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No words, just post a comfy image
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Tom Hiddleston can travel back in time?
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pretty sure r9k needs words or it wont post.
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I for one love my life

ITT: Shitty childhood memories
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It was my 13th birthday. I wasn't really ever allowed to socialize but I wanted to at least be given the ok to roam about by myself that day. Still a no. My mom then forced me to go to work with her to make sure I didn't sneak out. She was a bartender at a shitty old person bar. I got a balloon and a cupcake and a bunch of old men telling me happy birthday. Then I got grounded for having an attitude and not appreciating my birthday party. This is around the time I started just saying fuck it and fucking shit up on purpose.
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I was forced to suck the cock of my mother's BF when I was 5-7 years of age. He also used to force me to snuggle with him.

Didn't realize what the fuck happened till he was gone, and I told my mom about it. She broke up with him, and they fought. My mom had a metal baseball bat, and he broke the doors and windows with a crowbar. Never saw him again after that.
staying at fucking aftercare every goddamn day and going to summercamp

AMA anything from a robot who has a gf, I'll try my best to give honest and sincere replies.
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Get out now while you still can.

Did you know that you can still get annulments? I thought it was something that only existed in the Middle Ages for Churches to offer for money. Now my robot brother has to go file for one tomorrow morning.
Why would I want to break it up with her? She's literally a cheerleader for my messed up life.
>it's an anon gets a girlfriend online who has plenty of other "boyfriends" and brags about it on /r9k/ episode

Holy fuck r9k I just got absolutely fucking annihilated by a Stacey

>with a guy
>he calls girl
>puts on speaker
>me playing vidyas in background not saying anything but listening
>stacey asks mid call "so anon who are you with?"
>"ooh I'm just wit-"
>Stacey interrupts "Oh, you're not with Anon right?"
>stop playing vidyas and start sweating
>she continues "I saw his Instagram by the way and he's actually ugly as fuck
>my friends face when
>her face when
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Haha that sucks. So...are you gonna kill yourself?
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>>she continues "I saw his Instagram by the way and he's actually ugly as fuck
Lol dude

So... are you gonna kill her?

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Hey, soldier. Do you know who's in command here?
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dis dick *grips MASSIVE dong* *waves dong around*
I'm in charge lol bitch ass nia
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The horror....
Nothing is original anymore.

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Why haven't you killed yourself yet anon? Is there something holding you back?
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well out of the blue i got a job with the feds doing computer stuff so most of my time nowadays is spent studying and i am still in community college trying to get to a bigger college out of state at some point but i almost hung myself after failing my comptia a+ exsam last week so theres that
calm down bud it's just 4chan

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R9K reading.jpg
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It is so sad to see all this suffering and hatred. You all are literally just doing this to yourselves. Instead of trying to figure out what is wrong with you, you just keep going at it.
You're all kicking yourselfs in the balls over and over and you all like it.

You fucking people, I'm telling you.
All this could be so much better, but you wont do it, because you're too fucking scared of living and being a fucking human being.

This life will be over soon, you know?
And that moment you close your eyes, and every crucial and beautiful moment that should have filled your life tries flood into your mind. You are going to have nothing but this website and its logo, your room and the computer. Nothing but literal fucking garbage will just fill your mind on your death bed.

So I'll just say it right now.
If you really plan on spending your life like this, you might as well just fucking kill yourself right now and save yourself the pains of living a dull, bitter, unfullfilling life. Because even death would be a better place for you to be at this point, rather than just a fucked up mess, programmed by 100,000+ anonymous posters and their porn, images, ideas, and opinions.

Every time I stop by I here I feel so fucking sad seeing you stupid fucking idiots running in circles.
The worst part is is that you think this is a joke.

