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how is everyone today
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I'm well, and you are?
i dont cry as much anymore
but i cant say why or people will take away that happiness
bump because i want to know how you robots day is

What are you robots tripping on/planning to trip on today?

No moralfags please. No one gives a fuck that you're straight edge.
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I'm high on life. And by life I mean pot. Or at least I will be, after work.
About to light up some weed. It's not good shit because my legit dealer is a lazy puss that doesn't want to drive to my house and I can't be fucked to see him. Will be smoking copious amounts of outdoor indica to make up for it. I'm /hiphophead/, what should I listen to while I smoke? Preferably old school.
Camp lo

You know the album.

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>born dicklet
>began balding at 17
>probably autistic and not the meme kind
>Tourette's Syndrome

This is actually the shittiest hand I've ever seen. There's no way a god could exist and let this happen to me. The only thing that's good is my 6'2 height. Did I mention I have patella tracking disorder too? As a result I can't run or it hurts my knee.
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Fuck you. I hope you suffer.
Don't worry, anon, my life is even worse. The ride will finally end some day.
I hate you and everyone with your skin color

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How do we exterminate the black race /r9k/?
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Stop giving them free stuff, in our nations and in theirs.
Stop blaming this on whites.
You even blame the nigger problem on whites.

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>be me
>at Safeway, just had some wings
>walk out the door
>homeless guy flags me down
>good dammit why do they keep choosing me
>says he lost his ID and wants me to get him some booze
>tell him I'm only 20 and can't buy booze yet (amerifag)
>asks me if I can buy him lunch
>I'm too nice so I agree to run in and get him a sandwich
>says he wants wings
>begrudgingly agree
>he takes his sweet time picking all different flavors
>I'm already late for an appointment
>picks out like a pound and a half of wings
>gonna be expensive, and I'm already low on cash
>we get in line
>dude starts eating in the damn line
>really nigga?
>leaves the box open and covered in greasy fingerprints
>total comes to ten bucks
>half of my remaining spending money
>I pay and tell the cashier to have a good day
>homeless guy walks off without saying thanks
>swear to myself that's the last time I'm buying a dude lunch
>fucking dickhead
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You're just a doormat, should've just said "no". Dummy.
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download (1).jpg
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I've told myself the same thing over and over. I'm a hopeless case.

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Yes goy, be a NEET for a year or two, three is even better. You don't need a job to be prosperous, that's what NEETbux are for. Stay inside your house all day and take a lot of good naps, play WoW while you're awake. While doing all that you should meditate on MGTOW philosophy, yessssss, very good goy.
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>yes goy, work more!

>don't retire until you've wasted all of your youth!

>take out that loan!

>buy that new flatscreen!
Implying Jews don't want us to pay taxes
The Jews want more workers, NEETs are their worst nightmare.

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*YAWWWWWN* Ah, top o' the morning Robots. The sun is shining and we've got a whole new day to do what we love. Think ill play some overwatch and then fap a little. But first, i need my big ol cup of Joe. Nothing beats the first cup in the morning. Untill i finish my coffee, avoid any and all communication. Do not talk, wave, or (You) me until ive finished my cup of mud. If you do, ill Reee or shout, and maybe even piss on you. You've been warned.
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You know that (You)s don't exist anymore, right anon?
Are you memeing or are they gone again for real?
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You tell me, my dude.

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>that rich kid who always got the newest consoles before everyone else did

Tell me about him, robots.
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I don't know him but this struck a nerve

>haven't been able to keep up with console since 2012
>always missing out on games

Sucks to be me.
>still playing day of defeat:source and TF2

It's actually kind of comfy being me.
It was probably me.

Since Atari 2600. However I still haven't bought a PS4/XBONE

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>try to walk around anywhere in public
>eyes start watering
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Don't worry, this happen to everyone
R-Right robots?heh...
>anon why are you crying
Do you get the watery eyes from wind and shit blowing in it? I have a pretty high pain tolerance in general, but my eyes are sensitive as fuck. Cannot stand bright light, sneezes or even gusts of wind without tearing up.

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Virgin fembot here
Ask me something
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Why are you here? I bet this isn't even original
what drives a man to the point where he must pretend to be a woman on anonymous imageboards?
I am autistic. This is my facebook

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Im stuck at party, every one is dancing and im at The fuckin bathroom contemplating suicide what shoulder i do?
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Do drugs get drunk

Duh op
Go and dance too. Have fun for once in your life.
Should* fuckin phone

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I have a girlfriend you weeb, virgin neet-fucktards
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No you don't. If you did you wouldn't be here willingly.

You're just her cuckold.
I just came here to laugh at you, fucking robots.
Kek, OP is a cuckold

Do you ever feel light headed after a long shower and get your vision blurred and feel like fainting?
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No. Get checked out, OP. You gon die.
It's called hypotension or low blood pressure, it happens in the shower due to warmer water reducing the amount of effort your heart has to exert to pump blood in your body since the water dialates your blood vessel, but once you leave the shower your body has little time to adjust and your heart suddenly has to work harder to pump blood resulting in brief symptoms of presyncope (symptoms leading up to fainting). It's a farily common occurence don't worry about it, but take shorter showers or colder showers if it happens a lot.
By the way it also bears some similarities to Orthostatic hypotension which happens when you suddenly stand up, it's the same principle, but your condition likely isn't chronic.

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Buy bitcoins goym. It's reel money not one of my Jewish tricks this time. I promise.
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>tfw literally going to spend half my savings ($30k at 19) on bitcoins
>tfw missed the meme too many times
See you in lamboland
Get out we're full

I've had fucking enough of missing out on the bitcoin meme.

Time to join when it's stopped going down

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It's insane how much the college experience differs depending on who you are. I have a friend who went to parties, lived in a house with his friends, went on roadtrips, got laid, etc. I'm 23, spent 5 years at school, and made 2 friends there the whole time and just studied in the library the rest of the times. Spent Friday nights jerking off and playing TF2. Didn't get a very high GPA either and am currently unemployed.

Fuck trustfunders and fuck Chad. I just wanted to get that off my back.
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what did you study?

I'm about to enter uni in the fall and am pretty ambivalent about the whole thing.
Not just who you are, but who you are surrounded by. I entered college with an open mind hoping to have those kind of experiences, but how do I go to parties and get laid if my friends want to stay indoors and play mario kart? Too socially akward to go and meet people on my own ;_;
Computer engineering. I don't have any work experience so it's just applying after applying with nothing in sight.

You gotta find some new friends my man. Not necessarily Chad but normal people who know women. I got introduced to some women but it was few and far between, and never lost my virginity because they were all taken. I went to some parties but unless you're popular enough to get into the frat houses, you might go to some generic house parties where there aren't too many girls and none of them want to talk to you. Of course a night of Mario Kart with friends sounds pretty comfy, nothing wrong with that.

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