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>just get a job lol
>just go to school lol
>just dress better lol
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>no place will hire me
>can barely attend school because no transportation and i can't afford an uber everytime
>can't afford new clothes because I have no job and I have no sense of fashion

why even bother
>just get a job IoI
>just go to school IoI
>just dress better IoI
Is dressing better the biggest meme of all? Being well-dressed doesn't make you less ugly, if anything the contrast of ugly face and 'nice' clothes is jarring.

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this is it people

this is the end
help me bernd
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Just a reminder, you cannot know how much of a slut a woman is because she can mask hickeys with make-up to make them seem even more innocent than they actually are.
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Are hickeys bite marks? Why would you bite a girl on the neck? Do people rp as vampires or something?
No you fucking twit. It happens when you suck on skin, breaking blood vessels iirc.

Some of them get off to it because they like feeling owned.
its a territorial thing i think, some girls are into being "marked" - its like a show of loyalty

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>tfw love of my life fucked every single man in town throughout high school but has never kissed me, even 10 years later, and I'm constantly loaning her money and buying her stuff and helping her out trying to win her affection while she continues to make bad decision after bad decision and get pumped and dumped by men even to this day.
>so undesirable that a Hall of Fame whore in my area won't even be in a relationship with me.

>buy stuff for her kids
>pay for her rent
>work on her cars
>go with her to doctors appointment
>there for her when she needs help
>basically the boyfriend without the title or benefits

I just hope one day she realizes I'm the only one that's ever been there for her and she'd just commit to me. I already take care of her and her kids. I don't even care about the sex at this point; I just want some goddamn affection and loyalty and I'm tired of having to calm her down and build her back up when some Chad fucks her and leaves.
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why not spend like $20 on enough rope for a noose you sad little "man"
You are pathetic. It will never happen


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post pictures of the people who made your life hell in school. this is the guy who always went out of his way to mess with me. his name was literally 'chad' and he would spit on me every chance he got, just hock big ass loogies on me if he ever had the chance. he was from a poor family but he was scrappy as hell, he'd jack off using the school library and cum on someone sitting nearby and laugh at them for it. he was obsessed with bodily fluids and he was basically the grossest bully of all time
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>Ejaculate on someone
Is that shit legal?
I've never had bullying issues despite being the weird white kid
Why do people try to grow beards when they dont come out right

Shit looks gross. Like its growing out of his fucking neck. He cant even grow a moustache.

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Being short is a death sentence lads

>tfw 5'5"

just fuck my shit up
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6'1 here
I just want you to know I will come to your defense from hideous thots if the event arises. I cannot empathize, but I sympathize.
just accept your shortness and use it to become a cute trap
oy vey don't ever yeshiva me or my kenava's kerspiddle ever again

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cwc calls out jeff.jpg
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*gets a gf*
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That's not a girl. It does not count as a gf
even ol chrissy can become a stacy, now you guys have no excuse if she can get a gf :9)
The 5 o clock shadow is what makes it. quality shitpost.

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Any tics, ritualistic behavior, odd gait, self-talk, disheveled in public?
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I often times will make this "heh" breathing sound like I saw or read something funny in public for no reason. I look insane sometimes.
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>Walks fast
>Baggy clothes(esp with cargo pockets)
>Bad posture
>Looks at ground or nervously glances around

Yeah I actually have quite a few

- Talk to myself

- Chopping motion into hand

- Hand across scalp

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What ever happend to the zodiac killer?
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I don't know I'm still waiting for David Fincher to get off his ass and make a sequel. Fucking cliffhangers, man.
He won a congressional seat.
he died before he was caught

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Robots, post your bullying stories
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Once bullied fifteen kids in one week. I set a new record for myself.
>be me in kindergarten
>awkward scrawny kid with big glasses
>try to make friends at recess
>three guys decide to "play" with me
>they make me lay on the grass and say it's a game
>then they kick and roll me down the hill
>I cried

