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You're not a "nice guy." You're an inoffensive loser who is afraid to take a stance so you just smile and nod and do nothing but listen.
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if your best quality is that you're "nice" then you're p. worthless.
I have no sympathy for others. I couldn't care less what others think of me, anyway. I won't change a damn thing about me at the end of the day.

Fuck people.
It is courtesy. It is a quality shared by men of intellect. Taking a stance, getting in the face of people, these are acts of loud mouthed simpletons. You see the same behavior in animals, the constant desire to impress.
Those who are courtious, respect the privacy of other people. They feel an aversion to the thought of making an impression on strangers they pass on the street. They do not play loud music and disturb their neighbours.

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>ywn meet another anon because you live in a shitty town
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ywn = your worst nightmare?
Why would it be my worst nightmare?
>you will never
you fucking mongs

Southern California is THE WORST place to be a robot. There is not one cute, single girl in the entire region and men here are 3 points above the national average. There is no hope for us SoCal robots. Midwest robots have life on easy mode.
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Wtf man.jpg
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Dude that's on the fucking bottom of my complaint list. This place is a goddamn trap and I was raised here for reasons I'll never understand. Look at this
>some of the highest costs of living
>one of the worst areas for entry level jobs, specifically college graduates
>horrible environment and climate the moment you leave beach cities
>air pollution out the ass
>some of the worst water in the country
>horrible crime and people
>despite all this you'll always be told how great is to be "close" to the beach or near disneyland or la even if you don't have the money for those
Anyways I'm from IE and I bitch about it every chance I get. What about you? Oh also
>need a car to get anywhere
IE is a depressing shithole, I sympathize anon.
I'm from San Diego.
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move to the East Coast, NYC being the best bet
there are significantly more single women than single men

Jelqing works? i have 18 years old and my only problem is my dick size.

>have sissy fetish
>Try nofap and lifting
>Still anxious about my penis size.

I will post pics:
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Jelqing will fuck up your dick.
I read about it, but how much?
1,9 inches normal

5 inches hard

Can it grow until 21 years old?

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Is empathy a skill that is learned, or a trait that you either do or do not have?

I don't feel like I've ever had the capacity for genuine empathy in my life. Not in the autistic way, I mean I'm just a selfish cunt.

If there's some way to "learn" empathy, I've never heard of it.
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Empathy is normal to have desu. If you lack it, then you are somewhere on the spectrum most likely

You could also have a mental illness but usually those types are normies. So autism tends to be the default answer
>Empathy is for the weak, crush it and attain true strength.

Nah seriously I feel the same, have you tried looking into MBTI? That gave me a lot of answers to who I was discovering I was ISTP
I am enfp, too much empathy

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I just watched The Martian and immediately fell in love.

Who's the last actor/actress/character you've fallen in love with?
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>actress you've fallen in love with

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Felicity Jones 2.jpg
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Other top tier qts are Willa Holland, Eva Green, Natalie Portman, and Milas Kunis.
This slut from Jurassic world. I would fuck her pussy until it was nothing but a bloody pulp.

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>tfw parents own a bakery and refuse to make wedding cakes for gays and you're afraid they might end up on the news one of these days
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Shouldn't you be more worried that they wont make a cake for yours?
Where do you live? I've been thinking of getting a cake.
Just pretend to be a mudslime. Or discreetly recommend one down the street.

Reminder that your life being shitty is your own fault 99% of the time
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a day being shitty isn't anyones fault, shit happens

a life being shitty is 100% your fault.
I agree, everyone deserves what they get, be it abuse, rape, get stolen from, murder, whatever. It wouldn't have happened to you if you didn't deserve it.
Pretty much this, I was born into a rich, caring family because I deserve it, just like how poor people deserve to be sad and poor.

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I am really lonely and want to fap but in strange ways. Like putting icecubes in my pussy or fapping looking out window cumming to people walking by. Is this normal? I only get like this when I feel alone. All my weird fetishes come out. Is anyone else the same? Is there a way to control this? I really hate this a lot.
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I'm confused. First you say fap and then you say pussy. Are you a man or a woman?
Aye be a female.
i would normally go "reeee roastie" but you sound genuinely autistic, you belong here

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one day, if the human race is to survive, we'd have to accept, without bigotry, if a dog or cat or rat etc. learned how to read and type and posted on 4chan. surely, we do not know the contents of another's mind(or the extent of any creature's ability).
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Anon, what in the fuck are you saying?
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>humans wouldn't keep other species down the evolutionary chain
i'm sorry, I assumed no animals are already on 4han; I apologize if I offended u.

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Are there any r9k posters you recognize?
>that thirsty guy from Brisbane
>that guy that avatarfags using Akechi
>that guy who role plays as a black guy
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>tfw no bf to drink my milk
Kakyoin Sunglasses poster. That's the only kinda obscure one I recognize.
London fag called me cute

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Does anybody get depressed going outside? I have never been this depressed in a long time. I've been so isolated from society that I had no idea how sinful and degenerate it has become.

I see a bunch of white girls with stupid blue hair and dressing like sluts. At least the black women were dressed modestly and having normal relationships with their boyfriends.

What good is having high IQ if all you do is use it to justify your sluttiness? There is also an epidemic of white girls fucking dogs. And according to /pol/ retards, I'm supposed to breed with these people.

Why do white people not realize that we are the real niggers?
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> At least the black women were dressed modestly and having normal relationships with their boyfriends.

100% sure you don't live in/near a black community
Where do you live
>Where do you live
Why, do you want a whit ebf?

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>lost two (2) out of three (3) total friends today
It doesn't get any better, does it?
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How did you lose them anon?
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Lost only real friend a month ago ;-;
>lost one (1) out of one (1) friend 5 years ago
after I showed him a pic I found on /b/ of a cat getting hung

That one picture cost me my entire social life

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holy dog.png
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I'm kind of sexting with a girl. After a bet, tomorrow she will have to do everything I tell her to do, but we live apart and meeting is impossible. What can I tell her to do, watch, listen... that will turn her on? Like REALLY turn her on
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Give her a basket of eggs
Funny idea, maybe I tell her to do something like that. Nevertheless again, we live apart and meeting tomorrow is not possible.
how apart?

in time or km, please don't use miles

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Robots, post the shortest word you can while getting through the originality filter.
Winner gets nothing
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