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Is it just me or are the CAPTCHA's getting fucking ridiculous?
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I can't remember the last time the captchas weren't utter garbage. What year was it again? 2013? 2012? 2011?
sMAsHiNg PUmpKiNs rULe
>default captcha is for phoneposters
Disgusting. Use legacy captcha.

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so this guy on Facebook uploaded a clip of himself and his three girlfriends, two of whom flash their tits for the camera.

girls would rather share an alpha guy than date a beta, or shy quiet guy.

honestly, i'm not even surprised. like 30% of guys fuck 80% of girls. throughout history a higher percentage of men died without leaving offspring than women. the men that did leave offspring behind would do so with multiple women.

my dads a perfect example. 6' handsome extrovert, self made businessman, gambler, drinker, womanizer. has 6 kids with 3 women: my mom (3), a woman he cheated on my mom with (1), his 2nd wife (2). he once told me he lost his virginity at 13.

me: 5'9, slender, pale, shy, sensitive, watches anime, cries easily. 19, khv.

at least I'm not even mad about it anymore.
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Take it from me man

It's way better to be slender than it is to be fat.

At least that way you can be somewhat effeminate and go for that "K-pop" look that white girls seem to love.
>not even mad about it anymore

why the fuck did you bring it up then faggot!
because its bait and you took it

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Describe your life with a single image

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This is a original post.
Forgot image because of some niggers.
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Is Bojack /ourguy/? Most relatable character in film and television.
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He's a cyborg. A true robot wouldn't have any degree of professional or romantic success.
No, he is a failed chad
Even more pathetic than a failed normie

Also that show is jewish marxist propaganda
He's cool, that show's pretty good, but he's not really a "robot"

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Be honest, is there any hope of me finding a gf /r9k/?

Pic is me
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There's always hope. Doesn't mean it will happen.
You know the drill: eat better, lift, get off this board.
I don't look that bad and I have no hope either, so I believe you are fucked too. Sorry
i feel like you're going to try to hunt me down and kill me desu

Tell me about Her.

Feeling particularly hollow today. Anyone wanna wallow with me?
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Hard to feel bad for yourself when it's your own fault.
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seconded. why do roastie-worshiping idiots HAVE to shit up this board?
I used an obscure social media app where I wrote down all my obsessive thoughts about her, but a bunch of tumblrtards started flaming me over political shit and eventually sent her screenshots of my page somehow out of spite

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How degenerate are you? Make sure to post an example photo (if legal)

>traps / crossdressing / femboys
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The Japanese and Latin Americans really get me going just based off of what they're willing to do and how many genuinely beautiful women will do them. You don't see too many hot American women covering themselves in their own shit while sucking some guy's dick.
You wouldn't happen to have a sauce on that pic, would you?
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Where in the US are you going to see a girl this pretty calling a dog over to fuck it?

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New Zeemaps thread
previous >>37732446

Over 1000 pins. Normies do not apply.
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Post link, idiot.
I knew I was missing something, ty
nice dubs
>Normies do not apply.

Too bad they're everywhere on the map and this board

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stop being prison gay and get a gf edition
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/britfeel/ bf WHEN
Funny Lizard 2
ebina is a right qt

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> dude posts COMFY r9k minecraft server here
> join
> play all week just cuz
> help people out all the time
> admin needs help with plugins
> random 16 year old appears and helps install the plugins
> admin makes the kid admin2
> child admin starts installing more and more bullshit
> kills everyone with console commands and people lose hours of work on items
> admin2 disables crafting of torches
> admin2 says the server is going to shit
> admin2 says admin1 wont listen to him (bitch, presumably)
> I tell admin2 theres a reason admin1 wont listen
> admin2 bans me
> 20 hours lost
> a whole week wasted
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this is what happens when you trust leftists
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Our admins aren't corrupt
It's a comfy island serber

What did you do about it? How did you know?
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No, I'm just a shitty 3/10 with bad temper

Nothing, she was a 4 and had a bf

She asked for my number and gave me the usual i like you signals that girls do, like eye contact and touching

>No wonder your birth parents didn't want you; I sure as hell don't.
- "mom," 2003
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>It's the students like you that make me regret becoming a teacher.
- mrs. shipiro, 2nd grade teacher.

fuck you mrs. shipiro.
In music class as a kid, with the teacher right there, another kid said straight to my face
>Nobody likes you
I ran out of the classroom crying and the teacher made him apologize.
I don't know why he even said it, I never really talk to him before and I never bothered anybody in school ever.

