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I need help robots?, how do i respond?
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You too.
This is as original as it gets
i just got this message from a girl i havent talked to since middle school
i just said i kinda miss everybody from My middle school

how bad did i fuck up bros?

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> message a random female on kikebook
> no response

I have tried everything from short sentences, jokes, insults and questions to long messages. They just don't respond.

Kill me

Pls respond
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>random people
You lost before you even started
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Thanks for testing this for me
You have to talk to them irl first you can't just hit people up on fb messenger randomly. That shit doesn't work. Most people don't even have the app on there phone. So they see your message at home on there laptop all like ??????? And don't bother responding.

I just feel so alone and depressed. There's a horrible rage I feel with this depression. I just feel so angry and depressed and scared. I've been depressed for years but I've never felt like this before. It's like everything is racing and I feel so upset and overwhelmed.

Please help me /r9k/ I feel fucking terrible
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You call up the fucking crisis line and they recommend you talk a friend about how you feel and it's like how the fuck am I even going to do that I don't have any friends to talk to

I'm 28 and I live all by myself I don't have any friends I can hang out with or any friends

I'm just sitting in my messy living room in my apartment and feeling like human trash and I fucking hate it
Take little steps to improve your life. It feels shitty when your living space is messy. Get cleaned up and start to focus on enjoying time with yourself, take yourself out on dates, go get food, realize that you're food company and other people will too


You're still doing your posture exercises, right anon?
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what if you're so short your feet don't reach the floor??
lumbar MASTER checking in
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What a load of bullshit desu wa

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Let's face the truth, brobots. Most of us were "that kid". Post shit you did in school

>tried too hard to fit in by telling everyone shitty jokes
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>that kid who legitimately ate shit but was still a Chad
>That kid who thought high school was like a tv movie so he played a bunch of sports thinking it would make him popular even though he was terrible at all of them.

That was me.
>That kid who literally wore a trench coat and combat boots to school every day
Why did I not see?

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Why are black guys so cruel? I'm scared desu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6PaCCzeowA
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nig instinct and london stupidity is a bad mixture
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I'm black, whats your location niggger

The only one to try and help the knocked out kid instead of take pics was a qt black grill. I wonder what those two guys said? Theres loads of whites there that the attackers didnt seem to care about. Also it was a white dude who broke it up no problem. Hmm

How did you end up on /r9k/?
What's your story, anon?
Did you ever think this place would become your home board?
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i honestly think i was just dicking around on here and ended up here fuck
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This is not my home, I am just an tourist

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I've been here since day 1.
Some days I think I'm still just posting alone against the AI.

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a cautionary word to the wise.

Those of us who have been here a long time share an archetype that is characterised by long-term social isolation, a post-ironic sense of indifference to personal and working relationships. We hate normies, we hate people in general, but more importantly we hate ourselves. And we love it. The reason we stopped letting people in varies from straight autism to personal emotional trauma. Some of us, however, try to break that barrier, shake up what we know and take the risk of emotionally investing in people again. Furthermore, we start to invest in ourselves.

I have just finished an almost two year period of employment. I'm 27. Most other roles I have had have been sporadic and less than 18 months. During this position, I did begin to socialise and connect with people, at least more-so than I had in the past. Having said that, I still preferred to remain aloof and emotionally unavailable. I would skip as many social gatherings as I could to indulge in avant-era memes and escapism in the form of vidya. I really didn't have a single care in the world towards anything, and I had more money coming in than I'd ever had to spend before. Spend I did, mind you. I earnt 70k australian shekels over the past two years, and I'm further in debt than when I started. But that's not what I'm here to warn you about.

>cont 1/2
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I'm not going to identify the job that I did or the role that I filled because, internet, however I'm going to tell you this much. I applied for a similar role recently, after quitting my job in march I've been living on $20aud a week because my bare minimum living expenses are stupidly high. During this time, they asked for references. Now, I left my last job on bad terms, and I had several behavioral discplinary events, things that were entirely in my control to avoid. Basically, I didn't have a reference from the job, not a single one. I've effectively wasted two years of my professional life, in terms of seeking sidewards or upwards employment. I just got off the phone to the recruiter who did manage to contact a manager I had from seven years ago. She then asked if I could provide a character reference from someone I know, who is unrelated to me.

