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Heterosexual anons, what's the gayest thing you've ever done?
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Kissed a friend.
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Sucked my own dick I guess
Literally where do you think you are lmao

Reasons you should get a PoC gf:
>easy to acquire
>they want white cock
>white women are race traitors
>you are contributing to the white race by breading them out of existence
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>tfw no gf with chocolate colored skin
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qt filipina.jpg
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>tfw no qt otaku Filipina gf
>they want white cock
>you are contributing to the white race by breading them out of existence
what if I am not white

Can I still be a robot if I participated in a foursome? I couldnt get a hard on because I was too nervous so I jusy ate two of the girls out and fingered the other. I am unsure about my place in the universe atm. Maybe I should just kill myself.
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>convinced not 1, not 2, but 3 girls to have sex with him
>at the same time
>...can I be a robot he ask

Anon, I think we both know the answer to that...
>in a foursome
>couldn't get hard and does the most beta sex act possible
Wasn't my idea m8ey. I was invited. Also does anyonw else have an irrational fear whenever they post personal on 4chan that someone you know might browse at the same time and figure out its you posting? Get that shit every time....

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How do you think your life is gonna go?
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If I got lucky
>rich and famous whether on the internet or RL and living the NEET dream
If not
>wagecuck with a broken dream

I need to get lucky.
Once I master Astral Projecting the world will know my Wrath
I think it will be full of periods of suffering but there will also be periods of joy. I hope that the periods of suffering will not be too long and that I can get more periods of joy in the future than I've had in the past.

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>teacher assigns 25 word essay
>it's due by the end of the year

Well, guess I'm dropping out again this semester
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You think you have it bad? I have a page long english paper due five weeks ago
its a joke lmao

25 word s
I understand, thats why i said five weeks ago

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How does /r9k/ feel about waifus?
Do you have one?
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Why is there an anime girl in the penguin pen
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It's a promotion for the anime Kemono friends and that penguin started to stay by his waifus side.
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He did this for a week,they tried to seperate them because they had to feed him by hand since he wouldn't leave her.

Why are INTPs so irritating? It is like they think they are too cool for existence.
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Im an XNTX master race
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Why do you believe in astrology?
Oh god I hate images like that, the way that text is structured

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Who /hotrobot/ here? From what people tell me, and from the girls that are/were interested in me I'm an easy 8/10. maybe even 8.5/10.

But my crippling fear of rejection holds me back form getting with these girls.
I'm not even talking shit here, I have literally had girls sleep in my bed naked and haven't been able to get a move on. I get asked to come over and watch movies with some chicks at least once a week (alone) and I always just watch the movie and leave when it's done. I can tell they are making a move on me, slowly creeping closer and closer, giving me side glances when they think I'm not looking.

My complete lack of experience (due to being the funny kid in school etc, and only having become attractive in the last two years or so) is fucking killing me. I don't know how to make a move, I don't know what to say, I don't really know how to kiss etc. etc.

I tell them and my friends I slept with two girls already, when in reality I only managed to get the courage to get with one girl, and all we ended up doing was making out and me fingering her. Also I was drunk and stoned and she was only in the country for one night, so I figured if it's too awkward I can just kick her out.

I'm in college right now so there's lots of opportunities for me, but I just keep fucking them up OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

I need to hear from other /hotrobots/ about your experiences, and maybe even some advice on how to fix me?

Also "hurr durr you'Ve got nothing to lose just go for it" posters can fuck right off. As if I didn't know that myself. ffs.

Pic completely unrelated, since I'm not retarded enough to post my pic on 4chan.
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Yeah right
I didn't read your long blogpost, nor will I because this isn't your personal blog and it's probably boring drivel.

But I stopped by to post that's the shittiest picture I've seen today and you should probably kys for even saving it
Thanks mate. But I got a good chuckle out of the picture. Also is <500 words really too much for you? Are you american?

Also yeah, i probably should kill myself . I'm a waste of my good genes anyways...

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Attention fembots. Stay away from the cuteboys and sissies in r9k. Their boipuccies belong to us fags, you can have some dadbod loser or a cucumber if you're lonely.
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>Attention fembots. Stay away from the cuteboys and sissies in r9k. Their boipuccies belong to us fags, you can have some dadbod loser or a cucumber if you're lonely.
thank you for making this thread
those cutebois need our protection from the vaginal menace
This board has become a strange, unfamiliar place.
but I'm a cuteboy/sissy and I want a fembot gf

ayy who non-ironic non-4chan definition cuck here?
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I'm half black.
I can't be a cuck even if I wanted.
halfcuck then
>that image
I love that kind of shit my man.

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>brain deteriorating fast
>my cousin who was a annoying kid playing games now has a gf and he's 14
>I'm 27 hkv
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get back to my NEETbux granpa
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My autistic sister is 26 and just lost her retail job today because of it. She's a mess of aspergers and mental illness, she can't handle being a cashier at a job that's three blocks away. She's not autistic enough to be considered one or get NEETbux.

She's going to be a shut-in living with my parents until they die of old age in 30 years. She'll never leave her room and just spend hours on her laptop rotting her life away. Of course when my parents die she'll either be homeless or have to mooch off me, but I'll be married with kids by then. She'll have to live in my basement or something.
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>but I'll be married with kids by then
Good one anon, you have to have sex first

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ITT: shit you do that you'd kill yourself over if anyone else found out

>tfw I listen to week songs regularly
>tfw I cum into my bed sheets and only wash the sheets like once a year
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>I listen to week songs regularly

I guess im out of the loop unless you're singing about the days of the week while jacking off all over your bed
your room must smell like cum
Fucking auto correct anon, gets me every time. Weeb*

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Do you think he's proud of his daughter(male)?
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nuka cola? I wanna put it in her butt now.
>deepthroat choker
me want to smash

He's passable, but what's with the chest hair

This board has been infested with normies and women. In order to fix this problem let's make a rule for them. Anyone who mentions that they are female, says they have a gf/bf, or any other normie shit gets banned. Also no more trap threads, /soc/ tier face threads, and especially no more fembot threads. That or we can make them their own board like /f9k/ or something were all these people can get deported.
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hey op nice going, i showed your post to my gf and she agreed with it
Seconded. Sounds good to me.
>Complain about shitty threads and normalfags
>Could just easily ignore them and not reply
>OP is normalfag

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When did you realize h3h3 was the best youtuber?
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The 2-part Jack and Jill analysis video.
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No Onision is the best
nothings better than being a 30 year old whos married to someone under 20

fucking jew is always whining about his ad revenue and how he gets demonetized because companies don't want his shitty videos associated with their brand.

dude makes a living making fucking reaction videos and being a morality policeman for youtube even though no one asked him to.

Reddit loves him, though, so his channel probably wont die for some time, unfortunately.

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