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Why is /soc/ full of Chads?
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No idea. The rate threads depress me as guys much better looking than me get 4s and 5s, which means im a 2 or 3 at best.
because people lie on the internet. No doubt there are *some* chads on /soc/ but definitely not full of them.
/soc/ is the most pathetic board on this site, I like bullying posters and giving them shit ratings while I post some 9/10 muscular Chad.

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>tfw no genitally mutilated gf
You know it don't you?
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Why would you want a genitally mutilated gf?
So I don't have to care about her sexual satisfaction, also no reason to cheat on me since she still wouldn't enjoy sex anyway.
It's all pros.
do you.....know what that means?
female genital mutilation is normally just cutting off the clit, a highly sensitive and tiny nub above her vaginal opening and urethra. it's the easiest way for a girl to get pleasure from anyone and anything, all you gotta do is just touch it. or rub it, or lick it, or massage it, or even just breathe on it.
you can do whatever the fuck you want to her, as long as you got two fingertips pulling a tornado on that clit, she'll be satisfied.

How to become a manipulating sociopath?

Im a cyborg and I can talk to people, but its boring as fuck. I want them to do whatever I want
Long posts more than welcome
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First way(which works for most people): you must know what they want/like. Then exercise on your talking techniques. You must give them the impression that you will shower them with that thing if they do x for you, but you must make it so you DON'T really promise it, it must remain at the "maybe" level.
Second way: Befriend them and make them work for you. If that doesn't work make sure to disconsider them and mistreat them until they will crave for your attention. You can know that once they act like slaves around you, not trying to upset you, being pleasant and friendly, etc. Once you see that, put them to work and only recognise them A LITTLE and after that keep neglecting them. This works especially on WEAK people, who have no self esteem and are awkward and pathetic.
Haha brainlet wants to manipulate people, just kill yourself idiot.
Read "How to win friends and influence people." Also known as "How to manipulate people."

my name is chad. i am in a fraternity. i smoke drink and fuck whores who nobody would even consider marrying at this point and I also indulge my mind in nigger music such as Rae Sremmurd and Future. I have 0 creative power nonetheless and all I can do is follow the wave. pic related me and my bros who nu-r9k loves to worship so much.
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There's no Chad in that picture, fuck off newfag.
>i smoke drink and fuck whores
how do u smoke or a chick?
post whoever you want my point still stands retard. in any case at least 75% of faggot r9k will call those guys chads.

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anyone else refuse to use discord? I cant be the only one
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You're certainly not. Discord is the cancer killing 4chan.
I only use it because it doesn't use as many resources as skype and has better sound quality and connection than skype. Hate the layout though.
people who use discord use facebook and other normalfag things as well
they are all redditors and nothing more

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>tfw used to have friends before HS
>HS starts and everyone starts partying
>be 1/10 in looks because of facial deformity
>start to slowly lose majority of my friends
>ywn be average looking and average height

Worst feel desu
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Are you a girl OP? I havent come across a guy who cant have friends solely because he's ugly. What a bitch thing to do
I know that feel.
Around the age of 12 I lost all my friends cause I was to childish and wanted to just have fun like always while they got involved in typical teenager bullshit.
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no wory we r ur frens

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>exterminator found the buttplug

I wish I was meming, bois
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>Yeah it's just my girlfriends
>Yeah I know weird right?
Not so much lube next time. It won't slip out so easy.

Nah senpai I live with my parents they know I'm single

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fucking protestant
don't worry about it

consider porn on /R9K/ to be water under the bridge
porn, sex and most things about sexuality are fucking disgusting, I don't like it either
but this is a free board with muh freedoms so you gotta man up and drink a shot of pepto-bismol

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I know that IQ isn't hard science or anything and it's still somewhat controversial, but why am I so bad at them? I know I'm smart, I can tell who's smarter than me and who isn't etc etc but I always score shit on them. I've always had good grades and was even the highest GPA for 5th grade and was in the Gifted and talented program as a kid so what gives (3rd to 5th grade)
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maybe you're just dumber than you think, op. most people are
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because you arent as smart as you think op
Well what happened? I used to score 126. Now I'm at like...113. What's going on do you think?

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he guys,

my great grandmother just passed away and my uncle is selling the house and im not getting shit, now that the comfy neet life is over I have no choice but to live In the woods for probably a year or so. ive always been afraid of debt and phone companies but is there a phone plan with unlimited data that wont fuck me so I can still be online while living in the forest?
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if you have a phone, get google hangouts. it has a phone function that can make free domestic calls and international calls for pennies per minute.
can't receive calls, though...
I dont really anyone too all desu,ijust want youtube and 4chan in the woods, I have an anker solar panel that can charge it
im just scared because ive heard people get unlimited data then all of a sudden they've go a 2000 dollar phone bill and company basically make there money fucking you over

Buy / Sell thread

Hi welcome to the /r9k/ marketplace.

List items you want or which you what to sell

If the items are physical objects then include the distance you are willing to travel
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>Buy / Sell thread
>Hi welcome to the /r9k/ marketplace.
>List items you want or which you what to sell
>If the items are physical objects then include the distance you are willing to travel
I have an extra box set of The Simpsons Season 4.


I'm willing to deliver 3 miles away from my house in Southern California.
I'm selling extra pairs of socks I guess

I have nothing
Please come and take my belongings for free
They mean nothing to me

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Does girl's asses smell good?
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I don't know but I know one thing is that if I ever get to smell a cute girl's butthole I'm sure I'll get a raging boner no matter what the smell is
I don't know if it's the "ass" per se but there's something very intoxicating down there for damn sure.
What was his channel's name again?

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How do you know if people are genuinely nice or just doing so out of politeness?
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You just kinda can tell, and if you can't, you probably never will be able to.

If the person is personally vested in you somehow, actually cares about you, or has some kind of connection to you, it's probably genuine niceness. If not, probably just socially-obligatory politeness.
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if you know you're awkward as hell and you dress and smell like a sperg, probably the latter.
It's easy to tell when it's happening to other people, but with me I'm just not sure.

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Some fucking drunk Chad and Stacy sitting 10 meters away my window on a litte park square, they giggle and have a good time for quite an hour now. I cant stand that bullshit and can hardly retain my self.

Im trying my best to burst creepy music like dat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUIeTjhFGss

but they wont fuck off and let me have my evening beer in peace...

wat do?
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Jack off to her, senpai. While looking at her.

fck off, i srsly want them to go.... its so annoying. maybe i get an wet shit in an plastic baggage throwing it at them when they drunk enough not knowing where its coming from
I'd call the cops if someone did that to me. You'll get cited for assault, senpai.

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Who was in the wrong?
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Hitler, for losing the war and allowing these tards to exist
just two autists being autists
i would kill myself after that. poor autist got shut down hard

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