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How can I fuck 35+ milfs as a 20 year old

Not just any 35+


assume no confidence and 6/10 at best looks
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be good looking
or rape
I fugged a woman in her late 40s on Fabswingers.com, I assume other sites like that would work.
When I was 19, my boss who was 35 at the time was into me. I'm an idiot for not acting on it. Regret is a terrible feeling.

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I'm really fucking bored in the car right now. Fucking ask me something or some gay shit like that you faggots
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do you like homo sex?
Take a pic of your dick against the steering wheel.
nigga I'm not driving and I'm with my family

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why do white girls refuse to date white manlets but they date arabs and pakis manlets ?
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I don't date outside my race i.e. asians only

no white girl degeneracy
social acceptance prob
Stop believing in memes. The girls that turn you down but are willing to date other manlets aren't turning you down because of your height, mate.

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Dick is like a good book. Once I pick it up and start reading it, I can't put it back down again until I'm done. It's also like a book because I can start reading a book even when I'm not interested in it and then become very interested once it gets going. I sometimes just let a guy stick his dick in me and then I start enjoying it maybe 5 minutes later. I now just assume that I can kickstart my sex drive just by having sex.
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>inb4 (male)

n-no homo...?

super gay if homo
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It's pretty fun to feel the good sensations and the desire to continue arising where the was none a few moments prior

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>"a gf won't make you happy"

Someone please explain this to me. How can it not make you happy to have someone to hug and kiss at night, to give you support and make you feel worthwhile as a person. Proof that you're desirable and normal, and that you belong somewhere?
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because as soon as you get that you realise you want something else, or it lasts a few months and she cucks you and you're worse than you started
>Make you feel worthwhile
Noone will do this for you.
cause a girlfriend might not always give you all those things

and there are always gonna be problems in the relationship that you have to solve

relationships are a god damn pain in the ass. I'm all for sex friends now. maybe a girlfriend when I'm 24 or older

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Are they.jpg
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I am the only one who hate to fight females on the gaming, internet, real life? men should have automatic win against females

The female brain is born to attack men mentally i mean if anyone ever played against a female they will never try to kill you they will just use some tricks to make you mad
they are making the gaming internet and even the real life into anoying place
They take all the fun from the gaming or internet and they suck all the attention and everything, females on gaming are waste of time to fight, we should have automatic win magic against them, i mean if we could use some destiny magics against them that will be awsome
The females are not a good gamers ,internet, real life players, the men is just to weak to fight them, even orochimaru told to some bimbo: "you born with everything you dont know what is to born with nothing"
Females are kinda born with everything while the male have to work hard to get it (mental power, emotion power)
The male is too weak mentally against the females and we are missing a lot of genes in our chromosome Y, you kinda have to be a monster ghost male to fight females on real life, gaming, internet, we are still not ready for this
Even if men was powerful enough to handle females, i still want to use automatic winning power against them, females are waste of time to fight with if men want something from them he should get it
On gaming: they win somehow in illogical way without even trying
On internet: they get tons of atttention and ignore males
Real life: the hot females who get everything will win somehow against the hunter male who worked hard all is life -_-
Common with this shit, even if men was strong enough to fight females i still believe that we should have some winning power against them, that waste of time fighting them, you suppose to dominant them also..

Females are the worst gamers ever the men is just too weak to fight them, if men had the utopia power he could dominant females very easily
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Das a long post mane.
How old are you? Original asking?

76, having fun before the cancer kill me..

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I read they crave attention, so you give them attention? Like the opposite of a neg works on them?
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you send them to a psychiatrist and med the fuck out of them
thatd just neutralize them, we're trying to push their buttons and make them follow orders
You break them psychologically through subtle gas-lighting. By the time you're through with them they'll have been molded into whatever it is you want them to be. You don't want to give them attention, at least not any positive form or so.

Quite the longshot but is anyone here self-made while coming from nothing?
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Most of us are nothing coming from in between nothing and something. Have a bump just in case some poser happens to give good advice.
ain't that the ayylien rom prometheus?
I like the concept but that sculpting is just absolutely ugly.

>tfw tried so hard but got so far
>But still not living in rural Japan
It hurts too much.
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What's with Japan and "robots" dreaming of the rising sun?
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japan sugoi
>Create rural Japan thread
>Antsy teen with his porn comics starts posting

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>One day tyou will make a girl so happy
>Don't worry anon, there's always a girl out there for every lonely gentleman, such like you
>Anon, I'm sure you will find a girlfriend eventually and you two will be so content
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Im 21 and I got my gf four years ago. The first thing she said was the first line. Just told her that I didnt care and only wanted her and she apologized for being stupid and then we became a couple.
keep up the work, dude.
Stop fooling yourself.
It's not their fault, it's yours
Turn that gun around at one who is truly at fault.
Apparently people mean well, friend. unfortunately they most likely are not be able to understand what exactly the deal is. dont focus on the whole gf thing too much. getting your life on the rails is very rewarding. a gf is not really the end-goal you should go for. you can make it happen as you get along doing your own thing.

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le god doesn't le exists morty xD
hahaha best show ever xD
i just love it its so great but i usually dont watch anime.
hehe its good you just have to get into it, it needs some time hahaha

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neet mustard rice.png
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Hello wagie, I just want to share you my plans for today.

I'm masturbating right now while my mother prepares a copious breakfast for all my family.

Then I will probably go to the library to return some books and later I will either hit the gym or play videogames for the rest of the day, maybe I will have sex on the night with a girl I meet a few days ago, don't worry this time I'm not meeting with your girlfriend.

Do you know how much comfy am I right now?

Boy, you will experience some relax the next two days. Tomorrow and sunday will be your reward but eventually you will return to your slavery.

Weekend is close, within a few hour you will have two days of freedom wagecuck.

See ya later
As usual, another day another dollar.
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This is exactly how we NEETgods live.
Also we eat delicious tendies
hmmm, intradasting

are you the same anon who always makes these anti-wagecuck threads? I want to know more about you.

You know, when you play friend simulator games, it almost feels like you're having a real conversation if you say your character's dialogue option aloud in real life.
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anon you made me sad
Don't be sad, it's good! It feels nice. I tried it once on the last dialogue option and it felt good, I'm gonna try doing it more when I'm alone in the house.
Or you could just like be my very real friend too anon!

What's your favorite band/artist?

Mine is pic related.
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I like Stefan.
Meme artist.
beatles are good. Love 'A Day in the life', though I prefer the zombies if we're going in that particular direction.

My favourite is number girl and I really like led zeppelin as well.

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sniveling weakling.jpg
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/r9k/ meta thread about /r9k/

I suggest the board is renamed to /anguish despair and distress/ or /add/ to better represent the post contents contained within this board.

Post your own suggestions and views on /r9k/ here you sniveling maggots
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You should make /r9k/ not a red board nor a blue board bud a purple board !
Trannyism and its related color-schemes are to be rejected and eliminated for all time or be kept contained and unacknowledged within the pit of anguish, despair and distress that is /r9k/ where it may lavish among outcasts and weak rejects of similarly bottom of the barrel weakling footing who will feverishly and tirelessly be its most fervent rejectors and despisers.
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Why not just change it to /pepe/ so everyone knows the people who browse this board regularly are a majority of meme spouting faggots who are still in high school and don't have a sense of self awareness.

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