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hey guys i need to read a book that dose not have a movie adaptation any suggestions
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flashman is great
In The Eyes Of The Dragon by Stephen King
gorilla mindset by mike cernovich to be quite original with you

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Y'all realize traps eventually grow up and don't look like the sudo-fem boy fantasy you like them for now right?
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i hate them whatever the case.

Anway they kill themselves early enough, don't worry.
Which is why I'll never date a tranny.
I wonder what goes through their head when the subject of aging comes up.
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I think the idea of a cute smol trap/femboy slowly growing into more of a man over time is arousing.

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> tfw failed college for 2nd time in a row
> tfw going to be homeless soon
> tfw i will die out on the streets as a KHV
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Were you really trying or just lazy?
High school was really easy for me and I did really well despite doing the bare minimum. Move onto college and suddenly its actually difficult and I have no work ethic or discipline.
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I know this feel all too well. I sympathize.

What's next? Military?

Wageslaves are cuckolds
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nice pepe
gonna borrow that
I have a nice job and can buy anything I want. Enjoy your primitive points system, I'll be over here cuddling your waifu's dakimakura.
well said comfy neet pepe

Sex and cumming is overrated. But intimacy is a spiritual experience that you are missing out.

Find me a person who says "waah life has no meaning" and I will show you someone who does not experience intimacy with the opposite gender.
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Yeah I can see why it would feel so awesome, I've never even touched a girl but even a smile from them can make my day.

I like the challenge of making it through life without it though, I'm proud of the fact that I've manged to find purpose and happiness despite being a virgin, instead of relying on girls to make life bearable.
careful sonny
that kind of arrogance can destroy you

I know, but its fun to take risk sometimes. Girls are like the one thing guys stress themselves out over the most, yet we don't even need them, its just a luxury to make the harshness of life more bearable.

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I am *NOT* a cuck.
Thanks for understanding.
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If you are a wageslave, you are pretty much a cuck too
Don't worry anon just because you touch yourself to your gf getting fucked by real men doesn't mean you're a shitty human being. It's ok. She still loves you.
>white cuck
>asian bull
I don't buy it

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>be me
>24 yr old guy
>be driving to a mall to do a group assignment with classmates
>no one was there yet
>be hungry
>too beta and self conscious to eat alone at a public place
>drive thru McDonalds and eat in car while driving
>someone crashed into my car (my parents bought it for me and it's insured)
>it's his fault
>wasn't mad or anything, too beta to be angry to people
>too beta to defend myself, so i just drive away instead of pulling over and confront him, because i'm just not mad and i don't want to act mad and gather attention to me
>tell parents that someone crashed into my car and run away

How beta am i ?
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That's super beta. Now you have to lie to your insurance company. What's the matter with you, guy?
Yeah but lying to an insurance company isn't really a big deal. Idk what's wrong with me, i just live and follow the flow like everyone else but i'm just unlucky that i had shit upbringing
Guys who do i fix myself ?

>you are suddenly transported into the body of 18 year old Elvis
>what do?
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become king of rock and roll
tour in japan, find a girl who can speak english but has a heavy accent, marry and settle down
annihilate my dick

Do you meet the requirements to donate sperm, /r9k/?

>At least 5'9'' tall
>Between 19 and 38 years old
>Sexual partners are exclusively female
>Currently attending a four-year university, or already hold a bachelors or advanced degree
>Are in good health
>Legally allowed to work in the US


I don't know why they don't require a decent penis size though desu.
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>Sexual partners are exclusively female
I can lie about this. Fuck's sake it's obviously not genetic you dumb roastie whores
why the hell did you add "White"? The website said NO SUCH THING.

fuck off with your race bait.
>Currently attending a four-year university, or already hold a bachelors or advanced degree

what the fuck? do they think babies from fathers that went to college are magically going to become CEOs later?

and don't give me that bullshit "hurr people with degrees are smart." there are plenty of dumb people with degrees. myself included

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>tfw no belly bf
chub is justice
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>tfw no belly bf
That is clearly a gf (male)
also post it
A young Japanese man, who doesn't speak English so well, is taking his first flight. After a while an air hostess comes by with the cart and says, "Beef or chicken?" He repeats her phrase over and over to himself: "beef or chicken, beef or chicken, beeforchicken" then suddenly says to the hostess, "eggu."