I had recently attempted to delete my facebook, but I booted that shit back up in desperation, to see if I had anyone I could call upon. Unsurprisingly to most of us, I did not. The people on my friends list are either distant acquaintances, drug addicts or family. I don't have anyone that could be considered a close friend and colleague. Thus, I don't have a character reference. The results of this shock me a little. In the immediate future, I could lose my house due to not paying rent, I could become homeless (I've been homeless in the past). All because I wanted to emulate an archetype I've adopted from long-term consumption of media on a peruvian crystal collecting board and feed my addiction to vidya.
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So, a word to the wise from someone who's been here from the start, infact, from before r9k was even a thing.

Don't push everyone away. Don't reject people and society, even though both thing's I've mentioned here are fucking detestable to the core. Don't neglect personal relationships. Once you pass the younger years, society is a lot less forgiving towards people who have no friendships and no one in their corner to say "he's a decent person who can do a job". This is especially important if you are like me, when I decided several years ago that I wanted to change, that I wanted to shake the aura of r9k away from my personal structure. I started this journey over five years ago and I missed the most important lessons.

Personal development and personal responsibility.

Mastering these two things will mean the difference between eating tomorrow and diving through a bin for food while you look at your next target to steal from to feed your addiction or vice. Whatever that may be.

Robots, my only real friends... this feel is unbearable. Goodbye. I leave plato's allegorical cave for good.

This proves nothing to me except that all normal human beings are complete unjustifiable monsters. I will never be truly a friend of a greedy backstabbing twat

What's the difference between sadness and hopelessness?

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That was a pretty good song.

No answers though.
I guess I've got nothing to say about it either.
Tecumseh valley is pretty good too, van zandt has a lot of hopeless music

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What's a surefire fatal dose of fentanyl?
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Bump. I can't find it online
Last bump
I want to do this right the first time
Dude just take as much as u can dumbass. You're gonna be dead anyways what does it matter how much you spend on it.

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Which one /r9k/? I've already got a DD
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Get the e92 and do a hero, faggot.

Whats your DD?

Do you want to be able to cruise off road and go camping? Or would you rather be able to take curves and enjoy the performance of a sports car.

They are honestly complete opposites, but both are awesome in their respective ways.

Personally I would go with the Land Cruiser (it is a lot cheaper), then find a cheap E-30 to go fast in.

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If Trips below within 21 posts tomorrow brings good fortune
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Good Fortune is for faggots
What? I don't understand what you are trying to say-.
You only deserve good fortune only if you seek it.

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>fairly good looking
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>ends up looking like this

What a fucking waste of good genes
Whatever level of attractiveness you think you are, you are actually one notch lower
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Are you saying my first pic isn't attractive?

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who /dumb/ here?
>barely graduated high school with Ds and Cs
>everyone else who scored that low on tests was a Chad or actually had brain damage
>see all these "robots" with 3-4.0 gpa in uni
>can't get accepted anywhere
>no job
>no gf
>no hope
fuck you nerds you don't know what's it's like to fail at anything and everything you attempt
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Don't worry, 3.6 but my major was political science.

I'm 29 and haven't made more than $3/hour above min wage.
Hmm, I just don't understand algebra... I feel out of the loop, I just enrolled into school. I am pretty nervous about it considering I'm going for computer science, and I'll be taking remidials.
Reporting in. I was in gifted programs in elementary school and apparently scored higher on the 1st grade reading speed test than my teacher had ever seen, yet by middle school I was getting Ds and Cs. I don't know what the fuck happened

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>Chad and Staceys social media accounts are all gone

Did they die?
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no they blocked you shitlord
they either got too many notifications about you downloading their pictures or you visited their profiles too often and always showed up in their recommended friends so they knew you were stalking.
you actidently turned facebook live on and streamed yourself jaken ett 2 stacy

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