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tfw you cheat on your robot bf with chad
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unfortunately kys
I forgive you fembot
should i tell?

Well boys, I just found out my oneitis is fucking my rival. I don't know what to do.
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why she didnt wanted to be with you anon?
I guess because I'm uglier and not as popular.
Challenge him to a duel. make sure she is watching while you bash his head in

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>that girl that you thought could save you from robot life
>you sperged out and drive her off
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>that girl who you thought could save you from robot life
>end up making you more of a robot after she leaves you
I still think about her everyday, even though it's been two years.
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I had her for 1.5 years. She left me this may and now she's back at school with her new bf. While I'm stuck in hometown commuting to my school.
>the worst part in is I can't even hate her. And she still says she loved me but that I'm not healthy for her.
The fact that it's my fault makes me hate myself and not her.

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Welcome to /r9k/ how unhappy about your life are ya?
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well i'm ironically here aren't i?
Transhumanism is the only reason I haven't killed myself yet.
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crying react.jpg
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I have to find a way of doing what I love and not starve to death

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>and into the trash she goes
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You never had a chance anyway Anon.
That said I still can masturbate to her beautiful jewish hair.
she's an uggo anyways

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When did comics become so infested with SJW bullshit?
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who tf still reads comics
since the majority of the people with the income to actually purchase them were into it.
Comics stopped being good mid-90s and that's being generous

Why do I hate this game with such a blind fury? For some reason, just thinking about it sends me into a rage. I hate this game so fucking much.
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I enjoyed it. What's so awful about it?
What didn't you like about it?

Also what's your favorite Zelda game?
Because you need linear corridors and handholding

also >>>/v/

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H-Hello there f-femanon...

C-Could I have your h-hymen please?

I b-bought this n-nice suit and everything...
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I bet you will get a lot of boypussies
Sorry, I gave it to Chad.

He has big muscles, and he is funny. He also has lots of fun friends and a good job. I think I might want to spend the rest of my life with him. Sorry.
Stab a hobo for me and I'll consider it.

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>Pretend I'm playing the song I'm listening to flawlessly in front of a large audience
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>stay up at night listening to music imagining stories where I am some badass character
>air guitar the solo
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cowboy helper.jpg
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>take a banana and run around the home pretending to be a cowboy
>the banana is my six-shooter, until I get hungry and eat it
I even made a character name for myself. "Banana Bill"
I'm ashamed of it, yet I can't stop

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It's been so long since i played a mmorpg.
Any comfy mmorpg robots ?
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i would say runescape but the community is incredibly cancerous. Very comfy if you only play til lvl 50s stats/do some questing tho.
Osrs or rs3? Never was a fan of the newer rs3 fighting system
I heard about this game called TERA, what do you think about it ?

>playing War Thunder, tank battles
>join game, Stalingrad map, head out to capture points
>get killed pretty early in the game as I suck pretty bad
>tfw imagine my crew slowly burning alive inside the tank with no chance of escape
>start tearing up because I know I could have done more to prevent their deaths

Why am I such a faggot, r9k?
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>tanks on WT

>playing league of tristana
>tristana is banned
>i'll play caitlyn instead
>jungler refuses to gank
>client crashes in lane and I give up a kill
>start tilting
>make an incredibly wreckless and nooby play and die

Why am I such a retard?
Well, you decided to play leeg, so there isn't much more than that.

Who hurricane bois over here? Central FL reporting in, getting bretty windy over here.
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you're too late your hurricane bois are gone
>actually living in florida

jesus christ lmao
Sarasota here. Most people I know lost power, but I'm still riding strong. The loud winds are pretty relaxing.

>get job
>Get truck
>Get my own place
>Pay my bills
>Still not happy
Wtf how are normalfaggot even happy. I thought being normal made you happy. All it did was made me more sad and jaded.
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What do you feel is lacking from your life?
Because stability might be more appealing to the average person but you want change and excitement.
I don't feel like anything but sadness. I am tired in such a way that no amount of sleep could refresh me.

This makes sense and is probably the right answer.

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This Chad will fuck your crush AND your mother AND your sister.
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>will fuck my mother
My mother is a fat old ugly woman. Why would be even want to? Probably for her delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
Intriguing, yet highly disturbing.
but can he dodge a bullet?

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Donald Duck.jpg
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How did your first fap go?

>be me
>about 13 I think
>randomly watching pro wrestling videos on youtube
>I dont even like wrestling
>click on a female mud wrestling video
>2 women in bikinis sliding around in mud
>peenor engorges
>start rubbing my balls
>start randomly rubbing the head of my peenor
>keep doing this for about 3 minutes
>feel weird tingling sensation
>spaff everywhere
And things were never the same again
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>in bed at night
>feel tingly, like I gotta pee
>put pillow between my legs to 'keep it in'
>slowly rub up against it
>feels good
>feels better
Rest is history
I think I was 12. I jacked it to a bondage fetish video. It wasn't even porn, just a fetish model being bound and gagged. I was kinda scared because my jizz was really chunky.
Fapped to some nude chick from newspaper when i was 7

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