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Why the FUCK don't the vehicles and street sign Captchas ever word the first time?
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Because you're a robot
>choose all street signs
>captcha is a zoomed in picture of a single street sign

>choose all addresses
>addresses keep refreshing

>chose all cars
>highway with dozens of cars, have panic attack trying to think about which cars they want
>fill out captcha correctly
>It says i did it wrong for like three times

>Captcha wont stop loading adresses

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Found the cure for lung cancer, first poster decides whether I publish my results.
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Nah, we don't need it
Done and done, no cure today
Guess I'm gonna die now you fuck

was just diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder . does anyone else have this?

I guess its a moderate form of schizophrenia.
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Plenty of bots with it, but not me, so I'll just bump your thread.
What are your worst hallucinations, delusions or batshit insane ways of thinking?
when I was younger, like 7 maybe 8 years old..I used to think of was to kill people who have hurt me and how to get away with it.that was the beginning. ive never expressed, just regressed these thoughts in fear of being put away again in BHU. my mother is aboslutley batshit crazy, my father ....just a cuck alcoholic. my adopted parents were no better, exmilitary druggies who tried to pound military reform in my mind. made me cold. when I was a kid I spent a lot of time by myself. hours and hours. id talk to my animals, to the plants outside, to the sky. I believed they were the only ones who cared. I have obsessive compulsive disorder, so breakups have been- just wow. horrible. ive lost so much that my mind literally attacks itself. add on teenage traumas and ptsd, depression and anxiety. now I live alone , don't want to be deep down but still avoid all social interaction if possible to avoid them trying to hurt me or kill me. I did RC's a few years ago and almost died. thought for months I was dead. add on years of psych med such as seroquil, trazadone , Prozac, lithium.they tested it all. I was even a canidate for shock therapy back in 2013 when I was only 17. ADHD. ya. idek. I'm just crazy. fucking crazy.

and it SUCKS because the one person ive found who is also crazy, and whom ive loved full body heart and soul...turns out their crazy makes it so they cannot feel. and it attacks mine and we butt heads. I feel dark energy around me all the time . ive had crazy sessions with a guy who preformed an energy exorcism.
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am schizoaffective. My usual days and weeks will go by fine but then every once in a while I'll realize that most of the shit I've done is because I'm not right in the head.
A lot of bad choices and self-destructive behavior. It's not easy, but it's not too bad on most days. I'm hitting a low now though. Very much would like to die now more than ever.

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>Rise and shine, stupid goy. Not that I... wish to imply you have been shilling on the job.
>No one is more deserving of a shekel, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until...
>well, let's just say your hour has... come again.
>The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.
>So, wake up, stupid goy, Wake up and...
>remember the ashes...
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oy vey, it's like another shoah...
Wew g-man more like
g-mann amiright
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>Shabbat shalom, goy - or, rather, remember the six million goy.
>I took the liberty of applying cultural marxism to your people.
>Most of them were ready to go into multicultural mode.
>As for the shekels, I think you've earned them.
>The borderworld, Syria, is in our control, for the time being... thanks to you.
>Quite a nasty piece of work your tomahawk missiles managed over there; I am impressed.
>That's why I'm here, goy. I have recommended your services to my... employers, and they have authorized me to offer you a debt.
>They agree with me that you have limitless potential.
>You've proved yourself a good goy so I don't expect you'll have any trouble deciding whether to shill.
>If you're interested, just step into the synagogue and I will take that as anti-semitism.
>Otherwise, well, I can offer you a conspiracy you have no chance of exposing... rather an anticlimax after the shilling you've just survived.

Interest: r9k


What's poppin tonight
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Bumpin bump it up
gonna check this out. Omegle is pretty fucked with bots now though
Yeah that's why we use this tag

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