>be me in 1st to 6th grade
>not bullied physically but rather I was avoided by people
>girls would joke around saying I was hot and that they wanted to be my gf to make fun of me

>be me in 7th to 8th grade
>physically bullied by some high schooler when I went to the high school to take math classes
>sat alone at lunch so people would throw food at me

>be me in 9th to 12th grade
>decide to act like I'm a school shooter type
>stare at people intimidatingly
>wear a trenchcoat to classes
>joke about suicide, depression, and murder
>watch videos about surgery and dissection in the library at lunch
>carry around an Anatomy book to read and to gross people out
>no one dared bully me then
Today I was on a date with the bf and we were going to see the movie It (2017). He went to the bathroom while I got popcorn and a drink for two and I stood in the line on the left. The line on the left cleared and I got popcorn and a drink and ranch salt. I was paying for my order when I heard a lady say "boy" in a really loud manner. So I looked at her and then I looked where she was looking, but there was nobody there, so I thought nothing of it. But then a few seconds later she was standing right next to me screaming at me about how I cut in front of all these people and she pointed at the people in line. I told her that I was in the other line and she said that there was no other line and repeated that I cut in front of all the people she was pointing at. So I apologized to the people who were standing in line but they just kinda avoided looking at me except for the couple who were presently at the concessions stand. The lady of that couple turned to me and said that it was no big deal and smiled at me as the angry lady started to huff off. As the angry lady was storming off, she yelled that I was rude and a liar, that I should feel ashamed, paused, and then screamed "boy". The concessions person told me after she left that I shouldn't feel too bad even though I did cut a few people in line. It wasn't nearly as big a deal as she made it out to be and he knew that I didn't do it intentionally. He then told me not to mind the whole 'boy' comment, and that the angry lady was just looking for creative ways to call me ugly. Maybe I should get those feminizing surgeries traps get though. It still kinda stings.

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>130 IQ
why god
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>160 IQ
whys it bad me too but adhd so whys it more worse than normal iq
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>thinking that any IQ above that which is the baseline of those with retardation is important
if not living up to your supposed potential makes you feel miserable, you deserve it

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so i lucked out and met this girl a few months ago who i lost my virginity to. we got together a few times and had sex about half a dozen times in total
i'm not going to lie it was without question the greatest experience of my life and i don't think anything in the world can ever come close to the joy of having sex
she has cut contact with me about a month ago now and i am feeling more depressed and suicidal than ever before, i cant see myself getting a girl like that again for a very long time if ever
i honestly wish i had stayed a virgin because now i know what im missing out on by not having sex and it is the worst feeling in the world

tl;dr stay a virgin and do not pursue women. you are better off not knowing/experiencing it because once its gone the pain is 100 times worse than when you were still a virgin
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That's what traps are for bro. Lower standards than girls and you got guaranteed anal sex.
I wish I heeded this advice....same boat as you, just earlier this summer. Was way better off blissfully ignorant, I'm more emotionally drained and apathetic than ever before.
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Get out of here you #$!% normalfags

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>started watching gochiusa s2 after reading a thread about it on /a/
>the girl i love is probably in a party right now
>while i'm watching a fucking anime about fucking lolis and almost crying myself in sorrow
How to proceed robots?
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Buy a Rize figure. I bought one and I love it!
first reply = best course of action
He should buy one of each girl though. I should have said that instead to make this statement true.

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Why don't you lower your standards and get a gf like this?
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Lower my standards for her? What the fuck are you talking about, she's like an 8.

>flat chested
>no ass

nice logic
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can't lower my standards if I know the perfect girl exists

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What's been stressing you out lately?
You can talk about it if you'd like to.
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I think I might be prison gay and I'm stressed that I'm wasting my youth.
There's construction projects going on around my apartment and I want to kill myself
The continuous never ending job search. I've been NEET for 6 months and I just want a job again. I can just tell my parents are starting to look at me worse each passing day.
Why the fuck is it so hard to find a decent job? I have experience, and I've worked for 3 years at my previous job. I hate life right now. I just wish I can get a call one day from an employer.

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