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>be me
>5'11 (let's be real anything under 6' is trash)
>few friends
>no job
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We are on the same boat, pal. You're only 18. Getting a girl is easy. I am a Super Autist, and she knows I'm a robot here. If you aren't fat, not too revolting, and you share stuff in common you'll do fine.
18 is young im a 20 yo khhv autist same height and neet. I have no friends and my life consists of refreshing r9k and listening to music.
As long as you dont have a retruded maxilla and are 5'8 normiehood is within reach.

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>girl "likes" my OkCupid profile but doesn't message me

What am I to assume from that? She wants me to message her first? She doesn't necessarily like me but she thinks I put my profile together nicely?
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>She wants me to message her first?
Yes, you numbskull. Guys have to do the initiating.
>can't even get fucking online "dating" right

You mongoloids should just stop trying, you cringey sacks of shit.
now you see how the odds are in their favor.

>start looking through all my old photos
>find this

I had just turned 17 when I took that picture. Some would say I was a late bloomer in terms of puberty. Now every flaw in this picture is a lot more prominent and I'm a more bitter more older virgin. Did I fuck up by not just becoming a tranny? I'm not gay but it seems that women have it extremely easy and are always accompanied by someone who enjoys their company.
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>I'm not gay
Are you sure? Because you seem to be a grade A faggot
>that nose
being a tranny wouldn't help you
start lifting to compensate
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I mean I do sometimes find other men attractive but that's not to say I would want to fuck them. I think it's just more of an envy thing

Why do people always post this? Lifting wouldn't make my face any more attractive nor would it help me not feel like I'm going to pass out when talking to females.

>Park my car by the river
>get my canvas and brushes out of the trunk
>grab my black and white acrylic paint out of my satchel
>find a dead tree and place my easel on the soft earth
>laying down the outline of the tree and slashing some horizon lines from the opposite side of the river
>pop some nitrous and fill in the body of the tree before the effects disappear
>take a large gulp of rum from my bottle of ron diaz rum while looking past the canvas
>notice some cute women watching me by the park benches
>used to this by now
>girls love artistic guys
>as I begin slashing the sky into existence on the canvas i violently shit my pants
>the painting was looking like a good starting point... but i just got in my car and left
I did what you guys told me and found a hobby. But I still fuck it up by being myself. I want to go back and get my canvas but someone probably threw it in the river by now.
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I doubt this happened but I laughed
performance art may be more you style
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>me and my friend leave the rave we were at
>so many cute guys there
>we sit on a bench overlooking the river and reflect on our great night we had with all of our friends
>some creep is acting like he is painting a tree down by the shore
>as i am looking at a text, ashley nudges me and says "that loser just shit his pants!"

Oneitis is moving away to europe for a year.
She'll be gone next fall.
We regularly had genuinely fun conversations.
What should I do?
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Imagine her getting culturally enriched with a refugee
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Bang her best friend because it surely isn't you.
Nice get

Her friend is obnoxious

Guten morgen deutschboters
Wie war dein Nacht?
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Geht so. Wie inzu gf in hannover?
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So so, ich habe einen Test, YUGE Test, und ich habe studiert nix

Werde ich ein NEET sein fuer immer, brobots?
>Werde ich ein NEET sein fuer immer, brobots?

Leider ja

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>random porn site looking for fapmaterial
>click on list of profiles
>most girls born in 1993/97
I am officially 10 years older than the girls I fap to. This is a mixture of frustration of sadness. People so young are already out there taking miles of dicks and making money and becoming famous. I'm still in the exact same point I've been when these people weren't even born.
I don't think I can even fap anymore.
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Then go out and do the same. If you cant fap take in the miles of dick and stash all the cash. Come back and show us in few years faggot
Which girls are born in 98? I never jerked off to someone the same age as me
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I know the feel, almost pushing 40 and still fapping to 20 yr olds. I'm starting to realize I'm gonna be that old pervert staring at barely legals in my 60's probably.

