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is my theory true?
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I'd rank women from 1 to 4 unfuckable.
When you're desperate you think you'd like to fuck anything that moves, but fucking a girl you're not attracted to is really unpleasant.
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Fixed it for you, frand

>go outside on a nice sunny day
>see pretty girls everywhere
>day ruined
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>go outside
>see a handful of cars
>0 walkers

I need people, but people don't exist around me
>finally go to walmart
>see happy couple
>day ruined

happens way to often
Arent there people in those cars?

I wish that a guy would kick me in the balls as hard as he can.
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I wish to volunteer.

How hard can you kick ? What would you wear ?
Im a good kicker.
I used to work in construction, i have a safety boot with metal tip.
Would that suffice your need?

>one chance at life
>tfw not born in glorious nippon
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Japan isn't the greatest country in the world.

Which country is, then?
Japan is incredibly social. You people find group activities and shit in the West hard? It's far more prevalent over there, especially in schools but also workplaces. You would be eaten alive growing up in Japan, probably end up as one of the many kids bullied into suicide, or who loses his mind and stabs his mother and gets arrested.

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i'm telling my therapist about 4chan and r9k in particular. i'm going to spill the beans. i'm going to tell her all about stacy and chad and how this board affects me.

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I told my therapist about katawa shoujo and she treated me like a weirdo afterwards.
Don't be stupid anon.
How are you going to put the blame on 4chins exactly?
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>told therapist about loli
>cops lead me out

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You are given a pill that once taken will permanently make you asexual
You're still capable of orgasm but you will never feel romantic love or sexual desire

Do you take it?
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Asexual = refrain from having sex
Aromantic = don't feel romantic love
OP = faggot
i wanted to refute your image, but I just got a welling of thoughts and feels that defeated me instead.

i'm truly done.

even a retarded little sister knows she has more social value then an unattractive broken neet
There are points I can remember where I'd be down for that

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Anons, i think I'm gay.

>always rejected by men
>fantasies about men decline because they make me depressed
>had thoughts about girls since a young age
>never acted on it because didnt want to be edgy bi girl
>dream about experimenting with high school girl friends
>currently in college
>fantasize about my roommate
>90% sure shes lesbo, has never had a bf and has no interest in going out with guys
>dont want to lose her as a friend
What do
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you're not gay you're just a horny slut
Watch some lezzie porn and see if you're into it.
>>always rejected by men
i wouldn't reject you anon

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>Tfw parents try to make you go to a 14 year olds birthday party when you're 21

someone buy me a rope and a stool
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Is that 14 year old related to you?
4th cousin
get stoned, go, and have good time with kids. what could go wrong?

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Bros, I've been making threads, asking what to reply to the girl who asked me "are you singleee" pic related is what happened after.

We did it together guys. Thank you. I love all of you
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congrats anon you did it
See you in a few weeks when you inevitabl make a womanhate thread after she fucks you over
Why do you have to be like that man?
I mean I already hate them, but I'm not a cuck so she won't fuck me over. Worst thing, she'll do some dumb shit and I might break up

Tangled Web of Evidence Edition
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Milk Cat 36
What do you have on Amir?
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This is a Nice thread
I am shitfaced poster number ?

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So far I've seen so much horrible shit on the internet. Really horrific. I'm pretty sure I've seen anything bad imagine able. Any robots ever seen CP? What's it like? I'm curious solely because of the shock value, but I don't need the police to fuck my shit up just because I want to see something new
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Ever been to a public pool and seen a kid in a swimsuit? That's all it is.
i never saw CP ever but i did see a guy fucking a snake.
Why would you even ask such a question?
That shit leaves permanent scars.

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>tfw the thought of me having sex terrifies me more than the thought of remaining a permavirgin
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Then don't make us think about it, faggot
Just get really drunk and pay some unknown prostitute

you objectively have nothing to lose in this scenario
I did that and didnt get hard. Thats how strong my anxiety is. Theres no solution to every problem.

>"Omg red haired Stacy, you know anon, the guy I hired? He's so beta he's gotta be a virgin!
>"LOL blonde Stacy, you should seriously give him extra work and patronize him until he quits"

Reminder that ALL female managers do this to their non-Chad employees.
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what board do you think you're on
also no they don't
mostly because females don't become managers

thank god for insitutional sexism

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Does growing up with a sister make you less autistic around women?
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Don't have a sister so I wouldn't know. Makes sense, though.
Kind of. If a girl is outgoing like my sister, it's not awkward to be around her. Too bad they're not my type.
My sister is the reason I have schizoid to go with my autism, imo.

how does a plain ol femanon like myself go about making some extra money for college books?
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by posting your face anywhere but r9k
You don't pay for college books. You pirate them.
by getting a shitty ass job just like everyone else or leeching money from ur government welfare like a degenerate loser

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