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Why did Amerikkka elect a Nazi Cheeto as it's Duce-bag President Nazi King. *sigh* Trumpf should be forced to resign so Bernie can be the leader.
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I think you mean DRUMPF
Trumpf/ DRUMPF. Whatever that idiot's name is.

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So I just told my Dad I only like boipucci and he just started yelling at me. I locked myself in my room and he just kept screaming at me for like half an hour until his voice got hoarse, and then he left. I sobbed quietly in my room for like an hour and then he came back, knocked on the door and said calmly "Anon, come out. I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier. Let's go out, we could use the fresh air."
I asked him where we were going through the door and he told me the local strip club. I told him I didn't want to go (it's a straight club) and he told me he just wanted me to come with him so he'd have company and that it was normal father-son bonding. I'm worried he'll try to buy me a dance to "fix me and make me straight" but once I don't enjoy the dance he'll realize I'm really gay and absolutely explode. He already disowned my sister for being a lesbian because "you're no good to me if you're not going to give me grandchildren"
Fuck wait it's all her fucking fault the stupid fucking roastie bitch if she just popped out some kids like the worthless breed sow cunt bitch she is I wouldn't be in this fucking situation, the fucking whore. Why did she have to make my life so fucking hard by being a stupid rug-munching dyke.
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>dad already previously disowned one gay sibling
>tell him you're gay
>being this retarded
why the fuck did you come out if you knew how he responded to such things from your sister?
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tell him that adoption is an option
or even your sister becoming a surrogate mother

there's so many retards that do that, I will never understand why

my parents never need to know about my sex life

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Does anyone else's parents hate them for being shut-ins with social anxiety? Mine got divorced 5 months ago and then I got dragged into living with my brother. Now both of my parents are constantly blaming shit on me all the time over text.
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>boomer typing
Post more conversations with your parents.

Is this your mom or dad?
My mom. I just recently deleted all my conversations with my parents from the last several months because they were too upsetting to read, so I'm afraid I can't post any more. She's always bugging me about communicating with her more because she can never tolerate how quiet I am.

My dad on the other hand is always giving me shit for being single and """anti-social"""

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Let's talk about how ENFJs are perfect and the best personality type.
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They're either normies or SJWs. Hardly the best.
ENFP reporting in. ENFJs are cool by me, but the Strong J ones are so suffocating it's beyond a joke. Light Js are cool thought because I'm so P that I need some of that grounding.
What are ENFPs like senpai?

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What would you do if you ended up getting the girlfriend you wanted but realized it takes up a lot of your free time that you enjoy spending alone?
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hey, i still got the girlfriend. isn't that a victory?
stay with her for two years even though neither of us are happy and then she cheats on me with my best friend hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
Im in that exact situation right now. It's draining desu. Shes great and she adores me for whatever reason but goddamn I dont like talking about pointless things.

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*this sexy MILF blocks your path*
What do?
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Grope or bust.
gnimmuc m'I aruaL
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imagine if these two invited you to their cabin for some hot chocolate haha wouldnt that be crazy

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i'm a girl and i hate myself
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That's a fluffy little wolf
neck yourself trannyfag
clearly don't hate yourself enough you waste of oxygen

Help me r9k, a girl from a couple months a go responds to me at 1am.....tell me what to reply Idk what to say.
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>it'd be doing better if my dick was in your mouth
Never a good sign. Ignore her.
Sent. I will keep you posted

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Hello r9k! A kind ambassador encouraged me to help you out with some info. Why not become your own gf? It's what I've done - massaging your own set of boobs is sublime!
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>Hello r9k! A kind ambassador encouraged me to help you out with some info. Why not become your own gf? It's what I've done - massaging your own set of boobs is sublime!
Dumb sissy white boi.
>Saged and reported you kike.
reported for what? I am interested in this

Do you have any pics of what "femboy" pill stack results in?

I don't want breast development. How safe is it to take these medications, how would they affect my health?

I am already a pretty weak guy, and my heart isn't the best, I get out of breath walking up stairs and stuff, should I consult with a doc about whether this is safe? Would the average doc (GP) even know about this stuf or only tranny facilites
OP I'd love to be cute and girly and I'd love to become some guy's girlfriend it'd make being a Repressed tranny alot easier but i doubt at 22 years old il be able to pass

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Have you ever told anyone you're depressed?
Have you ever shared your suicidal thoughts?
You've been having some dramatic mood swings, but does anyone even notice?
Do they even know you're autistic?