If you're still reading this, start unfucking yourself and read the books in this image. This is not even a joke. I was just like you, only I stopped before it was too late. Please, don't be a fucking waste of a human being. God dammit, man, you people are so fucking sad to see... I can't believe I wasted so much time on this site, I can't believe I used to be just like you
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I strongly suggest the teachings of Buddha, and the first 3 books written by Carlos Castaneda
Bumping. Also, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.
Philosophy is just a meme

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>Go into Verizon to pay mothers bill
>See cute guy I've seen a few times before but never really talked to
>He waves back and when he's done helping his customers comes over to me to start a convo
>He opened the door for me and called me darling

I've been hung up on it ever since and I can't remember his name
I really want to see him again but we don't go in enough...what should I do?
Im really autistic
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are you a girl or a gay guy? try to go back by saying your bill was incorrect or something
If you're a grill he probably won't give a fuck if you hit on him.

you should go back and play with the phones and say you're interested in upgrading or something, then also ask if the same guy is there by describing what he looks like

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There's nothing quite as comfy as escaping into video games.
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Escaping into books is even more comfy.
>pursuer great sword
Topkek talk about bad weapons
Escaping to DF is lots of comfy and fun

So I've started a free trial on Netflix.
Is there anything robot friendly to watch?
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Family guy.. Peter calls ugly people normies after he becomes extremely attractive. I'll have you idiots know this episode aired way before r9k was even an idea
You should watch Peppa Pig
how to train your dragon

>tfw my 2 chad cousins and aunt and uncle are visiting my family.
>one chad in a guest room, my aunt and uncle in another, and the other chad sleeping on a air mattress in my room.
>he snores all night so I can barely sleep.
>they are staying for a week.
>we met their cousins and aunt at dinner tonight.
>they have a 20 year old 8/10 roastie stacy cousin that dresses slutty.
>and a skinny normal fag guy cousin with tattoos.
>their cousins are coming to my house at 10:30am tomorrow for a big breakfast.
>10 people including a hot roastie around my age will be in my house.

I'm a 19 year old KHV 6'1"with good looks. I also have a nice house. She is 20 short. Nice boobs and ass, slut and likes parties (I'm assuming) and has tounge pericing and one tatto. How can I fuck her? Or get her to like me? We will also be going to the beach with them. I'm scared robots but maybe something good can come out of being with chads, stacies and normal fags. It feels bad knowing I'll be the only virgin out of 10 people in my house. Any suggestions or tips? I'll give an update on what happened tomorrow night.
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Don't try anything, you'll just ruin it and make it weird for everyone. What exactly makes you think a Stacy will have sex with you the first time she meets you for fucks sake.
Maybe if I tell her I'm a KHV dateless she will take pity and maybe hold my hand or touch me. And it's the 2nd time we're meeting. She said I was muscular and she was decently nice to me at dinner. She was showing me her tattoo on her collar bone and when she moved her shirt I saw a lot of cleavage and got a boner but she didn't see it because we were sitting at a table. Did she do that on purpose?
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>likes parties
>tongue piercing
are you actually willing to go this low?

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Why is it that 90% of women under the age of 30 don't want anything else in a relation ship "Oh lets go to another party" or "Lets have sex". I can't find anyone who wants anything of substance in their relationships. I understand men do the same things but there's way more men who actually want something more in their relationships, than women. I'm starting to believe "they only want chad" more and more now.
Should I just give up and wait a little over a decade until these women actually mature.
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>Should I just give up and wait a little over a decade until these women actually mature.

Why wait? Go after older women now. You'll have a better shot than guys their own age.
Men have long term goals. Woman don't.
Men understand consequences. Woman don't.
Men age well. Woman don't.

Everything a woman has is in their 20's. That's why they don't mature.
But then wouldn't they only want me cause I'm young and it's not really my thing either.
Just want someone who wants something more to relationship and wouldn't just go and get with the local Chad.
Doesn't help that I'm a khv

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select your character
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African Queen is undeniably the best
>All that dark/tan skin
Where my pale girl at?
Anything but Indian summer or earth red. But in a pinch I'm gonna say Turkish rosewater

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I'm basically Buddha and I never noticed this guy before.
He's your nemesis. He will make himself known ding the final boss battle.
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I found a cure for anti-buddha people

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>itt discuss robot tier drugs
>hardmode: explain how weed isnt the ultimate robot drug
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weed is definitely a high tier robot drug, but definitely not the ultimate

the problem with weed is that it's so short acting, like you are only high for 45-90 mins and then you have to start redosing, but no matter what you can not get as high again as your first peak in the night

whereas something like alcohol or opiates or benzos the high builds and builds all night as you keep imbibing
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No, mushroom is the robot drug.

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>the problem with weed is that it's so short acting, like you are only high for 45-90 mins and then you have to start redosing, but no matter what you can not get as high again as your first peak in the night
lol no

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