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Who's that guy who posts YouTube videos and people say is the next Elliot Rodger?
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Original post sir
Someone tell me ffs.
Some loser looking for attention by copying Elliot. Look at his "about" section and you will see it's the same words as Elliot's.

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White men belong to white women.

Back the fuck off our men, shitskins.

Your vagina is poop colored.
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All girls are pink on the inside.
>be Asian (male)
>have white bf (male)

Honestly I hate these race bait garbage threads but my hatred of women is stronger and I hope you feel an intense hatred towards me and my actions
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Fine let's find out if that's true.

*pulls out a sharp knife and cuts your shitskin ass*

File: Trap.webm (610KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What do you have to say about that?
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>this has a dick
great now i'm gay forever
what will my mama think
Wait it has a dick? Pretty sure i fapped to this girl. Fuck.
this isn't a trap sadly cause that would be the cutest trap ever

File: Elesh Norn pillow.jpg (585KB, 900x1591px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Elesh Norn pillow.jpg
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>hur dur I'm a fembot. Look at my Elesh Norn Dakimakura. I'm such a nerd XD

Why do fembots try so hard to appeal to low life Otaku when they just want to fuck Chad?
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they aren't attractive enough for chad so they come here knowing that desperate virgins will give them attention. it's pretty sad really.
The low life Otaku will send them money.

how do Otaku/NEET get money if they have no job or formal education?

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How do I make friends at community college? Was thinking about joining the honor society or perhaps the animu club.
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what kind of friends do you want?

i recommend joining one fun club (guess the anime club) and at least one or two other academic ones (honor society is a good one i guess, see if there is one for those in your desired field)
You don't, it's impossible, give up.

Everybody is a transient and that means nobody is interested in making a lasting connection.

CC is the worst hell and everyday I curse myself for my mediocre highschool grades.
>anime club
never do this.

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Nobody move or wojak gets it
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It's ok, he wanted to die anyway
*moves originally*
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Moves unoriginaly

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>tfw you look like this without even taking any hormones

was i meant to be a trap?
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no, you're just fat with man-boobs
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>doesnt like thickness

cant help you then pal
your dad must be proud to have a fat drag queen for a son

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>got rejected from fastfood gig because wasn't panda material
>went to trucking school
>didn't know how to shift after I was shown how to do it a dozen times plus
>not a hands on learner, I learn by pictures,listing,and books
>heard a grinding sound then a bang
>panicked and pressed on the gas then the truck stated smoking and caught on fire
>I peed my pants
>they had to call the fire truck and I totaled the truck
>tfw the main instructor sat me down and said "anon, this truck costed us 40k, we are going to have to terminate you from the program, good luck"
>get in car and cry
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>tfw no 25+ bf
lmao what are you doing out of the retirement home old man?
>live at home
>that's it
>I have nothing else going on

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how do you deal with loneliness? recently i lost my only true friend and the other friends of mine are away from me (they live in another countries)
how do i live being friendless?
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pls answer r9k
File: nigga.jpg (36KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fuck you r9k, you guys are the worst, i just want to know what should i do now and you dont even answer me, thats why you are lonely virgin guys

i lost my virginity at 16, you guys are pathetic
i'm leaving


>Chad from gym keeps saying im a funny guy
>barley say anything to him
>offers to drive me home alot
>brings me protein shakes
>always nice to me and motivates me

whats his game? What does he want from me?
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ur boi pussy, faggot
To see you grow into a man?
He thinks your despair is just an act because his life is perfect. You're like a clown or jester to him.
Entertain the golden god, you worm.

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Alcohol no longer does anything.

What now?
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Fully commit to opioid painkillers.
Get hooked on anime
Time for heroin

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>it's almost friday
How are you holding up bots? How're those grades going?
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Pretty bad

>tfw hoping WWIII starts soon so I can avoid the uni meme

Any day now
My grades are really bad

1.3 and 1.8
I have a 1.7 gpa if I don't get it above 2 I'll be kicked

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"Hey anon like, uhm... I don't mean to be like rude but what are you doing here? Everyone else didn't wanna say anything but you're kinda cramping our style..."
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Stop objectifying yourself, bitch.

Fuck off, Quinn. Everybody knew it was Pucks baby the whole time.

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Normalfaggot hate thread.
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File: The Bogdanoffs.jpg (124KB, 500x548px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Bogdanoffs.jpg
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>Try to bogpill people at a lecture
>No one understands it
Fug Chad and Stacie
This image makes me kek heartily, because my parents sell bikes.

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How does this image of an asian girl with a black man make you feel?
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shes really pretty wow
>tfw the black man is getting cucked
tiger moms are CRAZY
It doesn't seem to be a romantic pairing, so it doesnt make me feel anything. It's just two adults having a friendly conversation.

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