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How do we stop niggers from breeding witj white women?
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Be a beta cuckold and date chink instead, because it's easier!
>how do we stop evolution from happening
>implying it's even began
Rug your Penis is literally 3 inches you dumb nig nog, stop shitposting.
>breeding with a a race that is inferior in every way, physical and mental

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> Three people have died after a truck was driven into pedestrians in central Stockholm.
>It is thought that several people were also injured as the vehicle crashed into a department store in Drottninggatan, a shopping district in the centre of the Swedish capital.
>Swedish media outlets said the vehicle is on fire. Police are at the scene and the downtown area has been sealed off by security forces.
>Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet quoted a witness saying they saw hundreds of people running for their lives near the Ahlens mall.
>It is not yet known if it is a terrorist-related incident.
>A police spokesperson said: "A vehicle has injured people on Drottninggatan.

The suspect's name is Oscar Erikkson and he is on the run! If you know this person, call the police immediately! Share it on Twitter and Facebook!

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Nice attempt, vengeful slut.
Hmmm thing are getting interesting
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N0 way!

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these comics are /r9k/ defined to an essence

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Why haven't you been banned for advertisement yet?
these comics are literally the epitome of virgin rage, completely unrealistic, myopic, full of projection
also the """artist""" glorifies engineers but in one of his """comics""" he writes some bullshit math symbols that shows he doesn't even know basic algebra
basically i hope this meme dies although it's a little funny how bad it is
>doctor too stupid to realize poor people exist
How'd he make it through medical school?

How many people who committed suicide or died you know? I saw in "that kid thread" that a lot of ameritards had the people who died during the school time from cancer, accidents etc. I live in Po(o)land and I know only about one girl who committed suicide not even in my school and about one cancer patient who got well after all

Also I was at the two funerals and my friends used to know an old chav who hanged himself. that's all. Am I that autistic to not see people before 40 dying or it is not that common?
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rainbow kanna.gif
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ameritard here
its just a population thing
>more people
>more depression
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A kid in my school was squished by a vending machine when he hit it.

Stupid fuck kept having hissy fits if he didn't get what he want instantly so picked a fight with the vending machine and lost.

He was twitching a little after.

Was this the winner of the Darwinism award?

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Share your stories from being in a psych ward/mental hospital.
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>Crazy white girl had a crush on me. Called me "sad panda"
>She saw me talking to someone else and started chugging sanitizer to spite me.
>Had a crush on the fellow mulatto bi girl all along.
>Got out
>in psych ward with dude suffering from severe burns on half his body(it happened some time before), uses fentanyl patches to relieve the pain
>half an hour later, hanging in the common room with the other patients when "CODE BLUE CODE BLUE" on the overhead speaker
>he ate one fentanyl patch and conned the staff into giving him another patch saying he didn't get the first
Dude died.
When i got there i was greeted by nothing too extreme, except one person. Later me and another person there came to call him theory. The reason we called him that is because he was completely in his own head, he would interrupt his own sentences to correct them immediately which was a result of him arguing with himself absolutely non stop. In general he wasnt physically active and he spent his time studying or playing chess.
One day some really hyped up guy comes in, we quickly started calling him practice. He was all over the place, talking non stop moving from room to room never in one place, starting conversations, which were fairly odd. He basically said that men should use make up to look better like women do, so women would be crazy over us, insisted on how hot id look with bangs and im pretty sure there were some mentions of the idea that men should wear kneesocks or even nylon porn style type socks.
He was put in the psych ward for beating up a group of people with the dull part of an axe. Pretty sure it was interpreted as attempted murder even though he said he would never do such thing.
But most of my time was spent watching theory and practice do their own thing, they were entertaining.
There was this pretty weird chick that, now that i think bout it probably had bpd, she was slutty. Mostly wanted me to fuck her in the bathroom and coming on to me constantly, if i were to go to bed which was in the boys room she would follow me and one time when i was laying down with my eyes closed she climbed on top of me.
Later we got some kid, probably 10 years old or something, he was also all over the place which presented problems to our friend practice. They would constantly fight each other, the kid would kick him and push him, and he wasnt hesitant to fight back. Practice wasnt a man to take lightly attacking him in any form, it is the reason he beat those people with an axe.TBC.

