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Look robots, it's time you accept two simple truths and adjust your lives so that they're in conformity with them.

There are two things, and only two things, that will satisfy you and make life worth living:

1. Being able to attract females, and having females be loyal to you.

2. Being superior to your fellow man.

Nothing else matters. If you can't accomplish either of these goals I feel for you, but you should just kill yourself. Your life will not be worthwhile. I understand that having females be loyal to you is a daunting proposition, because they're not typically trustworthy, but understand that once you ascend to the top 5-10% of males and become Chad esque, they will be loyal to you. Perhaps not as a whole, but you will always have sexual access to females, and there will always be another one ready to drop everything to be with you. Provided you're not stupid or ugly (ugly being the death sentence here) it's not impossible to ascend to the top 5-10%. Look around you at how lazy people are -- that's what you're competing with.

Come on, robots. Get busy living or get busy dying. You have no-one to blame but yourself for the prolongation of your own suffering.
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Ignore me then, cowards, but know that you can't ignore the nagging of your own souls!
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Why aren't you dating a qt latina girl?
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aint none of those in my country

I wish i was tbqh famalama
I don't want to get jumped by her family.

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Is science the solution to transgenderism?
I'm one of those guys who likes to wear girly clothes when I fap. It turns me the fuck on. Lately I've been pretty sad because I'm not really a girl. It fogs my brain.
However, on days I feel sharp and interested in science, all dysphoria I might have felt seems trivial. It's like it doesn't even matter when you look at the big picture.
Should traps and generally trans people be forced into STEM? Would it finally cure dysphoria?
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The solution is to stop polluting the world with estrogen mimicking chemicals and end the fag propaganda, while putting in mental wards the few ones that will be left after a massive recovery with the first two solutions.
Also fap less, hold at least a month from each, you'll counter the influences with your own homone build up.
Quick Rundown on transgenderism
>Not normal
>Hidden level in human development activated by the Cern project
>trans people said to have a latent "7th" sense to locate dimension rifts
>"7th" sense only activated by a cocktail of drugs and a techno-medical-occult process that has a 99.8% fatality rate
>CIA, MI6, and KGB on a desperate hunt to find a transperson with an active "7th" sense from birth
>transperson with active rift sensing ability is destined to become the Mua'dib and bring the NWO to utter submission
>The Canadian government has been harvesting the pineal glands of trans people since 1966 in the hopes of "making" a natural rift seer
>Canadian project was a disaster, initial successes and government deadlines forced the scientists to display their progress a congress of world leaders in the White house guest room
>Within 30 seconds of opening the rift in the White House basement the rift seer exploded into pure energy and is said to have reformulated as a spectral woman that has memories dating back to 1775
>If the trans Mua'dib is captured before the Bogs can locate them xirs powers will be used to merge our would with an alternate reality whose closest approximation is "Hell"
>Many false prophets will appear claiming to be transperson with active rift seeking powers, they are agents of the interdimension deros and plan to harvest the pineal glands of every transperson under their banners

Why don't you get off the computer and go for a walk in a forest preserve?

Not shitposting, 100% serious here. You will feel much better after going. Clears your head.
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I don't want to go for a walk in a snowstorm.

I wish spring would hurry up and get here so I could.
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i was going to take my camera i just got out and take some photographs but everything just feels like a huge effort
I did. Well we don't have forests here but I walk to the outskirts of town and just along the small farm roads.

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So I'm just a normie oldfag. Haven't been here in a decade, but I'm glad to see this place is worse than ever.

Got a question for you autists. What is it that enabled you to end up like this? I am trying to head off the almost inevitable future in which my son ends up looking like the attatched pic.

He's socially retarded, barely passing school and has zero interests in anything other than playing vidya in the basement. His favorite food is chicken tenders ffs.

Thankfully he actually still will go outside. For now.

What can I do, in your opinion, to make sure this stops before it goes too far?

Thanks, normie Dad
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fuck him in the ass to teach him discipline
Take away his video games it will force him to go out due to sheer boredom
beatings and xanax
make sure he knows to never really bee himself

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Anyone here have sisters? Do you have feelings for them?

I have 2, one of 22 and one of 14. The 2 are beautiful, but I have a giant attraction for my 14-year-old sister. But we do not live together.
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Go sort your shit out >>>/adv/ Kthnx
Try to spend as much time with your sister as possible. Take care of her the best you can.
I hate my sister in every way.

She loves my father.

What are Russian women like?

I have a qt russian neighbor who's always walking around the block with her mom. I'm thinking about having my dog be my wingman. He's so cute she'll have to stop and pet him if i run into her.

I heard dogs are a great way to pick up women, but idk what russian women are like. I only met one in my life, a gymnast who worked at my old job. She seemed nice.
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That sucks, but what else is new
Believe it or not, Czechs are even worse.

There is NO such thing as a """""""""fembot"""""""""" and there never will be.
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Probably no robots but definitely women who at least lurk on here
Incel women are a myth. FemBOTs are a myth. Anyone looking for that might as well invest in a waifu.
What about Eliza/Ciara?

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>tfw no boutique bf
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wreck yourself
Fuck off, Pip, seriously
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>tfw no tomoko gf or gf(bf)

File: robot vs nigress.webm (2MB, 636x356px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
robot vs nigress.webm
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Are nigger bitches the lowest form of life in the universe? Not only are they physically repulsive, they're also loud, obnoxious, emotionally labile, and have high levels of false confidence. They combine all the worst qualities of of both niggers and women.
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Can you explain what happened here? Totally oregano guys.
Where's the part of the video after, when fatty rages and fucking destroys the nigger?
>the lowest form of life in the universe
I actually don't have enough information to answer that question. Are you interested in cosmology?

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>turned 18
>lost the right to have a non-roastie gf legally
>at least I can openly admit my age on 4chan
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Move to Europe, 14-30 couples are totally normal here.
is that a dog who's all alone?
You wanna help that dog dude?

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What was the last album you listened to, /r9k/?
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College Dropout

Your's a good choice too ,tho.
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Better than the bends but not as good as the bends
I hope your favourite track is Good night too
Blink-182 - Enema of The State
I listened to probably all but 2 songs.

Why don't you get yourself a thicc black gf?
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Cause I don't live in a multi ethnic society. All I have here is shit white women.
Because I have a thicc white gf
I'm an ugly 25 year old neet whitey with no money or future

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What is your guys' opinion in adderall?
I'm perpetually unable to will myself to do anything most days.
Isn't adderall supposed to help that?
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I can't take it; it gives em heart palpitations and high blood pressure, but it's some good shit nonetheless.
Everyone says it's addiction and dependency forming.
But if it helps you focus while you can't focus normally anyway, what would be the difference between taking it all the time as a "dependence" versus taking it all the time as a treatment?
Up to shenanigans at this late hour, eh?

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filler filler
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This is the 'freedom' that Americans have imported to half the world.
Women are allowed to show ass, boobs and masturbate in public with no consequence. This is the privilege a cucked society has given them.
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fugg sorry for the small pic

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