It turned out in my favor though, this kid died in a car accident senior year of high school.
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>don't talk to anon he can only bring you down
My 3rd grade teacher told me this. After that year I moved schools after being bullied in 3rd grade the teacher didn't help at all. I think it was the start of my transformation into a robot. New school I had no friends and basically became a video gaming autist.

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Time for an MBTI thread going beyond paintings

>not typing via underlying cognitive functions
Find your type here: http://www.keys2cognition.com/explore.htm
If you're still confused about your type, I'm down to help. I'm sure other anons are too.

>tfw no ISFP/ISTP bf
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>tfw when INTP
Why do I have to dissect every little thing instead of actually having fun?
I want a ISFP cute adventurer gf, but ISTPs are basically my favorite other type, and I admire ENTJ's but wouldn't want to be a boring psychopath, I would rather be a fun sociopath (according to society's classifications)

t. ESTP thrillseeker (CD problem child)
ENTP and i can't follow through worth a damn

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You may use this thread for any member of your family


Option 1
Go hug your dad, show some love on his universal day

Option 2
Go hug your sister, tell her you love her, and post results.

Option 3
If she is out of reach or you want to change your approach you may also text her one of the following lines:

>1 - I've always loved you the most.
>2 - I'm in love with you.
>3 - I love you.
>4 - Why haven't we had sex yet?
>5 - Would you ever give us a chance?
>6 - Do you feel about me the way I feel about you?
>7 - I've hidden my feelings from you my whole life.
>8 - Are you hungry? Want me to get you something?
>9 - If we could do anything together with no consequences, what would we do?
>0 - You are the one thing in my life that keeps me sane.
>Dubs - I want to make love to you regardless of what others may think.
>Trips - I want you to remember that no matter what you say I will always care about you. But the truth is I love you more than family... I want you.
>Quads - Know that I am not joking, I am in love with you and want to be with you. I would never joke about this, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.
>Quints - I fell in love with you years ago... I'm taking a chance to tell you that despite of us being related you are the only person I ever see myself starting a family with.

Some of these can be played off as a joke just in case, but not all.
You can also use this thread if you are a sister looking to cuddle with your brother as well.


Regardless of your choice make sure to tell her how much you love her too!

The last thread died 19 hours ago, why has there not been a new one!?
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There was one, but the pedophile posted and got the thread deleted minutes ago. New thread.
>Have quiet morning sunday morning
>Talk to dad a bit and have a nice lunch
>Grab our racing bikes and cycle 67 kilometers to my sisters place in Amsterdam
>Go cooking dinner with sister
>Hug her from the side as she's stirring something
>"I love you"
>Awkward hug from the side made her lose balance and me almost fall
>We balance ourselves again and she gives me a quick hug and snuggles up to me a bit
>"Aahh, cute anon"
>Have a nice dinner with the three of us
>Have to leave early as me have to go back
>Hug her another 3 times before I go
>Cycle back 51 kilometers because we want to be home quick instead of taking the scenic route
>Share a beer and tortilla chips
Wasn't all that bad a day even with phoneposting because my dad took my pc yesterday. Have to go get a quick shower, I hope you guys have a nice fathers day as well.
But this one is kinda already better, why not continue here?
Forgot to add pic, it was when I was almost back home.

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ask an FtM anything

also bullying is allowed.
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What is your diet? I want to turn into a cute trap however I have a but of a thicc belly.
Also how do you shave? My entire body has hair on it do you like wax or hair removal surgury with lazers
Are you gonna start lifting?
Do you draw?

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