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anyone playing on EU
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is this game worth playing or will it just make me wish i was playing it back in middle school?
depends if you have anything better to do then its worth it
im playing on EU but its a private server

What are you wearing today /r9k/?

I'm feeling fashy today
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The same thing I wear every day. Basket ball shorts and a t-shirt
Looks kind of gay honestly. Are you consciously going for this look?
Worn out merrell trekking shoes
Black dockers
Plain purple t-shirt
Worn out Adidas hoodie with silver zipper

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anyone else /spiritual/

not the "white washed" type, the legit kind

anyone else trying to achieve God consciousness?

I need true joy

temporary hedonistic pleasure and external validation is worthless and unfulfilling.
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I have just been doing a lot of LSD and it has given me a lot of very existentialist thoughts. I believe in God. Maybe the buddhist got a few things right.
what kind of thoughts bro?
I am currently trying to build my theoretical foundation of what it is to be enlightened. Recently I have been using Leo Gura's videos as well as some of his book recommendations as a guide but sometimes it's hard because I've been at this journey of self-actualisation for a couple of years now and I still don't feel like I understand with enough clarity.

Also I plan to take DMT pretty soon.

why do I get so sad seeing video or thinking about the 90's?

It was the final decade before everything went to shit after 9/11, it changed everything, it feels much warmer then todays society

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because that was the last of the good times
Yeah I get this super weird nostalgia about it too. I wish I could have been a freshman in college in 1999. Idk. At the same time I think we're living in pretty awesome times now too. I just hate always being hyper connected to people via smartphones. I wish I could go back and relive my high school and college days in the late 90s right before shit hit the fan.

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June is the end of May edition
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Pakis not welcome edition
gimme ice lolly
Mummy may is gonna need consoling when she loses.

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Tell me about the time that made you give up on women.
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>has curly hair

always seen both sexes as attractive
>womans body
my dick is confus

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My conversation with my dad minutes ago
>anon look what came in the mail
>oh it's my passport
>it took you an entire year to finally get your passport. It's about time. Now you need to get a 1 year visa to Guangzhou (a city in China)
>uhh, my passport picture has my part of my hair cut off. I thnk it may be invalid maybe i can go next year instead?
>okay go get that checked just in case
>can't i wait until next year?
>Why wait? This is an opportunity for you to get better. Why delay this?
>Your grandparents will arrange accomodation and a computer for you. Go apply for a visa. You don't have much time left
It's happening... im going to turn i to a slave labourer against my will. I want to stay in America
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get fucked idiot. I bet your voice sounds like an abortion
at least you'll have a computer
bye bye gookboy
and stay out

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>tfw no gf that shoves her smelly toes in my face
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>striped pantsu
I find that to make it extra hot
>tfw no gf to give me handjobs while I smell her feet

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>current and earlier job:
>dream career:
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More or less, none. I have never done a day of schoolwork in my life.

Unemployed. I don't even have a car. Would've already kms a while ago but my little brother needs me.

Worked at a wilderness camp, loved it. Before that I was a wagecuck supervisor at walmart.

Dream career? Writer or musician probably. I wouldn't mind being in the army or working at a national or state par tho.
>mbti thread
>asks type
>answers anything but that
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Hey man I'm retarded.

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how do I stop being skinny
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milk and peanut butter until you're ready to puke everyday until you're happy with your weight

life weights too unless you want to get fat
Eat stuff.
Eat more stuff.
Eat so much you die.
>peanut butter
does this actually work? I'm ready to buy a big jar of peanut butter right now.

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tell me something embarrassing and non-sexual that you fantasize about
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playing obscure music passionately publiclyand having someone i know show up
Being successful at anything I attempt.

not embarrassing
go be a depressing self depreciating loser somewhere else

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How much did Jews play a role in the misfortunes of your life?
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They ruined the economy and now I can't find a job.
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directly? none.

indirectly? 100%
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crying eyes closed.png
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>try to jack off
>literally can't cum no matter how hard I try

Globe defenders remain in total denial and utter disbelief that their government officials and establishment would ever lie to them on such a grand scale... when the Truth is in plain sight for those with eyes to see. What if we had a "rehearsal" of the president's assassination?? The FBI and CIA would be kicking in your door before you had the chance to Act this scene out. Yet, these Crisis Actors have been playing the world for Fools this entire time with all these staged False Flag attacks!! Sandy Hook, Aurora, Boston Bombings, Paris, Orlando.. ALL STAGED. Do you see what is going on here?? Crisis actors rehearsed this terror attack inside the Trafford Centre, which is Manchester's largest shopping mall last year May 10th, 2016. Just one year later and a similar incident happens in the same city.. Coincidence?? The world being placed over your eyes has been completely Manufactured by Agents of Terror.. You are being Lied to about everything from this establishment. You are also being lied to about your place in this universe, the very shape of your realm, and how important you are. People have actually been convinced that you are the ancestor of Apes and you are flying around at Ludicrous speeds in a vacuum of infinite nothingness on a tiny dot of insignificance. How convenient for their RULE that people have been persuaded to accept this B.S. You make it SOOOOO easy for them to DOMINATE your consciousness Globe heads. The Earth in not a result of some random explosion out of nothingness, and you are a Divine Being of Creation. Yet while I set you free of such disempowered programming, most of you will flagrantly Defend your littleness and Monkey mind because you've been trained to accept your fate as a random accident born of nothing. Amazing how easy the human mind is to manipulate. All the World's a Stage..
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Are you saying you're a fellow flat earther?

I can't stop keking at globe heads
Why does the sun rise and set? Why does the night sky spin?
I'm listening OP.

Explain the state of things and the universe, how the globes got into power and were able to dominate me and how to break free.

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Any of you guys write? What do you write? Would you be interested in showing it or talking about the things we write on a discord or so? Im tired of having no one to talk about my novels. Also im willing to read your stuff and give opinions.
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I dont write but I would be interested in hearing about your novels anon.
>be in creative writing class
>start semester with the goal of writing a novel (or at least part of one)
>do nothing but look at memes for most of the semester
>do 10 pages of actual writing
I fucking hate myself sometimes
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Okay lets do it as a game.
You wake up in a room. There are six doors.

1) The first door is white, normal, it has a little window that shows the sky and a drawing of a plane.
2) The second door is just an entrance covered with a big ass stone.
3) The third door its just made of bars and behind it you can see a beautiful garden full of fruits and flowers.
4) The fourth door has an electrical feeling to it and its very colorful. You can listen some faint music coming from there.
5) The fifth door is made of stone, and has the drawing of an eye in the middle. There are runes and drawings of snakes and other monsters imprinted on it.
6) The sixth door is composed of white and black squares. It is completely symmetrical.

Which one would you choose?

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>tfw you could beat the shit out of everyone on this board without breaking a sweat
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Bragging about strength is strictly for chads
go away /fit/
didn't know muscle was bulletproof op

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