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How do I get a Christian wife?
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Repent you fucking heathen
I'm not a heathen, I'm a Christian
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By going to the Church.

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Have you cum on retail employees before?

(Source: search wally world on xhamster)
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how does he cum so fast fuck
Imagine a world without niggers
It's easy if you try

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It is a really big issue. Women hate virgins above 20 yo. I don't know how it looks in US, but in my country in europe being a virgin at the age of 18 is hell, this is the point of no return. Telling someone that you are a virgin at the age of 18 is like telling that you fap to photos from nazi death camps, people who are virgins with 25 or more years are beyond saving and their social status is lower than a status of a local chav, even if they are doctors of engineers, some people even don't want to hire kissless virgins, especially in finance and all that office jobs. Virgins in small towns have worse social status than hobos and I'm not even joking, hobos have welfare or something similar and their dirty, smelly flats but at least they socialize with each other and with the chavs - virgins die alone.

In the last year on the our version of plebbit some KHV started their own "chan" posting feels from virgin shaming and this is fucking depressing - robots have no life here.

What about US? Are virgins suffering the isolation and stigmatization from other people? Is it easy for ameritards to spot a virgin?
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That's why I never admit it. Only that it's "been awhile". Heh, grounded enough to be believable. Kill me now.
When I worked at the local burger joint a girl straight up asked me. I visibly blushed and they guy she was with seemed to pity me...either she was observant or I was obvious.
What country are you from ?
Im from Poland and being a virgin is not a big issue.And how they know you are virgin in Poland it's hard to tell who is and who isn't

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HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING, if you needed an activity for a date, would you go for pool, air hockey or ping pong?
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pool its way more chill
Pool, because the girl will have to bend over and you can check out her ass and tiddies.
Its more fun, manly and impressive than the other sports.
Also more common in social gatherings (i.e bars).

Friday night lonely austhread, discord shills need not apply
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roko where the FUCK are you my son
Aus cunt stole my gf
there's no point anon, these threads are always destroyed by little newfags who insist on saying shit like "cunt" and "aye" constantly and talking about their parties and beers, save yourself the trouble

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Is this the new thing now? Trucking people instead of mass shooting? What do fellow robots think about trucking normies? The KDR isnt that bad tbhwyf
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>It's another "Robot pretends to have the confidence required to do anything about his miserable existence" episode
make a device that collects oxygen from air
either the normies suffocate or the oxygen burns everything
whichever comes first
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>make a device that collects oxygen from air
you mean a flamethrower?

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>tfw neet hikikomori
>tfw i would like get a qt girlfriend and have a nice life
>tfw im a 5'5
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Go to a shopping mall and look around you and understand why everything you learn on the internet are lies propagated by the inequities of delusional failures. Short guys get girls just as easily as any other guy.

Your height is not preventing you from having a girlfriend. It's everything else about you.
don't worry dude, I'm just a little taller than you, and antisocial fat guy and I have quite success with girls
>On the internet
Oh, anon.

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wtf is with this retarded new made pepes?

stop this retardness
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It is called Apu Apustaja, its not that new, and I love it personally
heloust, what is the originells one you like?
Listen, I will make this short and rest assured I have made peace.
Many forms is good and in reality thats not a new. you're just not in good mental shape member.
>It is called Apu Apustaja
>aka some dumb fuck put a name on it

How does it feel that with Tinder, your chances as an average guy to score has decreased from likely to very unlikely? How does it feel that the same top 20% Chads are hogging up 80% of the women, and constantly cycling between them through this app? How does it feel that any disgusting hambeast will have an army of men after her no matter how she looks like?

Natural selection or societal degeneration?
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>Natural selection or societal degeneration?
It's pretty obviously both
>I have never tried Tinder but know everything about it because I believe memes of bitter virgins, the post
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text for robots

What do you wear on the daily? Outfit bread
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Here is the template boiz

>That "jacket"
>Those shoes
Are you gay or something?
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>Jealous of my outfit
Enjoy your autistic newbalances and Walmart hoodies faggot

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