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*Please, if you have any respect for the truth, do the world a favor and bump this thread.
Also, if you want to debate me on this, go right ahead.

This thread is dedicated to the retard in the other thread about jews, that said that both jew hate, AND black hate are a meme.

I want to tell you, sjwnon, that black hate is NOT a meme.
Look at your average black person. Look at your average black neighborhood. Look at black behavior. Look at black culture. Look at black crime statistics. Look at how black people treat white people.
How am I not justified in generally disliking black people?

I can't tell you about the jews, but I can tell you about blacks. I can also tell you that you fucking sheltered rich kid sjws need to stop telling other people how to live their lives. It's people like you who support gender and diversity quotas. It's people like you who get racist ghetto black kids bussed into our schools.


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I honestly am grateful that my ancestors were taken here as slaves. Instead of living with the damages of you scumbags back in my homeland I have the "freedom" right here to take my anger out on you

Whenever I see a knock-out video the biggest grin appears on my face, all black on white crimes are justified

So don't worry, we hate you equally as much if not more and is likely the reason we will never assimilate to "white" culture

Life is short, I'll enjoy it at your expense
And this boys and girls is why racism towards blacks is totally fine. This just reinforces why I can't stand dumb nogs.
I think it's bait. I seriously doubt anyone significantly black actually uses this website.
thanks for bumping

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I'm 24 and fed up with life. My job bores me, my life bores me. I cant imagine how some people actually enjoy working on some stupid code or simulation models. I wake up at 5:30, get into my office at 7, sit here till 15, be home at 16, eat, fap and have ~4 hours for myself till I need to go to sleep again. Nothing entertains me anymore, I just play some stupid and simple vidya till 22:00 and then go to sleep and bang, it's 5:30 again

Life was so much fun when I was younger, even in school we had diffetent classes everyday, school trips, I enjoyed gaming, I enjoyed life. Now it is just a death and I'm still alive. I wish I was neet
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I'm just gonna work for a while and buy a few appartments or maybe very cheap homes and rent them out. I should only need 2 or 3 until I could live off the rent money than I'll move from Mom's into a small trailer home. Then I'll neet it up and work on my own projects and shit. Maybe start some shitty YouTube channel.
How much money would you need to do that?? Impossible for me
A lot imo. Like 120k is what I'm estimating minimum. You'd have to make a good amount of money, save profusely (read: live at home), not be a stupid normie and havd to spend money on a GF of kid, and build up for a few years. I think it's doable though.

>Hey Anon. You are loved. You matter. No matter what anyone says, you are an awesome guy who deserves to be loved and cherished. I know you're not perfect, we all have problems. But I believe you have it in you to be more than what's holding you back.
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If I deserve to be loved why does nobody love me? Why do I not love myself
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>tfw no one will ever say anything like this to you.
i deserve nothing roastie bitch

i didnt mean that im sorry

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Just got out of a year of jail, /r9k/
how've you guys been?
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We have not been good

why jail
what'd ya do OP
>yeah you know me

That's how OP went to jail

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Can we have an Internet nostalgia thread, robots?
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Holy shiiiiiiit

I haven't been to that site since a librarian saw me playing Sex Kitten Sim Date on the computers in high school and banned it.

After that I started fucking around on YMTD and then migrated to 4chan a few years later.

t. oldfag
I doubt anyone would remember this group but I was actually part of the Lock Legion on newgrounds, not really because I never made a single video and got banned on ban day
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Do normies really do this?
Normies pretend like they care but when you're actually put in a position of neverending depression and dread they say you're ruining their "vibes" or whatever?

>Hey anon, how have you been doing lately? You've been seeming down

How many of you have had normie friends say this to you?

Normies are the fucking worst.
Normie hate thread
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Nobody is obligated to take care of your sad ass. If you're going to be moody literally every time someone wants to hang out with you, why should they even bother with you?
That pic looks like an embittered girlfriend trying to twist the knife into whatever poor sap she's breaking up with.

I don't get reactions like that because I've learned that I just shouldn't bug people with my weird inner turmoil most of the time. I do remember one time though where I was invited on a camping trip and was drunkenly yelled at for bringing everyone down because I was poorly hiding the fact that I was really upset by some shit that was going down.
You missed the point. It's the hypocrisy is the thing. In the past when I was suffering from depression, I began cutting out a lot of people from my life (which ended up being for the better in the long run). One friend was not happy to notice this trend of mine and offered to be there if I needed someone to reach out to. I did, and this is how she responded. It's not that she doesn't care. It's that she pretended to care out of some bullshit desire to appear holy and selfless.

