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>ywn be hugged
>you will always be alone
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>Always the one to message first
>Waiting to see if they will if I dont
>still waiting
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I never send the first message. I want to say that I do it sometimes at least, rarely, but I don't. I can't remember the last time I messaged someone first. It's not because I dislike you although I know that's how it looks sometimes.

It's not even because I'm shy, it's the same even with friends that I'm totally comfortable talking to. I'm a very self-contained person. I don't need to talk to people. If you send me a message, sure, I'll talk, I like talking to you and if you feel like talking that's fine. If not, that's fine too. I'm perfectly content just doing my own thing. I've got shows to watch and games to play and books to read and shitposts to write, I have no problems with keeping myself entertained.

Especially if you're always the one that sends the first message, if you stop suddenly it gives the impression that you don't want to talk to me. So I don't want to bother you, so I won't say anything either even if I'm wondering why you suddenly stopped talking to me.
It also makes me feel like its more of a "great gotta talk to them now" kind of thing going on though

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Out at family dinner thus morning/afternoon then to my in laws family dinner for the afternoon/evening. Gonna share a story and start a thread to entertain the time

Back at 15 my wife (gf at the time) didn't know of my ballbusting kink yet because I was wanting to test the water still.

We were out with her friend walking around town stopping at the local mom and pop shops talking about hitting guys in the balls,subject started by me of course.

The friend had hit guys in the balls and thought it was funny but my innocent wife had never dealt much with boys and never even considered it.

Constant teasing from me. "Fair enough you don't have it in you..don't worry etc.." Heard her friend say "just got for it!" As we were coming up to sonic.

Felt her foot thud into my balls. I dropped to the sidewalk and laughed. Followed by them laughing...ultimately a really cute memory
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After her we had a time in which we took a break from dating my life sophomore year of high school. I dated a cow tit Latina girl and told her about my fetish almost immediately on the first date. She jumped from her bed and landed her knees into my balls.

I let her know that I was gonna get my ex back. So we weren't gonna have sex she was just gonna be a ballbusting outlet. But she didn't believe me..she got dumped later

>doing nofap
>woke up with the worst blue balls

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I've been using the term "Banana Boat" wrong this whole time, telling people we should get on a banana boat and go somewhere fun. Aka we should do something dumb.

Turns out it means an all male(gay) cruise -Urban Dictionary
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Better move to a new city and start over.

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Interracial relationships are disgusting degeneracy that destroys genuine diversity, and ruin the children's lives. But I want to date black girl anyway
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Maybe if you weren't so fucking fat you wouldn't overheat every summer. Plus you could actually take your tshirt off and enjoy the sun on your skin and cool down better without being embarassed about your titties.

By the way, running that icy cold AC makes you feel hungrier and thus makes you even fatter, dumbass.
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cnn pepe.jpg
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Weebs/traps were made to eat my shit
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>be me
>haven't had sex in 2 years
>finally give in to Tinder even though I'm not a fan of the idea of it
>tfw been 3 days and no single match
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Robots can't be picky anon you have to swipe right on every single girl. I've been on and off it for months now and I've had less than 10 matches not that I really expected to get any.
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>want to use tinder
>23 year old
>live with parents
>no car
Should i just lie and say that i am 19 or something
>be me
>insecure and never had a girlfriend, kissless, handholdless, etc
>been told by people I'm not bad looking at all
>girl complimented my eyes once
>Freshman year college
>older sister convinces me to get tinder
>wants me to start dating
>after a while reluctantly accept
>she basically makes my account for me
>don't use it
>she keeps harassing me about it so I go on
>swipe right on only 7/10s or better
>get 5 or so matches in a week
>haven't messaged any of them, or received messages
>drunk at a party my sister dragged me along to
>have no friends there, no one to talk to
>everyone there is Jr. or Sr.
>pull out tinder because drunk lonely feels
>about to message 9/10 qt3.14
>realize I have never messaged a girl before and have no idea what to even say
>delete account and uninstall app
>drink more

Also had a pepe meme as the last one of my profile images. No one probably swiped to the end to see it tho desu
>inb4 humblebrag
>inb4 normie

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Do you enjoy your life, /r9k/?

Are you living your life to 1000% percent? If not, what is keeping you? If so, what advice to do you have for your fellow robots?
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Just stop caring. Once you realise all consequences and responsibility is man made you'll be less worried about them. Once you die,you wont have any of those things so there is no point in even caring.
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I enjoy Haruhi's tits 1000%
enjoying it hyaku paasento

>just chill and grab a beer
>you'll never get a gf, stop trying
>stop trying to integrate into the normie society, you are not one of them
>instead do what you like, play vidya and collect dragon dildos or whatever you do

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I see the reporters who have long since forsaken sympathy write the flavourful outrage of the day all the time. Popular posts around here, the screencaps of clickbait designed to infuriate you.

But it's like you just sit there, gazing as if you cannot see, blind to the fate that will soon come to pass. But someday I hope you will be awakened.

The reason men check out of society isn't because of some silly superfluous thing such as choosing video games over women. That's a symptom of a greater disorder, and it's all intertwined. Our fate is not one we can fight.

Men play video games because it is the best thing for them to do, because they can't find a girlfriend or a job or a home. The girls can't find husbands because of this and are killing themselves. The rise of socialism is because of the college debt, and hatred rises because of the internet, a tool we haven't yet possessed long enough to learn how to control. The invisible connections of all our problems go back for centuries. Of future, and present and past. Love is the thread of the story that's woven.

But anyway, I'm just here to solve the riddle. If my theory is correct about everything being connected, I can't solve it until I make all the connections, and if everything is connected, there should be one answer that can start the domino effect in the same way to fix it all. The root cause is what I need.

What do I have so far? Starting with the women committing suicide, leading to the men who don't pursue them, because the men can't get jobs or house and are in debt. why can't they do that?

good question
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hm, Starting with the women committing suicide,
how many women are committing suicide because of this?

do you not think their decisions are brash, considering how many men there are looking for women, and how its posted on here all the time, that even every less than decent women would have a line out the door of men from all over the world showering them with gifts for marriage?
at least one

I don't care what their decisions are.
even if you solved the riddle
and called it a problem
and everyone alive agreed with you
nothing at all would change and people would continue in their systematic ways
but now with the blueprint in hand all the better to follow it carefully
and then say yes it was a tricky fate to accept but i have conquered the misgivings
and am a true riddlemaster

>tfw on day 190
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If you can start, you're mostly done with the improvement that doing the same thing every day can do for you.
what results have you gotten

If you really have run 10 km everyday what the fuck are you even doing on r9k anymore?

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>that blissful feel of being NEET after getting fired from a job with years worth of savings
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I really like this song

it looks like the sawtooth waves are dancing
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