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Friendly reminder that well-balanced individuals, men and women alike, don't care if you're a virgin.

In fact, anyone who's looking down on anyone is a cunt, and may be disregarded without repercussions.

You guys would be surprised how many people out in the world don't give a fuck about your flaws and just want to chill.
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nice try satan, obviously you're just trying to meme some be yourself micro aggressions
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Absolutely. Being a virgin is only a problem if you're an incel.
>micro aggressions

Are you seriously using that term unironically?

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french thot.jpg
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>Go to military gym
>Has a strict dress code
>Black shorts, no t-back singlets
>Fair enough
>Walk in
>Every girl is wearing a t-back singlet and booty shorts, bright colored
>Wouldn't even call it a t-back, back its completely open, some string running around the neck and over the nipples, bra exposed 100% and a small bit of daggy fabric of the belly area
>dont even lift
>Rage internally
>Proceed to hit max PB on dead lift
>Sweating and breathing like fuck through my t-shirt and appropriate dark shorts
>Unload the plates loudly, put bar away
>walk out angry, can hear people talking 'jeez that dude is pissed'
>Go and write an anonymous comment in the log book about it, dont leave my name rank or unit.
>Two weeks later signal gets sent to everyone on base about gym attire, makes note that EVERYONE is to obey them and those who dont will get charged.
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you're doing the lord's work anon. don't give them an inch at all.
Nice try kikes, I mean mods you aint sliding this one.
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>It helps me squat better you creep

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>social anxiety is so bad I can't answer the door without having a panic attack
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Maybe this song will help you
My anxiety is so bad I cant answer to the panic attack before answering the door.
My mind is shitfaced, I couldnt even mix a sentence. Anyways weed is good for panic attacks try to find weed I know I will.

>you should do something you're passionate about and make it your job ;)
>not really passionate about anything
>no energy to even keep a chat going for longer than 10 mins

Where do normies get their ceaseless amount of energy from?
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Is life really worth wasting? Because that's what it sounds like you're doing.
Sunlight gives you body vitamin D that makes you happy, excersice boosts your energy and your brain pops "happy chemicals" eating shit and staying inside zaps your energy
>but you're wasting your life
not OP but you're not of any help just saying that and nothing else

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choking kermit.jpg
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>my favorite underground cam model just got banned for no legitimate reason AS I WAS WATCHING
why are we here? just to suffer?
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What the fuck is a
Cam modal? And how underground could it be if she was on a service with effective bans
underground as in less than 100 followers.
On chaterbate?
What made her so special anon?

What's the deal with lainchan?
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probably some edgy normiefag site on the clearweb.
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At least you're right with edgy normalfag part though.
4chan is some edgy normiefag site

any robots doodle in class? post em
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not anymore but that's pretty nostalgic. I try to draw sometimes just to have something to do that isn't being on the pc all the time.
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had a few good ones today anon
File: unnamed-3.jpg (51KB, 394x699px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oodles of doodles

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>be me
>attend university
>taking a comfy night walk around the campus
>dimly lit lamps produce comfortable lighting on the eyes but provide enough lighting to see silhouettes of the trees
>helps relieve my anxiety
>see chad and stacy talking
>see a few other people hanging out with their friends
>feel so alone
>start thinking about how my life is pathetic
>all I do is study and watch anime
>think about the next 30 years of loneliness
>tried to make my parents proud
>feel like I let them down
>OCD is getting worse
>anxiety is getting worse
>not sure how I made it this far
>think about the world and all the chaos that's in it
>depression is setting in
>I'm not ready for the real world
>all these thoughts are racing through my head
>start to cry
>silently weep the rest of the way home
>the darkness covers my tears of sadness
>get home and cry in my room alone

All I want in life is to live in a comfy home in nature and escape from this cruel world. I need to escape. Before the darkness consumes me.
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I know this feel man. I'm trapped with yet totally isolated from normos and have to be around them every fucking day. I just wanna live in a small comfy house and not have to leave it except to get groceries but my circumstances sadly make that impossible.
beautifully said op. saving it. cuz i can relate

Normies just give me weird looks and I've heard a few of them say "Why does that kid look so sad?".
I'd love to live by a national park so I could walk through nature almost every day. It seems to be the only thing that relaxes me and makes me happy.

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what does this expression mean
he usually says "whaaaat the fuuuccckkk" during and after

I know him pretty well, he's a cyborg. Fits in extraordinarily well and has a lot of charm, is absolutely fucking dying inside of issues I won't say here in case someone knows him.
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Gonna give this one bump just because I want to know what's going on in this guy's head. I feel like he needs help and I want to give it a shot.
>implying this isn't OP seeking attention
nice attempt, maybe some other time you'll gain some traction. until then, saged

orgiginal cocmmemnt

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anything that is funny/entertaining/time-consuming. i'm running out of good content.
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pls robots, i just want to laugh

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Thinking about killing myself sometime later this year before it ends..

Any advice?
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what are your plans exactly, anon?
do your research. prepare beforehand.
if there is one thing worse than being alive. its being alive after a failed suicide.
Dont do it tsucc

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Overheard a bunch of guys and girls talking together
>haha can you imagine being a normie
>haha I browse reddit and not that normie 9gag

Has anyone else noticed this new trend among normies? Infuriating.
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Yeah. The worst ones are the ironic ones about wanting to die. People think being edgy is funny for some reason.
My sister acts like that too. Fucking whore.
It all comes full-cycle eventually. Basically, just take whatever cancer meme gets popular on 4chan and in 3 years time it will be on normiebook.

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What you using to numb the pain?
Alcohol robots also welcome
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I'm about to smoke a bowl then go to bed, I want to sleep like a baby tonight.
Currently just alcohol, my weed dealer got shot.

Im scared of turning into an alcoholic tho.
don't have money, nobody to bum, parents don't drink or smoke and I can't really shoplift because I can't into greyman
>tfw experiencing the pain full force all the time

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Does /r9k/ believe that all women will cheat on their boyfriends/husbands?

If so, why make such a blanketed statement?
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Will they? No.

Can they? Yes.

Can you stop them? No.

Most of the issues my fellow robots suffer is insecurity.
will they? yes
could they? yes
would they? yes
Normalfag, D1 lacrosse player here (old r9k knows me)

Women cheat. Men cheat. If your girl/guy is above 6/10 they will get attention from the opposite (or same if they swing that way) sex. They probably will take up the offer if given the opportunity to get away with it.

I've been with too many girls in committed relationships (1+-5+ years, engaged and even married girls) to think otherwise. The trick is not to take it too seriously and believe homogenous relationships are anything but 1/10.

Now go ahead and call me names on the internet because I tell the truth and it ruins your image of the perfect, virgin, princess wife.

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I'm quitting after my first day of being a wagecuck.

How do people do this shit for their entire lives?
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Thye just keep going back.
friends and sex and stuff take the edge off normally, anon.

So what's the point for a friendless and ugly sexless loser?

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