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"Yo white boy suck it or I pop a cap in yo' mothafuckin ass. And you better choke on it honkey."

wat do?
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Suck it

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Nothing cause I ain't white
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Bite it


Hey guys im a lonely 18 y/o girl, YES im a girl and i game, looking for people to co-op with online. I literally have no friends whatsoever and im flat broke and cant afford the game i want (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) If any of you would chip in and game with me that would be super cool. My mom actually doesnt let me buy games like this because she thinks i might use it to talk to boys not fucking joking , she is super controlling and wont let me off my leash or even give me an allowance. PLEASE HELP Me OUT!!!
this isnt just me looking for someone to buy me a game i genuinely need to find friends because as of now i have no contact with anyone outside of my house plus im home schooled. I hate my life you guys this is a last resort.
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Pics and time stamp or you're faking it
kill yourself as soon as possible please
and if i do? will u buy it for me?

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I'm really bored, can we do something anons
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owo what is it you want to do?
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post pics of your pooper
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I was hoping someone else wanted to do something

no thank you that is a thing reserved for relationships

>tfw 8/10
>Tfw no cute girlfriend
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How many fucking pictures did Stanley take of himself
>put thumb over face
Not bad

>take thumb off

Literally all Stanley needed to do was lift his face and get rid of the dead eyes
A lot. Wanna see my collection?

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>r9k is now infested with mentally ill fags
Where did it all go so wrong?
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Now? Where the fuck have you been?
The faglovers are prison gays and they are also the ones responsible for the fembot threads being bumped to limit every fucking time
Chris mercer shooting brought an influx of users so huge it killed archive.moe and ruined r9k

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Why do are they professoriate crowd so cocky?
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My dick is fucking huge
This English is fantastic
Why is they tho?

Trips and I sing a negro spiritual
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Get on that shit op
My vote is for Camptown Races and I want video evidence of you in blackface while you're singing it
GImme trips negro negro

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Hey /r9k/, I have some questions for you. I'm very confused right now and need to vent a little.

I think both males and females are attractive. I can watch regular, lesbian, gay, shemale, whatever sort of porn. I'll see people on the street, either male/female, and think they are hot.

However, I seem to get some sort of block in relation to guys. I don't know what it is, but no matter how much I think they are attractive and such, I just can't seem to bring myself to imagine anything with them. I hate hook up culture with a passion, and in my whole life, I've never seen a gay couple with a stable, normal relationship. I've fallen in love with several girls throughout the years, but never with a guy.

>Just for clarification, I'm not "prison gay". I've been attracted to both since I was 12

I also consider myself to be extremely ugly, seeing how I'm a 5"6' fat manlet. Women seem to share this conviction, seeing I've only ever kissed one in my whole life and she was drunk as hell. However, several guys have told me I look cute, and quite a few of them have shown interest. But I just can't bring myself to do anything, not even kissing them, without having extremely awful thoughts about how wrong it is and how I'll never have a stable, happy relationship with another man.

I just want to understand this. If I were able to just act on my attraction, I could probably have a bf by now. But these feelings seem to eat me away. I'm just confused, bots.
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Please mates I just want someone to talk to
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Just go for it, man. You'll never know untill you try. Just make sure its someone you actually like and don't rush into anything, Anon.
If you have this many hangups just stick with women.

I'm gay and would never want to date someone like you who is so conflicted about it.

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What's bothering you, robot?
>My mother regularly tells me to kill myself, that she should have aborted me, or at least never have me.
>She lets me know that she regrets my existence, and tells me how much she hates me almost every day.
>When I was younger she used to beat me as well.
>When I tried to move with my father she threatened me with killing herself and getting my father arrested.
What do?
Pic related
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Isn't it obvious? Move in with your dad and let that rotten cunt kill herself. Next time she threatens it NO MATTER HOW HARD IT IS just say

>fine do it you worthless whore I'll look down on your corpse and smile when I'm finally rid of you

Do it or you deserve this treatment because you're a colossal pussy. Throwing it back in her face is the only way to stop it. Chose or forever be your mothers doormat and punching bag.
She says if I move with my dad she will get him arrested
How is she going to do that? Tell her to cite the specific law she will use.

Or are you underage and not legally allowed to chose your guardian?

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>that "ding" when you get a new text message
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never had to worry about this
>it's your mom asking you how you're doing
>you don't want to lie to your mom's face by saying "fine" so you end up ignoring the message which makes her even more worried
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>get call
>no contacts except parents and suicide hotline
>woman talking
>think fantasy is coming true
>turns out to be that fucking auto insurance shit
>hang up and throw phone

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So 4chan is just social media for losers?
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I'd say it's more of social media for people who don't like filtering themselves and don't care to make friends through the site.
these people are so shit

its basically transvestite ERP

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>post face
>get compliments

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Good for you op

No thread should die without a reply
Thank you anon I thought it died an hour ago
You are an hero man

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Hey Anon, why aren't you being yirself?
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I don't like myself
I've been trying to be more myself lately and it seems like people are liking me more because of it.
Look at that poo, if I saw this IRL I would kill them both. Lucky for them I never leave the house.

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Post stories of stuff roasties have done to spite you.

>be me
> 2015
> 6/10 and have extreme social anxiety and paranoid schitzophrenia
>have small group of friends
>like girl a grade above me
>do nothing because beta as fuck
>One day decide to follow her on normiegram
>Just found out she blocked me years ago

What the fuck I looked in your direction like once I didn't do shit, you didn't block the chad that grabbed your ass. You didn't block any of my friends. Fuck you, you roastie piece of garbage. I hope you get in an abusive relationship with chad, cunt.
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mmmmmaybe her whole account is private and her only followers are those who proactively sent her a friend request first?

>> 6/10 and have extreme social anxiety and paranoid schitzophrenia

She probably had good reason to think you unstable.

If you're this ass-blasted over getting social media blocked by someone whom you had almost no contact with, you're pretty much vindicating her for not wanting anything to do with you.

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why do all the comfy threads keep dying edition
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It's like a plague that comfy threads get

Maybe there'll be a few more people here because of Easter?
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hopefully. I remember back in 2014-15 these would always hit image limit, now they die after only a few posts.
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What the fuck does anyone have to do for Easter?

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