This thread is for the purpose of sharing what's wrong with us and how those around us react to it. Very few of us have the luxury of being isolated, as evidence by /uni/ and /retail/. With that in mind, have you ever reached out?

What's wrong with you, who did you tell, and how did they react?
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the only time I ever got a tinder match with a girl who seemed as depressed as I (and she was ugly but like a kinda cute ugly if you tried real hard) and we ended up talking for a month via tinder/kik before we decided to meet
day before we meet I reached out, mentioned suicidal tendencies and my general lack of appeal for life; she called the cops on me because idk but I then had to explain to them to go away cus I wasnt gonna kill myself right then and there but they were persistent and then I ghosted her cus who the fuck does that
the end
Producing this thread was worth it for this post alone, thank you
Weren't you banned from Discord, Love?

Reminder to cum on your sisters panties today Anon.
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>the face when no cute bubbly sister
Im a girl and I cum iny brothera panties. Do I count
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reminder that yall are the ubermensche theyve worked thousands of years to mold into the perfectly twisted/unhinged/self-destructive zombies they wanted !!! GJ

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oh man.
Im not trying to put any fatbots down but Im 100% honest, with my life being the way it already is (shit) if I was fat I would instantly kill myself, not even joking. for me that would be the same as getting crippled in an accident, I couldnt do anything anymore, I could hardly move and I would look disgusting. how can someone live like this?
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Easy, it's really easy. As a fatbot, I'm obese but still look below average at best so it's all good. For me one of the only things keeping me from offing myself is soda and delicious foods. I want to change and become /fit/ but I'm just not sure I have the motivation to do so yet.
Just realized that I feel the same way, thanks OP. Imagine having rolls of fat, having the visual reminder of your own lack of self control(in some cases) and bad genetics with you everywhere you go? Glad I'm naturally twink mode.
I dont mean you have to be /fit/, not at all.
but I just couldnt live knowing that I cant move like Im supposed to, you cant jump, you cant run, you cant even crawl or in serious cases cant even get up by yourself if you fall. image seeing a dog like that, you would feel sorry for it and it would look really gross and unnatural.
just a tought

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as an MTF is there anyone else who is disgusted by FTM's? I'm ok with gay guys, lesbians bisexuals and other mtfs but something about a female becoming a male just seems disgusting and overall gross as all hell FTMs really gross me out for some reason any other transbot know the feel? I'd just overall would never touch one I'm into guys yes but i can't help but dislike them for some reason
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theres also the fact that alot of them are whiney fucks and just dykes that repressed their sexuality to the point where they start wanting to be a guy
i don't hate them i mean i understand they have the same problem as me but it makes me feel sad that they threw away something that i would give anything in the world to be but they probably feel the same about me
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hairy girls will always be disgusting lol...

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Anyone pretend to like sports so they have something to talk to normies about? i've been thinking about doing this. they seem to enjoy such banter around it. i do not get it. like maybe if all the athletes were actually from the respective cities/areas i could understand rooting for your hometown heroes. they're not though. they ship them all around in some bizzare rotation i dont fully understand until its just a random collection of non-native players with the logo of that city/area and no other affiliation other than the brand name.
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Sports is like waifu wars but for normies
To be honest a lot of people are doing this, subconsciously or not. In Germany where I am from the 2 most prominent examples would be soccer and drinking beer. Many hate the herb taste of beer (see the rise in sweet alcohol drinks) but its part our social expirence. Most would rather drink beer instaed missing out on expirences that are connected to drinking. Same applies to soccer. Soccer is more "an excuse" to meet up, talk etc. Most of german people were in part of their live in some kind of soccer. Its something everyone did/does, its easy to connect with each other this way. I cant tell for sure but smoking might the same issue.
Did you see that ludicrous display last night?


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If you're a faggot, you aren't a robot.
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>If you're a faggot, you aren't a robot.
honestly I agree

end breeders NOW
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But i'm a virgin friendless hikkimori. I dropped out of high school and literally sit in my room all day watching anime.
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what about a wizard apprentice?


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