>he's monolingual
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>dumb gringa
There's no reason whatsoever to speak any language other than English. I don't give a shit about your history or culture, and if I ever consider going to your irrelevant countries, I won't need to know the language to look at monuments your countrymen built hundreds of years ago. Stay mad.
>I'm ignorant and proud, fuck people who educate themselves for the obvious advantages it will bring

Your in for a rude awakening when Pax America ends.

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Sexy women don't have "pussy power" or any power. Sexy women and girls get degraded, raped, pumped and dumped because they are sexy.
In third world countries, their clits are cut off, they're sold to marry ugly old muslims, killed if they get raped, because they are sexy.

>"She seduced me into being her sugar daddy"
It's not real power. Sucking up to men with money and power isn't power. It's like a dog begging for food scraps.

What if a shy autist girl gets molested and doesn't understand why it happened? Does she have "sex power"?
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They only have power because reddit style betas give them power. Soon, with the advent of waifu technology, 4chan ideology will be the norm among betas and chad ill have to support the women. Basicly blackmail because chad cannot possibly run the place without robots keeping it together.
Beta or Chad, the end result is the same. Both have women begging daddy for a little bit of power.

It's like Oliver the orphan. "Please sir, may I have some more?"
boys will die for the pussy

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I am 32 years old and happy to say I'm no longer a virgin, that's right guys, I've made it in this world. After taking part in wizard hood I thought I'd be doomed forever, God proved me wrong.
>be me
>been talking to a girl I met at work
>she's shown mutual interest
>went on several dates
>went back to my place to "watch a movie"
>we drink and end up drunk
>look each other in the eyes
>make out for like 20 minutes
>take off each other's clothes
>and before you knew it, I was in

Life has never felt good guys, I'm a true man now. No longer being a Virgin after 32 whole years really lifts a huge weight off my shoulders.
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Is she gonna stick around tho?
Doesn't matter. He's ascended.
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You must leave now normie

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ITT: political compasses of r9k and rate
>tfw social score is exactly 0.0
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i rate 3/10

You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was too low in content
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not sure how im going to reconcile my political views with my plans to rent out property
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evil nazi fascist here

r9k BTFO! How will you bitter virgins ever recover! Your whole playbook is no secret now.
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I can't read. It all looks like jumbled scribbles to me. Anime.
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OP why're you even on /r9k/? You're clearly a nu-male chad beta cuck roastie

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A girl has expressed a interest in me saying that "you seem alright desu I like your personality" how do i respond back
Non-autisting answers

>Pls reply
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"thank", i give people really foggy responses because i'm afraid of fucking up
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"Hey thanks, I like your personality too"

Just dont be scared

God knows i was
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cut off her head

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who here /unexplained medical condition/ here?

or just something wrong with your body that the doctors can't seem to figure out?

>uncomfortable in right side of stomach
>below rib cage
>feels like something is pushing into my stomach
>every now and then small pinch of pain

i can't remember where i went, might of been intensive care unit or something but they assumed it was my appendix and i'm pretty sure they were preparing for it to be removed that day, but the ultrasound found nothing so they sent me home. it lasted for like a month and now it's back again ;_;
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i forgot to add tell me about the things wrong with your body ;_;
>get extremely tired at random times throughout the day
>feel like I'm going to pass out at times
>general weakness
>always hungry
I've gotten tested for the beetus several times, and my blood sugar is always normal. I've also been checked for MS and dystrophy, which I don't have. My thyroid is supposedly fine too. Could it be hormonal? I have clinical depression and i take ssri's, but i had the symptoms well before beginning the medication. What is wrong with me?
>six years on and off periods of vomiting and abdominal pain
>been to doctors and er visits so many times
>lost so my weight
>can't eat anything anymore
>i'm six feet and 130 pounds
>any time I see a doctor they just scratch their head and give me some anti-nausea medicine

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>"falling in love" with a fictional character

How does that even happen to someone ?
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Robots put women on a pedestal even if the woman in question is a fucking drawing. Women never do this which is further proof that women cannot be robots.
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Fiction is real.
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what is there not to love

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