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Why do servers get so upset when you don't tip? It's not the customer's job to pay employees.
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>You are payed less than minimum wage if your tips exceed minimum wage
>If you dont exceed minimum wage you are payed the difference
>Being paid minimum wage is not something you can live on
>Have to bust your balls putting in a ton of extra effort to keep every table happy for your entire shift
>Getting no tip basically means the last hour of work was for 2 dollars
Before you call me a buttmad waitercuck Ill let you know I fucking hate tipping culture and think employers should pay their employees a decent wage.
Wow, what an astoundingly original piece of bait.
>>Being paid minimum wage is not something you can live on
That sounds like an issue with state and federal legislation. tHere are tons of minimum wage workers but people don't tip all of them.
This isn't any sort of bait. I truly do not understand why people expect extra compensation at my expense for their work

My dad screamed at me today for trying to pet my dog then 10 minutes later my dog was barking and he said "why don't you pet the thing dammit" idk how to feel
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Maybe you should fuck the dog

underage fag
Maybe you should fuck the dad

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>"thanks for always giving me the notes and homework anon, I really appreciate it"
>"haha also Chad and I were wondering though... are you a virgin?"
What do you say?
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"Yeah...I am still.."

>Dating a self-hating mongrel
Not anally.

is skramz the most robot music?
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I'd say it's much too energetic to be robot music. BUT that being said it's still very good. FUNERAL DINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Orchid is the best skramz band in history
>some guy screaming into a mic
>robot music
top kek

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brother, may I please have some oats?
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Nice dubs, and great classic meme bro
that was a terrific meme
this meme will always be complete cancer.

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
I wish I had a gf
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roses are black
violets are black
dead in my sack
pray for a heart attack
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Anon has digits, sick
While I pray for death, quick
The normie life never, clicked
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The OIL is bad
The greens sure are good
Stick to whole foods, you know that you should!

Real Fox Hours Edition
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Homosexuals out of /britfeel/
27th of July 2017
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>rewatching MASH at 3 in the morning
Very comfy, lads

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What was the most amount of money spent on something you regretted really badly.
Two years ago I spent over 130 dollars on a bad game..
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I spent 12000 on a Mitsubishi Lancer
Probably my gaming PC
It doesn't even have 64bit windows so I can't play most of the new shit
Pics of the evo?

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If the earth is round, why can't I see a curve in the horizon?

Roundies btfo.
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Go away, you're unwanted here
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That's a curve, dumbass
Obviously fake. Just like the moon landing.

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>mfw normies try to be "funny"
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Those yellow turds are on literally every corner of the earth. I fucking hate them.
pepe and wojak is practically the same thing as minions
Just wait until the current generation of kids gets older. They're growing up on vine compilations and dabbing

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>lost my supply of adderall

i'm thinking of quitting my job. someone help.
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Can't you just go to the doctor to get more?
its stage 2. he said i cant refill until 8/23.
Not when Obamacare gets repealed.

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>bunch of normies get thrown off a carnival ride hundreds of feet into the air
>can't help but smile

who /edgy/ here?

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for the last time.jpg
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and THAT is why I don't go on those type of rides.

i always tell my FUCKING friends that those """KIDDY""" rides are more DANGEROUS than the regular 1000ft drop coasters. They're UNRELIABLE and twist you in WEIRD and NON-TRADITIONAL ways.

I WAS right.
How the fuck has only one person died there? I will never go on one of those rides operated by fucking carnies who have used the same ride for the last 20 years
Why is the video so short? I want to see the aftermath and how people reacted to it.

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How could a girl so young be so sexually peverted and messed up?
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Wow in all offices? During business hours? What a slut
because it gets her attention
What did he/him/his mean by this?

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>girl gets drunk
>guys rape her
>they then place a sign telling others to rape her, too
Why are men such PIGS?!
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Women exist solely to be semen depositories.
1) She wore those slutty clothes.
2) She went to a degenerate normie party.
3) She got drunk at said party.

One should not expect to come out of said situation unscathed.
This is staged you retard
it's fake

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Hey /r9k/ have a laugh at my expense
>be me
>health freak/OCD
>pick up a bottle of ribena
>pour my self a cold glass of it
>leave it for around 2 hours sipping it casually
>feel something stuck in my throat from last sip but casually dust it off to being flem as iv been ill recently
>get to near the end and take a big swig
>feel something moving around in my mouth, almost squirming
>nearly vomit
>spit it back into the cup
>See 2 dead maggots and 1 alive maggot in the glass cup
>proceed to vomit into toilet and wash my mouth out contentiously
>autistic screeching may have been heard
>feel so sick /r9k/
Pick related not sure if maggot or some other creature as its a pinkish red color and is rimmed at close inspection
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Be a true murrican and sue them.
Looks like a fucking penis.
What the fuck is ribena?
>Health freak
>Ribena: processed sugarshit

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