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>you are still pure anon?
>that's so cute! I hope you'll find your princess one day
>I can't wait to get nailed by my Chad friends tonight

Even the most beautiful and innocent looking women are whores, how ones this make you feel?
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It's why I took the gay pill.
It's why I took the asexual pill.
it hurts to know when you meet a girl you care about but that only happens once every couple of years, at least to me

What do we do about the white male problem?
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Pretty good taste 2bh.
Why are most of the more fucked up and elaborate crimes usually done by white dudes?
Give them gibs and free women by media bias, it seems to work for far more dangerous lifeforms like niggers.

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the expert.png
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Going in for a job interview on wednesday, what should I be expecting and how do I seem less autistic?

unrelated pic
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What's the job?

Also, do you own a suit?

Small store, it's my first job need extra cash (Am at university) no suit.
Don't put on a fucking suit unless it's some CEO tier job. The interviewer will think you're a pretentious fuck and not hire you.

Go with chinos or jeans and a shirt, get a proper haircut that fits your face, take a long nice shower, cut your nails, put on clean underwear and socks, put on cologne or a deodorant (make sure it doesn't have a cheap chemical smell), brush your teeth and use mouthwash if your breath smells like shit, polish your shoes some before leaving and try to avoid getting them dirty on the way, preferably take the bus or drive if you own a car so you don't show up sweating like a pig, walk into the store and give the interviewer a firm handshake (you do NOT want to give a "dead fish" handshake) while introducing yourself and make sure to maintain eye contact. Now answer the questions the best you can, don't overanalyze things. Don't mention anything about 4chan, anime or anything else that might make you seem autistic. Lie about having friends and a loving family or whatever, anything they can't check up you can lie about but don't go too much into details since it can be difficult to remember in the future.

I really cannot believe how bad /r9k/'s taste in women is and I think it is the reason you are all single.

>Seek out neurotic superficial weird cunts with mental issues
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Is rose considered neurotic? she seems cool to me
The girls advertise themselves to thirsty robot(types). That's just for attention. Their actual boyfriends will of course be chads.
That's my point my man. So why does /r9k/ worship these women who are just using them, at best

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I've decided to become a Chad. Peace out losers
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Now I am become Chad, destroyer of cunts.
Monica. Meme
You don't "become" chad.
Best case scenario you gain some muscle and social skills but thats not what makes a chad a chad. You'll never have that animla magnetism, confidence, dick size, and pure alphaness.
You'll just be another beta with a slightly better body like a balding middle aged man who picked up lifting and a sports car as a mid-life crisis.

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Wtf is wrong with A Friend? Literally nobody asked him to make this series and he's spent like $17,000 of his own money on this account that he doesn't even play.

There are so many other ways he could've gotten views and so many better ways to spend money. I think he seriously has aspergers.
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Part of his style is to be provocative. He fishes for 6 days, he spends 10 hours farming cowhides, he tries to double his 10M, and he gets banned for using OSHD. He wanted you to contort your face when you saw the title and it worked.

He has a sponsor, you don't even know if that's his own money (do you?). On Twitch, besides all the people who got busted for owning and manipulating skin gambling sites, there were a lot of streamers who used sponsor money to go gamble with big numbers.
Thats just how a friends content is, much better than the garbage Sparcmac posts...
i unironically enjoy watching his content
I'm glad to see people on r9k still play runescape too

>tfw every day of my life I wish I was a thicc braphog so I could twerk with my phat ass on cute white boy faces while they called me their ebony goddess.
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That only works on some people though. What about the guys who like feminine twigs, and hate nudity, promiscuous dancing, and bodily functions?
what the fuck is a "braphog"
But I'm a feminine twig and I never get any action.
And a boy.

>do you like rain?
>what do you do on rainy days?
>if you had to choose, would you rather have it always rainy or always sunny?

Or just talk about general comfy stuff. Or idk, Im not your boss, i cant tell you what to do with your life.

