high school that super liked me. Are some people just not meant to love?
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if "hey" is literally all youre saying, youre doing it wrong
I just say hey what's up every time. Is that like the equivalent of calling a black person a nigger to women?
And I don't think I'm that bad looking like maybe 4-5. It just makes me want to kill myself when I get like 1 match a month and immediately it's deleted.

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21 as of two minutes ago /r9k/.

Happy birthday to me...
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Happy date of birth OP.
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Happy birthday anon I love you
Doing anything for your 21st?

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I want a girl that I can hug tight and kiss her all over her face and neck and let her know how much I love her. Is that too much to ask?!
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In this life, yes. It is.
Nope, there's plenty of prostitutes out there who will let you do that

But so do cute puppies. Are you cuter than a cute puppy? How do you even compete

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>ask sister if she wants to smoke some bowls with me in my room
>she says yes
>we smoke and talk about interesting stuff
>after we're done she looked at me funny after she said thanks and then left
>next day i ask her again and she said yes
>then after we smoked all of my weed she smiled and said "So, do you want me to leave now?"
>i said yeah and she left

Does my sister want to fuck me?
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no you autist. she prolly knows you are some kind of introverted autismo bot and was being genuinely considerate
She doesn't want to fuck you. I (femanon) smoke with my brother all the time.
>ask sister if she wants to smoke some bowls with me in my room

Nice. So you want to fuck up her life, just like how you're a fuck up. Fuck you.

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