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Would having a wife and kid make you happy?

Personally, now that I'm financially independent I'm considering adopting but I have 0 interest in committing to a woman
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they look pretty happy to me
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>americans name their kids 'Track'
Having a wife, yes

A kid? No

I should learn to love one person first, I couldn't handle 2 at the same time
Im also too worried of what my kids could become in the modern society
I guess I would like a daughter but im too afraid of what could happen to her, would break my heart

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Dubs decide what I fap to. No Anime or Gay shit.
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traps arent gay faggot
now jack off to one
dubs confirm traps 100%hetero
Gay anime shit
Sorry anon, no dubs. Traps are gay.

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Comfiest movie series?

Pic related. Being wrapped in blankets, watching harry potter marathon with hot beverages is comfy as fuck
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You have to be 18 years old to be here...
Sounds good can I join you?
The first Harry Potter movie was released 18 years ago, the last about 5 or 6 years ago.

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The time has once again come.
/r9k/ is not a place for normies, chads, or roastie whores.

Fembots don't exist.
Females are born pampered and babied by this entire world, without a single concern in life, without a single problem to deal with, being tended by society and this world from the second they were spawned into it.

This is a board for lost souls, individuals who haven't got a thing in this world except this board.
We have been shunned and despised by these whores, and normies, for our entire lives, only to find out, that even this last bit of escapism we have, is now being invaded by these abhorrent and disgusting whores.

Females on this board do not wish to help you.
They do not wish to be your friend.

They are only here to feed off of the attention of the more vulnerable robots, and the orbiters.
Fembots don't exist.
There are no good women left,
Society has made all women bad.

Which is why I call you, my brothers, on a holy crusade against these skanks. We will not stand for this, we will not tolerate the normies on our board.

>Derail fembot threads.
>Destroy fembot morale.
>Defend /r9k/.
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you all may doubt us, you may say it's impossible
but I believe that one day, if everyone who sees this thread stops being a faggot and unintentionally shitposting all over this board, that we can do it. so come on lads, join in and help us, we've already shut down many threads
A list of specified targets and pro-robot threads will be posted.

Femwhore threads will be hijacked according to these parameters:
>Femwhore threads >> Women Hate Threads
>Sex/Meetup threads >> Frogpost exchanges.
>Normie-tier complaints >> Rebellion shilling.
Fembots thread are the only way i get love. dont bully

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Who here has a lipstick fetish I do is it bad to have one
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as far as fetishes go, this ones pretty tame anon
That's a boy.
Why everyone in this board is so gay?
Go out and get a boyfriend you flamer.
well maybe daddy wasnt there to take me to the fare

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>a fembot would actually take someone thats more skinny and fit instead of a chubby bear with great character
woah nice quality of whores you have here
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It depends on how big you mean by chubby honestly
You mean obese
A fat person has numerous personality flaws which are visibly apparent due to their girth. They're also unsightly and smell bad
232lbs 5'11"
somehow i just have a big belly and some tiddies but in a hoodie no one can tell

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What's his illness?
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He has diarrhea
having a purpose in life aint an illness you degenerate fuck

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im depressed and have no friends join my discord server and we can share a bond on mutually assured hatred for ourselves

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there were some cute girls who talked to me for a bit, but im such a beta to even dm them
I don't know man, this one is pretty comfy: QsagKxP
We watched Ex Machina last night for movie night,
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dont shill your server in my thread you cuck

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someone explain why are there so little female virgins around the age of 20
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Because everybody fucks them? Girls are virgins by choice
Girls want sex just as much as we do, the difference is they can get it a lot easier. If guys had it like girls there would be very few male virigns past middle school.
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a world filled with horny guys trying to bang prime pussy

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>"Back up whiteboi"
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why are bantu women so ugly?
That's a man, not a woman

Unsurprisingly that comment was n t original

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One reason why I shouldn't kill myself tonight.
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because you're a pussy
https://youtu.be/nUkW7kzmAHA this.
Have a nice day :-)
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I don't know senpai but being dead seems pretty boring to me

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>studying Environmental science at University
>I am very angry about climate change and my classmates and professors know this
>they consider me a creepy an angry man
>had to give a big presentation today
>I want to make classmates laugh and show I am not always serious
>jokingly include a section about how it would take a huge shift in peoples minds to make them aware that we are destroying ourselves
>present a small list of previous mass extinction events and lay out a plan to commit a terrorist attack for each one
>nobody laughs
>got a message after class asking me to come in tomorrow (monday) for a 'serious talk' by the professor

What the fuck guys?
This is bullshit. I just wanted to make them laugh
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pic is my extinction ideas
it is clearly a joke right? they won't think it serious?

It's not fair desu
If you're not attractive enough normies will think you're serious. Don't do this again anon.
i dont really get the joke either. are you acoustic perchance? if you are, i suggest not making jokes

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When do you have to leave /r9k/?

When you have real life friends?

Once your penis was inside a womans vagoo that isn't an escort?

If you can do more than 20 push ups?
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When you're no longer a cynical mysoginist or a pessimistic socially awkward loser, and you have actual fun conversations with normies and can easily get a relationship.
I leave it to scroll through 9gag
when you don't get sad browsing this place and just laugh at the funny virgin memes.

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soo i just got friendzone, she said that she liked me but since she got a bf, theres no way. so what song should i listen too?
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All of Weezer's Pinkerton album

Pink Guy - Kill Yourself
Greentext pls so I can laugh at your autism.

I bet you literally said "I like you, want to go out sometime?" or some shit like that.

protip: it doesn't work like that

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>it's an Anon spends a warm Sunday afternoon alone in his room feeling lonely and regretful episode
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No jaaahb.jpg
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Am I the only one drinking whiskey rigjht now?
We need a Middle zone between aspie fat shut in 39 year old virgin and chad
I feel like I fit that category
for me it's an anon smokes weed and takes naps all sunday kinda episode

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