Anyways, /rain/ general.
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Stay inside
Always rainy
[insert Katawa Shoujo rain picture here]
asides from the shit fucking VN this is my answer
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girl rain.gif
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rain is the ultimate comfy weather
on rainy days I like to watch it out of my window and listen to lofi hip hop or other comfy music

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You have been on death row for a few years now and will be executed at sunrise tomorrow morning.

What will your last meal be?

I'm having my mum's homemade lasagna, some Rekorderlig cider and I'll watch Shutter Island while eating it.
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I'm pretty sure they stopped giving people last meals years ago. People also don't get the death penalty too often anymore.
>Fruity cider

Was your crime one of faggotry?
Yeah, but for the sake of discussion let's say you did something so terrible, so heinous, that they brought back the death sentence just for you.

>Im watching videos of pablo escobar

What do?
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just say mhmm okay and ignore him. he's probably autistic and will be posting here soon.
Doubt it hes a mini chad and hangs out with friends who sell drugs for the cartel. I invested so much time and money on him. His biological parents are criminals, guess you cant fix genetics.
there is only one option: get a baseball bat and hit him in his sleep till he have brain damage.

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*SIIIIPP* Ahh *Slurrrpp* Ohh thats the ticket. Well howdy do roboritos, its a fine Sunday morn. Im just sitting here, enjoying a fine and hardy cup of the ol joey. Ive got big plans today, play some Fallout: Nv and maybe choke the chicken if you catch my drift. Until ive finished my cupa mud, keep the chit chat to a min min, capisce?
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*SSSSSSSSSSSLUUUUUURP* *drip* I'm c-currently on m-my *drip* f-fifth pot of coffee, d-do NOT disturb me 'til my s-seventh *SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSLUUUUUURP*
It's not morning in the part of the world that actually matters.

Am I the only "Chad" here that visits this place just to feel more good about myself and to get some cheap laughs out of the shit posted here?
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No, you retard, plenty of people do that.

I'm a normie but I come here for the greentext stories and hmmm threads mostly.
It's a shame both are becoming rarer and rarer while traps, pussy envy and 'how can you love her when she's sucked another cock' threads are filling up the board.
No, it's a known fact that this place is now swarmed with fucking normies.

It's funny because none of you are 'chads'. You're just insecure normies who need to prove something to themselves by laughing at depressed NEETs on the internet. Eventually you will be in our place, depressed, broke, with no friends. Then you can laugh at yourself.

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The fakku party was lit!
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What a bunch of ugly normies. Fuck Fakku. I saw a slutty-looking girl wearing a Fakku tank top at school the other day and it annoyed me. "TEE HEE I AM SO LEWD. I AM WEARING THIS SO NERDS KNOW I LOVE HENTAI DOUJINS ^___^" Fucking shit. Weeaboo girls, gamer girls, and cosplay skanks are the worst.
Fuck the kike who owns Fakku for trying to kill sadpanda
fakku is gay

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>"Look who decided to come out of his cave!"
>"How's the hunt of a "q t trap gf going, anon?"
>"Wait, he likes boys now?"
>*Riotous laughter*
>*Dad's fists slam on the table*
>"Sit down with your family for dinner or GET OUT, ANON!"
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This picture gives me anxiety. I feel slightly sick and tense in my stomach from having so many people that have to be permanent in my life, all be paying attention to me at once
>Who are you people?
>Where the fuck am I?
>This isn't my house!
>Did you motherfuckers kidnap me?
>What in the fuck is going on here!?!?
>Someone better start answering some questions right the fuck now or I'm calling the goddamn cops!
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body snatchers.jpg
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>"Hey everyone, anon's finally here!"

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>take a course in Japanese
>it's full of fob chinese girls who can barely speak english and a bunch of equally drooling rapey white guys
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>fob chinese girls who can barely speak english and a bunch of equally drooling rapey white guys
sounds like a match made in heaven
I'm taking Japanese next year, and I kind of fit into the second category, because I'm quiet, skinny, and white. What should I expect?
It's really easy if you do the work. In my university you just learn Hiragana and some introductory vocabulary and sentence structure for 101

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