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Hey you fags, it's Friday and you know what that means.... PAY DAY BITCH. Post your bank account and brag about your life then commence to tell us to kill ourselves.
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N33t bux bank accounts welcomed
Because you have so much money tied up in lucrative investments, right Anon? You're so wise!

Fuck off data mining shill

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Do you follow the rules in social engagements with women?
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Yes. Then I tried being nice because I wanted an actual relationship, but I realized women basically live to be molested and raped by men so I went back to being arrogant and dismissive.
i dont want to pretend to be some asshole just to get pussy

fuck i hate women for being this way, why cant they just be simple like men
No, I'm not autistic, my dear internet friend.

>Asians all have small boo-
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>big tits with small hips and no ass
This one asian porn star proves that if you're skinny and have big tits your face doesn't even matter.
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There's an exception therefore rules dont apply. Herpaderpalerp

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Eggy was on ice poseidon's stream yesterday.

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Is eggman a normie now?
Why the fuck didn't he punch that piece of shit?

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The only place where you can have ten wives under ten years old what do you space jews think

Pic related
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Too bad they're all related to you and your kids are inbred retards like 80% of Pakistan.
who tf cares if 10 yo girls look like teen boys

oh i get it, this board
10 Wives, who'd all be your cousin. Your children would have immense birth deficites and be born with an IQ lower than an African. Then you constantly have to buy new wives till you eventually run out of cousins because they get gangraped and then stoned while you are out gangraping other peoples cousin and then stoning them.

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I've done it my fellow robots. I held hands with a girl. I'm no longer a khv anymore now I'm just a kv.

> walking with friend at amusement park
> qt 3.14 grill
> get into place with large crowd
> she grabs my hand saying she doesn't want to get lost
> leave crowd, she doesn't let go of my hand

Are we going to be in a relationship now? Is this what it feels like to be a chad?
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Did you kiss her goodbye?

You... did kiss her, right?

Oh god you're going to be alone forever.
be quiet nerd, OP don't listen to him
dude I'm so happy for you, it's a beautiful feeling, isn't it? kinda like being high
you are going to blow it if it is your first time anyways

its kinda like a curse, first relationship specially for virgins end quickly

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I fapped to that again anons, how do I stop?
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you dont, there is something to that haha
Simple: stop fapping
Please elaborate what exactly did you fap to.

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i am a girl. i want a bf. don't be too desperate but kind of desperate....it feeds my insecurity of having nobody else.
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If I wanted to date you and I asked you to cuck me with a black man would you do it?
stopped reading there roastie
Where are you from?


Anyone else got a facial disfigurement? How do you cope?

My one's mild and it's lead me to being a 21 year old kv
im saving up to get it fixed. Should take another 3 years or so aghhhh
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what have you got, OP?

midfacial retrusion here, it's caused some tooth crowding in my back molars, and most notably, eyebags + scleral show. if I squint the terrible teartroughs/eyebags go away and I look completely normal. i've got malocclusion as well, and if I smile without artificially putting my teeth together at a more aesthetic position, and without squinting, I look completely subhuman. wrinkles under the eyes like an elderly person, chin pulled back too far. if i didn't have this fucking failed midfacial growth i'd have chad-tier looks, just goes to show you how much this shit matters. i hate seeing normalfags who are 4-6/10 with no deformities complaining about how ugly they are

How did you get it? In an original kind of way.

That sounds rough dude, sorry to hear it! Is there anything you can do to help fix it?

I have a Class 3 malocclusion (too) but it's really severe compared to the ones you might see on google images.

I completely get that; i don't think i'd quite be chad tier but my love life would have at least been normal if i didn't look like this

I hate that too! Esp when people think having a disfigurement is the same level of insecurity as having a slightly big nose or some shit like that

Do women have any secret knowledge? They all seem to 'know something' the rest of us men don't.
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They all know you're a beta loser with a little dick
No, women just ASSUME they know more than everyone else when the opposite is usually true.
Women, with their great powers of intuition and herd behavior, basically constitute a secret society. It's less like that nowadays with the internet and all though.

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>oneitis rejects me
>firends all fuck off and ignore me
>go full hikki mode
>struggle to take care of myself
>always angry and low energy
>all I do is work out and play video games
>every time i try to tell people about my problems they get angry and tell me to shut up

It never gets better, don't believe people who tell you that.
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>nobody even replies to your thread

I've hit rock bottom tbqh
Very low energy.
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It getting better is what keeps me going. I have to believe it'll be okay in the future in order to survive.

I'm sorry that shit's bad for you right now.

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>interview for job
>don't get job
>just assume they hired someone better
>see company re-post the exact same job on the job board
>realize it wasn't that someone better applied I'm just so off putting they rather keep looking for someone else
life is just one blow after another
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Happened to me before. The best is when at the end of the interview they tell you they are considering other candidates.
Reapply just to spite them
This. You have to make a new account if it's on a website. They would have banned your old one from all jobs.

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>be talking to boy for a few months
>he starts to fall for me
>he's super attractive
>I'm pretty ugly and tell him this
>he says he doesn't care but wants to know
>i've sent a few pics but usually covering my lower face because i'm ugly as shit
>take a picture
>look super ugly

r9k I need help, what the fuck do I do
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Just hope for the best , remember anon men are less prone to leave u just cause of looks
It's like this board is filled with literal children. Send the picture you cunt, if he doesn't bite thEn FUCK OFF.
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does it matter op? if hes looking for friends online instead of outside than he has some repressed shit hes going to use you, trust me he'd rather see your cooch gift wraped than youre acne ridden face

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Was he a liberal or conservative? What do you think? His family strikes me as very liberal though
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Does it matter? Trash fucking question, >>>/trash/ fucking thread.
Considering his racism he was probably liberal
Since he was normie probably liberal

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How do you robots live?

>wake up sometime between 12 am and 4 am
>drink coffee, smoke cigs and eat breakfast (usually toasted flatbread with hummus or just oats)
>drink booze if I have any leftover
>watch anime/read/play video games
>run errands around 10 am, pick up some booze while I'm out
>get drunk, smoke more cigs
>go to sleep at noon
>wake up between 4-9 pm
>get drunk while cooking dinner and eat (usually pasta or curry and rice)
>watch anime/read/play video games
>sometimes run to the store for beef jerky, chips or smokes
>go to sleep between 9 pm - 12 am
>rinse, repeat
>all throughout the day listen to music and browse/post on imageboards when I feel like it

I'm a NEET and so I never have to go to work. It's 7:30 am and I'm drunk on fortified wine, just chilling and listening to music. Woke up around 3 am today covered in sweat after some weird dreams.
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Im a neet. I go to sleep at 7 am and i wake up at 2 pm.
I eat something and go to the PC then i waste all muh day there.
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>wake up at 8am-9am
>lay in bed for 30 minutes
>look at airbnb to see when i have gusts (rent out 2 1-room apartments
>eat some oats or home-baked bread with cheese
>either prepare apartments and go to the gym
>1 pm - eat lunch
>play games until 4 pm
>go shopping / run errands
>eat dinner and after that i do some social shit or just watch movies/browse/play games
>11pm go to bed
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I study things that are interesting to me. Take Ayahuasca once a week or so and dance and laugh forever.

Also a NEET - that lifestyle should be self-evident to any thinking individual. Life should be celebrated and lived to its fullest. not wasting away at the hands of others' expectations of what you "should" be doing.

Do whatever you want with your life. You can do literally anything within the pre-defined laws of nature.

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