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There's a newly made kid playground right outside my window and nobody can see me. is this a test from god
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yes and i hope you fail and he smiteth you painfully
Or maybe a gift from god?

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Post games you recommend n shit from the sale. i need some new ones that will make me feel not like shit.
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A life.
>There was an error communicating with the Steam servers. Please try again later.


bring me the head of gaben
I get that too. I only have $4.79 in my steam wallet anyway because I'm a poorfag

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>"Mmmm! Mmm mmm mmrrmph mrrmr? M-mummh?! Mmm, mmmp! Mmmmuunnnfh!~ <3"
How do you respond?
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my first course of action would probably be to smack my dick on those big nigger tits.
Post more bondage nig bitches
withdraw the tobacco pipe from my waist satchel
and begin to puff it thoughtfully
> tfw you have a robot hick bf
> often wonder how much he's thought about fucking "nigger pussy" or licking dark negro titties
> tfw I'm certain it's 98% of every sexual encounter
as long as he never says out loud I guess

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I'm thinking about buying it, but I want to know if it's worth it. Like does the advice in there even work and actually help you achieve power. Be it social or professional power?

Any reviews much appreciated.
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My dad has it and I read about 8 of the rules before getting bored. The author paints everything about the entire world in too much of a power struggle. Theres some tips in there that'll help in just handling interaction better, but you'll also quickly realise the rules begin to blatantly contradict each other and it basically comes down to "just analyze the situation correctly".
Honestly, the book is anything but boring, I kinda liked reading about the history.
That being said, it is kinda bs, it's worth entertaining certainly but not adhering to.
Also, consider that some of the author's stories (specifically the one's about Zhuge Liang) are actually fictional, wouldn't trust an author who won't even check the validity of his sources.
Dammit, so it doesn't work! Oh well.

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>mom found the BLACKED.com folder
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Sometimes I really wonder how much blacked paid for this ad campaign. They have to have a decent parent company or something to afford it.
The Jews pay for everything. You think a bunch of niggers can start something like this?
differnt guy than the one ur responding too, but I gotta say BLACKED.com really is a pretty decent websight for high quality pornographic videos

They have a TREMENDOUS amount of content, all of it HD 4K, the scenes are all very well produced with fantastic lighting, and they pick very pure sweet looking girls, which only makes them being degraded by a massive BBC hotter ;). In addition to that the cost of a subscription to BLACKED.com is cheaper than comparable "big name" pornographic websights such as Brazzers or RealityKings.
Especially if you get combo deal for TUSHY, BLACKED, and VIXEN.
While BLACKED.com is certainly the "flagship" if you will, the other web sights have equally good production value and comparable female talent

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which book of his should I read? also is anyone interested in the idea of an /r9k/ book club?
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that sounds like a very nice idea, I have no suggestions myself though... hence why I'm interested in joining.
Who is he? He looks interesting.
Start going through Jordan B Petersons reading list.

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I've only got 84 minutes so tell me everything you know about the beta uprising
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Roasties are whores, exterminate all roasties
Chads are popular men who have had multiple relationships, exterminate all chads
Normies are those who aren't robots or chads, exterminate all Normies
You're gay and stupid
What happens in 84 minutes?
Do it you faggot we need a new hero

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hi I'm captain get the fuck off my board.
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You can't fool me Captain Stick-in-the-Mud, I know you when I sees you
Capt. Cuckbeard

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>be me
>watching genshiken
>these are the people I avoided hanging out with in highschool
>instead i hid in the hall ways alone
>realize i couldve made friends and had a lot of fun
>was too worried about what normies would think of me hanging out with them
Just kill me senpai.
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just go to your college anime club
The faggot in the far left single handledly ruined the show
Last I heard there was a lot of drama at my community colleges anime club. Their elitists and kick people out all the time.

>tfw you want to get a therapist but you also just want yourself to quietly suffer
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Therapy is a meme and pseudoscience, I went to a therapist for 4 months, did nothing but make me feel worse.

It was $200 a month just to bitch to someone who would never understand a robots plight
i know this feel. sometimes i prefer to wallow in the misery because it's an excuse for being such trash

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Day 1 of nofap. Wish me luck.
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Wahahahaha ANON holy shit haha get stoned OUT OF YOUR MIND ON DRUGS!!!! You've got to get high and jack off!!!!
It is a man's god given right to stroke his meat...
I just hit 1 week

Kill me

Mine is,


Personality: Goth Yandere gamer who likes anime.

Build: Perfectly average, not too fat or skinny.


Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark brown or black

Skin: Pale as a ghost.

Shes an unyeildingly loyal companion who is lonely, possessive, and physically clingy. She's a sex fiend who's an expert at fellatio and loves to cuddle.
She also likes bigger gents. And she loves having her feet rubbed and kissed because it makes her feel special.

She's really crazy about loyalty and commitment. Capitalizing my time and gets extremely jealous when I pay attention to anyone else.
She'll try to do like blood pact things, getting us to swap blood in some kind of elaborate spell type thing.

Maybe shouting socially awkward stuff about how much she loves me and would do anything for me.

So she's a bit on the nutty side, but she's not harmful if I choose not to neglect her. (Inb4 everyone becomes a psychology Major and tells me what shit taste I have.)
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Don't be shy, please post you're gf.
Surely one of you has an ideal gf?
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Personality: Esoteric, personally "enlightnened" loves nature, sights of it all, away from people in general, loves the night and rain of course.
Build: Generally toned legs and a flat stomache with small breasts


Eyes: Green, brown, blue. Basically any

Hair: Ginger

Skin: Light facial freckles and pale

Very understanding about a variety of subjects, takes good care of herself, spontaneous and loves going outside to do a balayage of things...

Listens to chill music such as this with me

Loves the colder climate and the forests. Christian, but knows about magick and spirituality

I'd love her because she is myself

Real talk, robots, why aren't you working out? It's seriously one of the most rewarding things that you can do for your self-esteem and body image. It's not that hard to get started, and once you do you'll be amazed at how much better you feel all around.
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I just got back actually. Did chest and back today since I skipped yesterday. School just let out apparently though so it was swamped with teenagers doing muh bicep curls.
Cause it's nice out and hot high school girls are out of school running around all the time.
Because I hate working out and I hate gyms.

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Why can I never fit in?
Why do all groups of people I start to become friendly with kick me out?
Why do I start ghosting people I start liking?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I've felt this way before
So insecureee!!!
Crawling in my skiiiin
These wounds they will not heal
Fear is how I faaaall
Confusing what is real
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It's time to go originally back to /b/ friend.

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