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Post creep shots you took of straangers
i took this yesterday
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>didn't get toes in the shot
why, anon?
Fuck off dumb footfag

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>be europoor
>it's tourist season
>was always saying that white grills are prettier than dark ones
>always a bit racist
>never actually seen any dark girls here
>start seeing fucking beautiful dark grills every day
>from light brown to full black as night african goddess
>from paki to arab sandnegresses
>from filipina to thai
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cali gold master race desu
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damn you anime posters
I think i'd be disappointed if I ever got with a black woman because they don't actually taste like chocolate.

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What is the worst experience you've had with a girl, dating or not?
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>girl catches me at a bad moment
>misunderstandings occur
Stacy once jokingly asked if I would take her out on a date. I was caught offguard and responded with "huh". Then she and Chad giggled and went back to talking about normie things.
>I once as ask a girl out on a date. She says yes. Shows up with another date.

>Once a hot girl let me have sex with her because no one would believe me if I told anybody.

>Once raped by a 13 year old when I was 19.

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Who else /latenightanxiety/ here

I just got a sudden surge of it so I went into my closet to try to calm down.
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I guess I'm the only one...

I hate this shit
I have to stay up all night. I work nights. It is too hard of a transition to go between working nights and sleeping during the day to constantly reverse back to the normal sleep cycle. I'm so tired. I'm so alone. No one is awake when I am. If this keeps going on like this... Well, what am I supposed to do? Just live like some kind of nocturnal Boo Radley? Watching the world through blinds of my apartment while everyone near me doesn't even realize I exist. Like a ghost. I'm not sure if I am making any sense because I'm so tired.
Sometimes it happens as I'm trying to get to sleep, luckily I rarely need to be up early although when I do it is more likely to happen.
I don't really know how to deal with it, I'm just lying there in the darkness and suddenly all my fears and insecurities rush to the surface.

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Why you guys often insult or try to induce depression in other robots that ask for advice here instead of helping them?
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It's their only chance to be dominant over another person.
Cause it's funny
"People" here would rather see someone "epicly fail" than actually succeed in life. Thats how backwards and detrimental these savages are.

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John was always a chad, someone post the candid pic of him out of costume, the one where he has the baseball jersey.
he's one of the worst looking people I've ever seen....he looks like he's a mentally challenged 14 year old and wears suits that don't fit him
Why do you care? Do you care about Internet personalities? A real you a normie? Do you follow tripfag drama?

Look to yourself anon.

Daily reminder that r9k is a toxic place and that if you want to get better you need to drop this echo chamber as soon as possible.

You won't find any support, interesting thoughts or constructive critics here. There is only an insane put-down game, where miserable insults and mock fellow miserable to feel less miserable. Stay enough and the poison will warp your mind and make your perspective bleak and hopeless.

Go now. You'll thank me later.
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It's too late for the majority here anyway. Hell I'll be a full blown wizard in 4 more years.
where do you leave for if not r9k?

i grew up, literally, in r9k

i feel like i should get laid or something and hopefully not feel the need to browse this place?

how do u permanently stop to feel the need to browse this place? its literally home to me

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Hi my onahole arrived today and i came inside it. Ask me anything
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ch-chinese keith? is that you?
did your father finally kick your nuts back to china?
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Yes and my dick is bigger Now suck it

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>listen to rap music
>cringe at myself
why does this happen
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Haha, I've seen that Jaden pic!

Gotta give him props for boldness :)

(Er, I mean... Gotta Give Him Props For Boldness)
Hey, here's some rap music you don't need to cringe about :)

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Try this out

Oh Jesus, why

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Do you ever look back at who you were a few years ago and cringe?
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Nah I miss who I was, now I'm just morbidly depressed, jaded, cynical and fucking soulless.

Oh Annd

>blowing Xanax
>beating my meat to zoo porn
>self harming
>not sleeping EVER
>out of a job
>crashed my car again

21 now I miss being 18 having a soul and good friends. All I want is to feel again, why is that so hard to ask
When I was 13, remember thinking that I was a naive peace of shit at 12. When I was 15 I cringe at my 13 year old self, and now I cringe about my 15-16 year old self.

Will this happen forever? When I'm 40, will I cringe at who I was at 30?
No because you're implying things have gotten better

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>be about 5
>my 14 year old older brother's black friend is over for dinner
>he holds his hand out to me for a high-five
>I hesitate
>family is amused and says "why won't you high-five him anon?"
>for some fucking reason I say "because he's black"
>everybody is flabberghasted
>family tries to apologize to him but he doesn't listen and leaves
I still feel bad about it. My family wasn't racist at all, I have no clue why I said it
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>I still feel bad about it.
you were 5, you were dumb as shit and probably acted in instinct more than anything
>I still feel bad about it
Why shouldn't we kill white people again?
>went swimming with family
>cousin comes
>"I didn't know fat girls could swim!"
> she went home and cried for hours
I was 7. I still feel like a peice of shit once I realized what I did.
We're Sensitive souls anon

mbti type and sexual fantasy/fetishes thread
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handholding while she tells me she loves me
sounds too emotional for an istp
infp and being loved and cuddled ;_;

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ITT post things you've always wanted to say but never got the chance. For me it's: "I'm not racist because I despise all people equally."
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Heil Hitler orig
dumb thread by dumb weeb
2hu posters are dumb and smelly

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You are waIking home with your robo-waifu when a pack of chads push you over and attack her with baseball bats. They run away yelling at you to get a real girlfriend. She starts crying.

What do you do?
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Cringe at this post, sage
drag her home and ship her back for a robot that isnt so fucking weak

Hello I'm a 19 year old KHV going into my 2nd year at college. I would like to find a pure virgin gf, but sadly it seems very hard to find, probably over 90% of girls have had sex already by now. Where should I look? No meme answers like "a preschool"
I am scared I will never find one, my only requirements are no fatties 5/10+ and pure virgin meaning no sexual activity such as bj or hj ect. Is that too much to ask?
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welcome to your individualist post modern hellscape, nobody cares what you want.
Japan has the virginity rate of 16-24 girls set to 40%.
Girls were interviewed and they said it was because the guys never compliment them.
You must wait until you are old and rich so that you may import one from an Asian country.

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