Thankfully I no longer suffer from depression, but the ordeal has taught me a whole lot about myself and others. I've cultivated a lot of inner strength and optimism for the future, but I'd be damned if I'd ever give a fuck about what some faggot, image focused normie things.

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Undisputed steps to getting in a good relationship/getting non slut pussy:
1. Start working out and losing weight
2. take up a hobby or interest that isn't weird or childish (no anime or video games)
3. get a good haircut (no hair that does/could go past the ears) and shave your entire face
4. Eat good food (no soda, candy, pastries, etc)
5. No alcohol, tobacco, or drugs
6. No: cargo shorts, fedoras, sandals or flipflops. No shirts that have/are: Hawaiian, tapout, metal band, skulls, wolves, insults/jokes
7. Trim your nails
8. Shower everyday
9. Make (non-sexual, non-romantic) conversation with girls ugly enough to make you not feel intimidated by them. As you get better at it, move up to girls on your own level of attractiveness.
10. Don't immediately try to ask a girl out or approach her romantically, that only works for 10/10 chads. Build platonic relationships. Not all women are potential girlfriends/fuck buddies
11. Read up on body language if you constantly sperg out and drive women away from you
12. Don't shower the girl with compliments. Makes her see herself as superior to you, and makes you look desperate
13. Don't insult or "neg" her either. You aren't confident or attractive enough to pull it off. At most, be indifferent, not openly rude or hostile
14. Don't friend zone yourself. Don't immediately text girls back, or always be around to hang out with or talk to. Don't pay for a girl if you are just friends
15. DO NOT FOCUS ON ONE GIRL ONLY. Biggest mistake guys make. There is no "one girl" for you. If you think you are in love with a girl but you've never gone on a date with her, you are obsessing and will resent her when she shows flaws. Have Plan A, B, and C girls.
16. Have one or two female friends, of whatever attractiveness, that you are not thinking of pursuing romantically. Helps make you less desperate or creepy to other girls if you have legit female friends
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This is honestly the best advice I've gotten in ages.
This is pretty good advice, OP.
Also worth mentioning: a good idea is to make any major, impressive, or even life-shaping achievements known to any girls you're pursuing (but stay away from talking money). It's a way to sort of "woo" them.
The hobby or interest one is hard to do desu senpai a lam

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>tfw micro dick
No woman will ever chose me over Chad.
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tfw 7.5"
tfw balls don't work

I hate having absolutely no cum.
Post your cute weewee
just get huge muscles and a decent personality to compensate

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could black people actually succeed in society if they decided to? or is it true they are oppressed
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They are oppressed... by their own inferior genes.
Nah, they totally choose to be underprivileged since it's so comfy and all. -_-
why do you use libtard buzzwords, all while knowing how you come off?

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Draw a picture of yourself, part 2, since last one hit image bump.
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I still don't believe you, OP.
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The worst part is, my nose just keeps growing larger each day. I'm not even jewish. Probably.
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whys that? you have a nice art style by the way. it's jagged and unique

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>there are robots who are not smoking weed right now
Weed makes everything so much better.
I just got done smoking two bowls and I feel amazing.
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I live with my parents and they're insane people.

I still have marks from the one time I got caught burning.
>Father smoked weed
>Triggered schizophrenia genetics

I'm likely at risk, also drugs are a nono for me
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No muns

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I am not a trump supporter at all, he definitely should not be president but I feel really bad now. Has anybody ever loved Donald trump his entire life? He's had a string of artificial money based marriages and probably was never actually raised by his millionaire dad. He's been constantly made fun of for years and years. I don't think anybody has ever loved Donald trump and that's really sad
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you don't need to feel bad for Donald anon

he's a literal multi millionaire / billionaire, he's doing fine
Kinda like you for being a worthless faggot that somehow beat the more competent sperms to the egg.
His kids love him.

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Indisputable 10/10?
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Beauty is subjective, and therefore there cannot be an indisputable 10/10.
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Additional evidence
grill on the right has the perfect bodyfat level

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Buying gf
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he got over the gay phase
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I can still fap to gay shit but i want to try out a gf this time
you want a gf, but what I think you need is some time alone to reflect on your life and the decisions that left you the way you are. I can tell by your steam profile that you are the person in a group of friends that complains how nobody likes him yet gets all the attention.

Tomoko wants chad btw

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Do asian girls like hispanic men?
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My girlfriend's a Half-Asian and Half-White who dated a Mexican before me.
>be asian girl
>date hispanic man who looks really hispanic
>everyone now thinks you are hispanic

you literally went from the top of the race ranking to 3rd from the bottom.

Nope. They think you're too greasy.

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