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I don't usually make these kind of threads, but I really want to talk to some people, I'm so goddamn lonely. Whats everyone doing tonight
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Considering suicide
Watching a speedrunner and trying to put off going to bed and starting another goddamn work week

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why do we cum and urinate out the same hole?
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dicks are good for aiming I guess?
Because god decided it to be so when he created humans 6000 years ago

Ask Father God.

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How many of you guys would kinda like to fall over dead but not to have to kys? What are the most ballsy methods anyways? is a gun or rifle to the head take more balls than oding on pills or hanging or cut wrists? it all seems pretty intense
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damns thats gross

fuck off btw
Stabbing yourself in the chestis the most intense way to go out
followed by what? is pills and hanging more intense than shotgun to mouth?

I hope she kills herself originally
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When will she finally die?
reply to my thread reeeeee kbfdt
I hope she kills u originally.
Also, anyone know where her instagram went? :3

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How can the human population be dramatically decreased? What can we actually DO to help? You guys do realize that the majority of your problems are caused by too many humans, right?
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My problems are caused by other people period
It will decrease itself in time, we dont have to do shit
All of us robots make a suicide pact and end it all.

If a girl had a dick smaller than yours, could you still love her?
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Is it cute or grossly shapen?
When it comes to t-girls, I prefer girls with a smaller dick than me, actually.
Heck yeah dude
the smaller the better

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>robots think that their "roastie" insult is so offensive to women
>in reality they just laugh at your retarded ideas about how vaginas work
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they think they can laugh it off.

But a roastie is still disgusting even if it is muh genetics, which isn't isn't since most women are whores with blown out roasties.
Who cares what causes beef curtains, whether they're genetic or not doesn't change the fact that they look ugly as fuck.

When has the fact that dick size is genetic ever stopped women insulting tiny dicks?
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>haha women aren't insecure about their genitals at all h-hahaha ha...

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How come r9k is less racist than other boards? Are robots more friendly?
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>How come r9k is less racist than other boards? Are robots more friendly?

If the two boards you browse are /r9k/ and /pol/, then sure, /r9k/ is comparatively less racist
>Are robots more friendly?

No, Robots are just Robots: we don't get too many edgy normies dumping in over summer unlike /pol/ and /b/. Though one of the top threads right now has a guy shitting on Mexicans; so clearly we aren't pure

ops a newfig

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>tfw no one will ever save you during your life

When I say this, I mean it with all that I am. It's the worst feel imaginable. What makes it so bad though? Sure, you can always overcome things through pure will. Sure, you'll always be there for yourself. Sure, you can have friends that you can always depend on, but when it comes down to bedrock, that doesn't hold water. No one will ever connect on you on the same level you want with them. There just aren't people who want that, even you. No matter what you're always alone

Ever wonder why elders always feel so lonely? Because they realized in their advanced age that no one is truly there for them. You realized this 50 years before
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Save yourself anon. Try not to depend on anyone but yourself
It is said that one species of the lobster is sometimes left upon the rocks by the receding tide. When so left the poor animal has not sufficient instinct and energy to work its way into the water, but waits for the returning tide to float it from its temporary prison.
There on the rocks it would remain and die, although a slight effort would enable it to reach the waves, tossing but a few feet below. The world is full of people who, like the lobster, are waiting for the tide of prosperity to float them out of the niche where they have stranded. These human lobsters have not the ability nor the inclination to bear their own burdens. They seek help from others and hope to ride through some fortuitous combination of circumstances that shall carry them with a bound to fame and fortune. There are thousands of such people, mere "hangers-on" of society, who are cheating themselves with this foolish idea, that they are to be helped to a livelihood without putting forth manly effort for themselves.
What man is there, prominent in the affairs of a community, who is not besieged with applications to help poor creatures to work they cannot do and to positions they cannot fill.
Such men seem to feel that if they could only "get a lift" of a thousand or so to make a start, they would soon be the possessors of millions won by their own splendid genius and industry. They do not realize that they lack the true ring of greatness or they would not be in the condition of helplessness that they now are. They fail to see that the man who cannot improve upon little could not advance upon much. They mistake their extravagant wishings for talent and delude themselves into the idea that the world is frowning upon merit and doing injustice to latent genius. Such people need to wake up to the idea that the world does not owe them a living, does not owe them anything but a halter for their impudence.
They need to learn that personal worth and personal effort are the forces that count in the world's work, and that outside help can do little for a man who does not help himself.
In the same spirit men look to the government, to education, to organized beneficial societies, to help them take life easy. They long to be high up among the great of earth, but look to artificial help as a means of elevation. But none of these things give a permanent help to a man. They may greatly assist a man of power and vim, but are utterly worthless in the case of these "limp people" who will put forth no active effort in their own behalf. The truth is, these people are too indolent to make their way in the world, and wish to shine with borrowed light. They expect to pose before the public in a false attitude and win their living by their wits instead of their industry. They send up a senseless cry for help, when there is no help but self-help, no salvation but self-salvation. Such people need the sting of want to teach them the first salutary lesson of life. When they can be brought down to the iron doors of hunger, they can taught that the way to success is in the way of conquered peril, in the way of over-mastered difficulty, in the way of sharp encounter, hardship and unyielding toil.

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Supreme Grand Racism Test!

This test here is the ultimate test to expose the racists on this board, it is foolproof and works 1,010%

You have to choose between two women:

>a beautiful, sexy, ass black woman, who is a high ranking professional at a law firm, and next in line to become senior partner. She is highly educated, never ever uses slang of any kind, is prim and proper, and despises "black" culture. She also wears her hair natural(no weaves or relaxers) and has no ill feelings toward whites, and in fact admires white culture, and is right wing. And she looks like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqVWn1eEQTM&t=105s


>an evil, sadistic, drow woman who is a crime lord that rules over a cyberpunk city and holds no holds barred martial arts deathmatches where people fight to the death for her amusement, is aroused by blood and death; and is likely part demon and paving the way for an invasion of Earth(which can only be prevented by choosing the Black woman). Also she has hooves.

Btw either woman you choose will love you and be faithful to you for eternity. Which one do you pick?
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ok you seriously would have to be the most racist fucker alive to not choose the black woman here
Yes, we are racist. Congratulations, you figure it out!
holy shit martial arts deathmatches sign me the fuck up you saucy asian succubus

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