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i can't jerk off to this. where are the bodies?
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>roasties have fun and talk about how much they love life on livestream
>die immediately after
>we all talk about how much we hate life on here
>we are still here day after day
Oh the irony
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the roast is toast

i repeat

the roast is toast

>Be 21 year old intern
>Sometimes work with a lady in another building
>Puts her hand on my back when she's showing me stuff
>Finds ways to covertly touch my arms
>Stands really closely when we work together
>Treats me different than the other interns
>Always asks me what I'm doing for the weekend, what I did last weekend, or if I have "plans" but never does the same for them
>Pretty sure she's at least in her late 20's

My coworkers tell me she wants the D but I think they're fucking with me.

How would I make a move in this situation? Sometimes I get a boner when she gets so close to me. She's basically a secretary.
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When she asks about the weekend, try to ask if she has any plans and if she doesn't, ask her out for coffee or a drink or literally anything. She likes you, most robots will never get a chance like this. DON'T FUCKING WASTE IT! SEIZE THE MOMENT AND ESCAPE THIS HELL!
I don't know how to without fucking it up. I'm a robot for a reason
I'm quite autistic (KV, only been on one date in my life and fucked it up), but I almost help you
>go to work
>secretary asks about weekend
>reply with "Nothing much, how about you?"
>if she replies that she's doing nothing, hit her with "How about we go for coffee/a movie/drinks on friday/satutrday?"
If she actually likes you, then she'll accept the inviation, or suggest an another date. If she just rejects you or says she can't do those days (without suggesting an alternate day) then she doesn't like you. Don't fucking waste this chance.

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Does /cgl/, cosplay and lolita deserve the bad reputation it has on /r9k/?
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kill yourself unironically-
yes, yes, yes. They're all whores, every one. It's a hyper version of their normal attention whoring.
All women deserve to be abused, it's what they want.
Why would anyone do a MeMeMe cosplay? The entire thing is just so explicitly and unreservedly sexual and slutty.

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>hating homosexuals
>hating roasties that put on make-up to get noticed by Chad
>traps/trannies are okay
Explain this logic to me r9k
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I don't know what to say I'm the only other r9k user and you got me. I have been uncovered.
The gods made it this way
The people who post traps are fags

so you're at the club with your GF and this guy redistribute's your Girlfriend's ass to the local soviet.
What do you do?
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isn't a soviet a council?
I join the soviet
I start an economics race to buy the most drinks for my gf, him trying to keep up with me bankrupts him and he collapses.
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Excuse myself for a moment and call up Fedor.

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>tfw you realise the reason you don't have a girlfriend is because you spend every second of your free time at home
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but wat do if you live in a small town and have no friends or family close
>tfw you try so hard and still end up here
Im doing all sorts of shits activley on school off school talking with different people but if i dissapeared tommorow noone would notice
Move to the biggest walkable nearby city obviously

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>I think something just bit me in my butt!
>Can you please take a look, big brother?
Wat do?
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>*prrtttt prrrrrrrt*
>"take a bite brother! I dropped a brown baby for you!"
>*munch munch*
TFW actually a big brother to a QT sister.

It's all normal TBQH, unless your distant with your dlsibling
actually made me feel disgust/10

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how do i stop being so clingy anons. every time i get close to someone i just want to talk 24/7 and i get sad/depressed when they don't reply or go awhile without replying, i don't know why i'm like this or how to stop i know it's annoying as fuck though and is the reason why a lot of my friendships/relationships ended.

i wish i could stop it but i can't. knowing it's irrational doesn't help at all.
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how do i find clingy people that want to talk 24/7? I'm not a convo starter but i do love talking to people who always bring things up to talk about, makes me forget about my awkwardness. i think i just come off as uninviting
do you have discord original anon desu?
yes i do orig anon

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>Ywn have a fun wholesome sadomasochist relationship with a qt.1.34 tomboy

There's a lot preventing me from getting a gf but I'd say the worst thing is that I'd only really be able to get off by beating her silly/being hit back mercilessly.
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Somewhat related ideal tomboy.
this webm makes me jelly because I'm neurotic/sensitive and that stuff would probably make me sperg out like a fag

I wish I could be like them
my ex was a tomboy. we used to wrestle. it was fun.

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Why do normies delete me from facebook?
I don't ever fucking post anything so it's not like I'm annoying them with idiocy.
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because they're sick of all the BULLSHIT and LIES, they want to see who they're REAL friends are. If you don't like my message and comment then sorry not sorry I only have time for my BESTIESSSSSS
they have 768 friends, but they take the time to delete me?
Fine, I'll be serious. Just get so many friends that you can't be bothered to notice.

What do you think of this? How do you feel about this?
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those are balls aren't they?
my cock started to expand

Germany is robot heaven!
The goverment legislated the marriage for all today!
This means that every german robot will get a government issued wife! No more >tfw no gf
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dead inside.png
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That's not what it means anon...
homosexuality for all indeed

every german male will get a government legislated syrian male in top fighting condition as a husband. it's the humane thing
Because germans are arrogant and apparently illiterate pricks who dub all TV shows so nobody has to read subtitles or learn english. You are also destroying yurop for the third time within the last 200 years. The girls you have there are quite qt and I like the lenient alcohol legistlature, but fuck your shit attitude and the whole "We want to destroy europe" attitude

t: Finnland

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girls doesnt care about personality

look at xxxtentacion, has been in jail because he kicked his gf, look at him with those girls having fun in a hotel room while you are in your room crying

he is 5'6

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>he fell for the insecurity meme
>he doesnt have a harem of thots to suck him off at will
>he's not getting money
he didn't hit her you fucking idiot
height =/= personality either so what the fuck are you talking about
Yeah I did that with white women and weed.
White women will fuck anything and anyone as long as you have stuff.

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>tfw miss 2001 Youtube
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Youtube didn't exist in 2001, you fucking *****FAGGOT*****.

McFucking kill yourself.
Whatever the popular video streaming websites of 2001 were. Can't really remember.
it was google video

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Why haven't you become a cute trap yet Anon? Your lifestyle is so emasculated you're practically a woman already, why don't you just take the next step?
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go to the fag board
>no cuteboy to turn into a cute girl

Why is so hard to find a cutie?
>AGP: The Thread.

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