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What feelings does this elicit in you?
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It strikes really close to home for me. I wish more people were like that.
Couldn't actually read it. I got bored on line 3. So boredom.
Depends on what she's buying in the first place.

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Maybe we should just not worry about girls and sex. Doesn't get us anywhere.
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You're right but tell that to the failed normies and normans that are crawling this place now.

True robots never gave a shit about women and that wont change anytime soon
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I am actually quite happy that you stupid imbeciles can't get any girlfriends. You probably will never breed your retardation which cures the fucking cancer I get every fucking time scrolling this board.

Most of you are just arrogant pricks that would rather eat their own shit in self pity than actually move their fucking fat asses and do something.
It's a bit different for me, you see I'm a cuck, by new agey 4chan definition anyway:

I had a gf from age 15 to 23 - we both agreed to break up, we both wanted to be single, things like Instagram and Tinder popularised while we grew up together, it's easy to feel like we missed out.

So guess what happened? I was not nearly as marketable as I thought I was, she, being a woman, got fucked by many men. Now she's not to blame, hell I spearheaded the fucking break up.

Anyway fast forward 2 years and we're recently back together. I actually embraced the life you're talking about, forgot pussy, forgot women, life was good. But.. now, with no chance of evening the score, I am with her and own the knowledge that maybe had I tried to fuck more girls, perhaps I would have, instead of pulling out of the race.

But for anyone who has been gf-less I say do it because it's hella peaceful and you won't encounter my problem.

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>tfw the codiene and benzos cross your blood brain barrier

I know it's just delusional but damn this feels so fucking good
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>tfw the weed cells hit your brain
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By the way i love all of you, don't know what i would do without my /r9k/ senpai
>tfw codeine and benzos don't work for you

feels bad fampai

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Anyone else have such bad social anxiety that they only lurk on social media/forums/etc. and get noticeably stressed if you do try to interact with them at all?
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Yeah, I have pretty bad crippling social anxiety. I have no friends irl and I keep trying to make friends on discord and stuff but tend to freeze up when someone interacts with me. you're not alone anon

my legs shake, like when you get into a fight

Its horrible because you know everything should be normal and there is no immediate threat
I'm not sure that's my problem. I've been able to interact with people just fine. I just dislike having friends for long periods of time so I avoid making them.

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we need to find a way to make "not talking" more painful than "talking" (in other words, we're fucked)
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What about this? You implant electrodes under your skin that deliver an electric shock directly to your testicles (not the skin, like the actual testes). In order to stop them from delivering the shock, you need to speak at least more than one half of every minute.

Within a month of this, you'll be talking in your sleep and you'll be a protochad. Problem solved!
>try to say something
>everyone's attention is immediately directed towards you
>"Whoa, anon actually spoke for once!"
>they completely ignored what you said

Talking will always be more painful
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this is a brilliant idea. i have a feeling i'll only learn through pain.

my synaptic pathways are too rigid. too smart for my own good.

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>Meet a girl with every red flag under the sun
>6/10 on a good day
>can't stop thinking about her just because she acknowledges my existence
Get me out of here lads.
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what are the red flags anon?
you need to force yourself among multiple girls
otherwise you will fall for anyone that gives you a bit of attention
We've all met that type.

I'm not sure why I ever liked her. Maybe she was too depressed to let her bitchy side out. Now shes always just whining about her ex and is drunk on you-go-girlism. Tries to make it sound like her shitty pagan magazines are equivalent to my studies when I point out her shits retarded. Oddly enough shes kind of sought me out more often now that I've tried to pull back pretty hard.

Pretty sure the nuclear option will always be the best route here.

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Why does every girl have daddy issues?
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Because irresponsible parenting
>Why does every girl have daddy issues?

Jews destroyed the family unit.
Because feminists destroyed the concepts of maleness and femaleness.

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Two more packs and I can OD
Do I buy a third one just in case?
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dying of liver failure fucking sucks and can take days and there is a big chance you will live with a fucked up liver...of the thousands of people who try this only a few hundred actually scuceed i would not advise to do this
buy or make a shotgun if you actually want to die
No can do I don't live in America

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Want a dota tattoo after being top 2000 for a little and falling in love with huskar and meepo, thinking "divided we stand, together we fall" on my thigh, talk me out of it or into something better.
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that's pretty faggy
Wow that sounds so COOL

You should totally do it
tattoos are for faggots and boring normies who want to look interesting

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I see too much sadness and despair on this desolated land, and I do not appreciate it. From now on, I will come every day on this board to bring what you people lack the most : hopes and motivation.

It's pretty hard to think of a new cheer every day casually, especially in an original way. It's all about "you can do it", "giving up isn't an option" or "U fail butt whatever". Nevertheless, I know people need it to maintain their hopes.

So, I'll keep coming here to say those words of determination as long as I can. But I need to know : robots, what would you like to hear each day to be in a good modd and face the incoming day ? I won't kill myself, piss in my toilet in missionary position or create an ode to the glory of white suppremacy kind of things to entertain you, I'm not here for that.

Anyway, don't forget : do what it takes to bring you joy. Until you give up, everything is still possible !

Failure isn't an end, it's the first step to success.
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Your last line sucks though. Rethink it, I'm sure you can come up with something better.
Thanks Kamina, my spirits have been lifted!
Maybe, but now that I started with it, I don't feel like changing it midway.
Glad to hear it !

>missed out teenager love
>missed out pure and natural sexual exploration
>missed out your first time with a girl that loved you
>missed out dating without expectations, just two lovers together having fun, trying to figure out their feelings

Escorts aren't the same anon, no matter how much you pay for the "Girlfriend Experience". You missed all that, and there's no coming back.
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could be worse. my brothers first gf cheated on him with his best friend in his bed and my other brother has had a couple girls cheat on him.
find yourself 18 gf
I missed out on 20's love.

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Should makeup be prohibited?
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why? Its pretty fucking obvious when a girl is wearing makeup. Just assume they're ugly if they look "okay" with a full face of makeup on. Are you also against plastic surgery since that isn't what they "actually" look like?
Are you honestly dumb enough to not notice how ugly the women on right still is? Look at her teeth its just lipstick on a pig
that's a one way of doing it
you could also learn how to see underneath it
it's much simpler solution

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sya 1 nice thing about the poster above you.
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When you try to fish for compliments at least you do it in a creative way.
At least you aren't from /v/
You're smart and I'm being original

I am from a shitskin third-world country where we all literally stay virgin until marriage which is on an average at the age of 24. There is no cultural relevance of Chad, Stacey, alpha, beta, cock-eyed here. Boys and girls rarely talk to each other in school and college and most marriages are arranged. Most problems that young men have are based on poor economic status or academic failures, rather than lack of sex or romance. Is there any point of me taking anything said in this board seriously? Why do I still keep coming back here?
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Cock-size I meant.
Your a self-hating idiot OP, that's why.
Anyone who isn't black is fine with me.

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>Start talking with qt girl(female) met online
>Send pic of my face
>She stops responding
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Oppressive LEL.
Show your face OP we'll judge
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>tfw she replies with a compliment

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