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wet cum.webm
2MB, 798x536px
Does anybody eIse on r9k ever get vagina envy?

l'm not sure if l really want to be a woman, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pIeasurable for women it makes me deeply depressed... It just feels like both biology and my body have betrayed me. Anyone here know this feeling?
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Either be a man and stick your dick into things aggressively because that's what you are, or kill yourself. There is no other way. Stop masturbating and find a woman.
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orb stack.jpg
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ya but then i realize theres nothing i can do about it so i move on
How the fuck does this get past the filter?

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*falls from the sky onto your path*
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*kicks it away because fuck gay anime*
*write in an original way my own original name*
>not writing trumps name to watch all the chaos

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creation hall.gif
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Why do autists love pixel art so much? In high school greasy, fat/ skinny dudes would always ask ask people in the digital art classes for pixel art. Why?
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Dunno, but looks comfy as fuck.

10/10, would habitate
It immediately reminds them of video games and their autism receptors already signify anything video game related being good.
one time this scrawny tip toe walking autist in college gave an entire presentation on his made up pixel art video game. the project was to simply come up with a fake product and make a one flyer ad for it. the professor continually tried to stop him but he kept saying 'let me finish' while getting mad, at the prof and because he was having a hard time conveying the majesty of his pixel art game.
at some point he started using the whiteboard

>pretty girl insults me
>have nothing to say in return because she's perfect

this is my fear, I'm an adult male
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then don't attack her, agree and amplify instead
>be average male
>pretty girl insults me
>instead of pampering her like 99% of individuals in her life, I give her hell for it
>find out she likes it when men punish her
>she starts being strangely attracted to me

true story
File: 1455360075017.jpg (176KB, 682x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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well, "perfect". we are all instinct driven monkeys. the fact that some have a more symmetric face than others shouldn't affect your value assignment that much

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>tfw no MILF (male) to nurse me
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>tfw no GILF (male) to nurse me
>tfw no GGILF (male) to nurse
as soon as you retards pull out the girl(male) meme, anybody with a shred of self respect writes you off as a no go lmao

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I'm not even a shallow or bad person that has any malice or disrespect to short guys
My dad and brothers are short and I respect them and love them very much. It upsets me how messed up this world is towards people because of their height
That being said, I just don't want to have short children who will likely have to deal with discrimination
It's really hard to find a tall guy who respects me and is compatible with me though, so I'll continue to be a robot
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That's because short people are subhuman anon it's really just that simple, nothing more too it (I consider short people 5'0" and under)
Fuck off roastie retarded
My dad is 5'7'' and my tallest brother is 5'9'' and my shortest brother is 5'6''
My mother passive aggressively mocked my dad and mother for their height and cheat on my dad
I hate her with all my heart and don't even talk to her
Then she married and had kids with some chad she used to cheat with
I was lucky to be average height for a woman, I just don't want kids who are below average
It would be nice to have a guy like 5'11'' or over so my kids would be a height that isn't discriminated against.

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I masturbate outside my sisters room while she sleeps
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Totally normal, totally healthy.
Quit being a pussy and go masturbate on her flat chest.
i pee in energy drink cans rather goin to the toilet that is 3 meters away from me just because im 2 lazy gettin of ma pc game.

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What is your opinion on Latina feet?

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I wish I had a Latina gf to shove her sweaty feet in my face after she comes home from work
you're so disgusting op
I don't like Latinas, they annoy me. Some are cute but eventually they're gonna open their mouths and that's too much man.

Feet is a weird fetish btw.

Haven't seen one of these in a while.
If we can match even just 1 couple this will have been worth it.

>Gender (must state if trap)
>Sexual Orientation
>Contact info

Don't be a creep or an asshole to each other. This isn't for hookups, this is for long term relationships.
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This is just going to get moved to >>>/soc/
Nobody does these threads anymore
If it does just back link it from the ideal gf thread so robots can see it. /soc/ has too many normals

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lain (9).jpg
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The life system is a precious experience that you should not give away. We want you to live the rest of your natural lives to the fullest.
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It is not your decision to make, and only I can ascribe my own value
no, i don't believe in hedonism.

It will get hard and it won't get better but suicide isn't a solution to your problems it will only negate them

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MBTI-discord looking for shitposters with at least 5 years experience.

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File: mbtitest1.png (11KB, 785x187px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I did the test and got this? What does this mean?
Bump for exposur3
Your discord sucks dick

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>she likes to "travel"
*breaths in*
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Lmao the equivalent of saying "I like food"
>he gets scared when the sun goes away

What's your problem, cuck?
I'm female and like to travel AMA.

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What's stuck in your head right now?

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The fucking solo from Five Magics by Megadeth is in my head right now.

Is pinkerton r9k the album?

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I miss my girlfriend so much. I don't want to kill myself, but my head keeps telling me to before she ends up with another guy. I don't want to worry anyone with my problems, so I've been sitting in bed at night crying about never getting her back, kissing those two stones that she gave me, of which she claims that they have magical powers, and looking at pictures of her, trying to recreate the feeling of kissing and touching her.
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Hide the stones and the pictures from yourself and move on.
Holy shit you're so pathetic you're kissing magical stones alone in bed at night. Hollleeee shit
How long has it been?
Why did she do it?
How old are you?
Was she your first?

>make thread
>someone refutes your point or calls you in the first reply
>get embarrassed and abandon thread
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>start arguing with a nazi on /pol/
>start getting BTFO completely
>spot a spelling error in opponents post
maybe next time kiddo
File: 1494111213050.png (32KB, 500x385px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you can use this better than i can
File: IMG_0950.jpg (22KB, 499x492px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>arguing with commie
>text says "sent from an iphone"
>say "haha if ur a commie then why do you use products created from capitalism?
Haha not this time commie scum

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